Get 30,000 feet high from ground zero! Our exciting simulator experiences let you feel the thrill of flight, without going anywhere.

Premium i360 Flight Simulator

This thrilling state-of-the-art motion control ride combines 360° rolls with high-performance visuals and sound to immerse you in the realism of pilot-gunner air combat in one of 9 different aircraft, including WWI, WWII and modern jets. Take home the experience with a commemorative photo!

  • Museum Member $7
  • General Admission $9 / Single Rider $15
  • Repeat Ride $7

4D-X Simulator Ride

This 13-person motion simulator mimics a pilot experience with exciting aerial maneuvers and simulated combat with 3D display and immersive sound.

  • Member - Youth (5-17) $7
  • Member - Adult (18+) $7
  • General - Youth $7
  • General - Adult $8
  • Repeat Ride $5

Junior Voyager Simulator

Located in Flight Zone, this simulator lets kids explore the skies with a manual or automatic mode joystick, fitted stereo sound, a widescreen monitor and flashing lights.

  • Youth (4-11) $1

Availability & Price

All simulator experiences are available every day of the week, throughout the day.

The i360 and 4D-X simulators can be booked for private events.

Download Flight Simulator Safety Guide