Travel through time with our PastPort for Museum members and Connections members! Find all of our living history characters this summer – astronauts, pilots, flight attendants, and more – and get their signature or stamp. Collect them all to be entered in a prize drawing!

Pick up your PastPort from the Membership desk (Museum members) or Alaska Airlines Aerospace Education Center (Connections members) from May 20 through September 4. One per member, please.

To complete your PastPort:

  • Locate each of the living history characters. The PastPort lists the days and times you are most likely to meet each character, along with a location hint to help you find them.
  • Ask the living history character at least one question. Your PastPort has some suggested questions, but feel free to come up with one of your own as well!
  • Get a signature or stamp from the living history character.

Where to go

Need some help find living history characters, or want to plan a specific visit to see one? Check out the Living History page for an upcoming schedule and more!

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