Aerospace Camp Experience (ACE) is an American Camp Association accredited and award-winning day camp for any child who is excited about scientific pursuits. All campers are welcome at ACE regardless of gender, race, national origin, or religious affiliation. If you have an inquiring mind and want to have fun this summer exploring the world of STEM, ACE is the camp for you!

To get more information about ACE or to accommodate special needs or physical restrictions prior to registration, call 206-716-0820.

ACE 2018 Camp Brochure

Download the 2018 ACE Brochure

Camp Registration

Full Day camps run from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Half Day camps run from 9:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

ACE Campers flew on the Alaska Airlines 737-900ER First Flight!

Almost Closed Camps

For PreK and K:

- ST04AM Roar and Soar: Flying Dinosaurs and More

- ST06AM Beginner 'Bots

-ST08PM Boosters for Beginners

For K-1st:

- FC04B Moon Rocks and More!

- FC06 Kites, Gliders, and Balloons

- FC08 Cybernetic Sleuths

- FC10B The Magic of Science

For 2nd and 3rd:

- OP05B Living in Space

- OP06B Tour the Solar System

- OP09 From Dragonflies to Dragons

- OP11B Early Engineers

For 4th and 5th:

- AE05 Robotics Apprentice

- AE07 The Spectacular Blue Angels

For 6th and 7th:

- PV04 Robo Rumble

- PV07 The Spectacular Blue Angels

- PV08 Combat ACEs

- PV10 Game of Drones I

Closed Camps

For PreK and K:

- ST01AM Ready for Takeoff: Airplanes and Airports

- ST01PM Ready for Takeoff: Airplanes and Airports

- ST02AM Planets, Comets, and Asteroids

- ST02PM Planets, Comets, and Asteroids

- ST03AM Kinder Coding

- ST03PM Kinder Coding

- ST05AM Mini Makers

- ST08AM Boosters for Beginners

For K and 1st:

- FC01 Master the Milky Way

- FC02 Action 'Bots

- FC02B Spy Camp

- FC04 Making Machines

- FC05 Discovering Drones

- FC05B Fantastic Flying Toys

- FC06B Blast Off!

- FC07 The Spectacular Blue Angels

- FC09 Elementary Electronics

- FC11B Blast Off!

For 2nd and 3rd:

- OP01 How to Fly Your Dinosaur

- OP02 Early Engineers

- OP03 Cracking the Code

- OP04B Programming Pioneers

- OP05 Rockets for Rookies

- OP06 Drone Patrol

- OP07 The Spectacular Blue Angels

- OP08 Discovering Da Vinci

- OP09B Rockets for Rookies

- OP10B Robo Rovers

For 4th and 5th:

- AE02 Exploring the World of Virtual Reality

- AE06 Droids vs Drones

- AE08 Game Design

- AE08B Junior Flight School

- AE11 The Drone Ranger

*NEW* ACE Gift Certificates

Give the gift of ACE for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions! Perfect for all kiddos interested in space, aviation, engineering, science, robotics, and art!

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Camper Appreciation

At the end of each camp week, we showcase all of our camps at the Camper Appreciation. Here we sing camp songs, view a PowerPoint of the week, and call each group on stage to give them recognition and appreciation! No worries if you missed the ceremony, we make each one available for download.

View Camper Appreciation Presentations

Week 1 (6/18/2018 - 6/22/2018)

Week 1 HalfDay AM (6/18/2018 - 6/22/2018)

Week 1 Paine Field (6/18/2018 - 6/22/2018)

Week 2 (6/25/2018 - 6/29/2018)

Week 2 HalfDay AM (6/25/2018 - 6/29/2018)

ACE Surveys

Here at ACE, we are always trying to make our camp better for you and your family. If you have some time please fill out these surveys. The first one is about how we did this summer and how we can improve. The second one is about how we can expand and provide more services to you.

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