Storytelling is a 20-minute experience presenting historic stories that range from epic tales of personal heroism to the daily adventures of modern pilots, astronauts and ground crew working in commercial aviation and aerospace. Storytelling is held daily Sunday through Friday at 1:00 PM.

Aerospace Update is a weekly recap of the latest news in astronomy, aviation, and spaceflight from our own experts. Every Saturday at 1:00 PM, a Museum Docent or NASA Solar System Ambassador leads a 15-minute chat about the week's events and discoveries. Q&A to follow

Availability & Price

Program FREE with paid admission

Storytelling: Sunday - Friday 1:00 PM - Personal Courage Wing Quonset Hut (unless otherwise noted)

Aerospace Update: Saturdays 1:00 PM - Charles Simonyi Space Gallery

Upcoming Storytelling Presentations

April, 2019

  • Monday, 4/1
    B-29 Rescued by a Submarine
    with Don Ulmer
  • Tuesday, 4/2
    Lighter Than Air
    with Alan Werner
  • Wednesday, 4/3
    The Gooney Bird on D-Day
    with Bill Griffith
  • Thursday, 4/4
    The Unfinished Letter
    with Tom Davidson
  • Friday, 4/5
    The Blackbird Tales (in the Great Gallery- Under the Blackbird)
    with Ken Bottini
  • Sunday, 4/7
    Bruce Carr: Escaping Enemy Territory (in the Personal Courage Wing- next to the P-51 Mustang)
    with Jerry Swearingen
  • Monday, 4/8
    A Difficult Day in an EC-130
    with Bryan Osborne
  • Tuesday, 4/9
    MAC 641
    with Ken McNair
  • Wednesday, 4/10
    The Wright Brothers: Why They Were First
    with Wayne Misenar
  • Thursday, 4/11
    B-17 Pilot: Combat Missions
    with Dick Nelms
  • Friday, 4/12
    Dutch Holocaust Survivor
    with Pete Metzelaar
  • Sunday, 4/14
    Saving Your Wingman: Risner's and Pardo's Push
    with Jan Czechowski
  • Monday, 4/15
    The Unlikely Inventor
    with Barry Cossel
  • Tuesday, 4/16
    The Mercury 13: Woman in Space Program
    with Jon Fehrenbach
  • Wednesday, 4/17
    Women in Aviation
    with Jerry Coy
  • Thursday, 4/18
    The Big Splash
    with Al Torstenson
  • Friday, 4/19
    The Dreamlifter
    with John Weiss
  • Sunday, 4/21
    B-17 Pilot: Combat Missions
    with Dick Nelms
  • Monday, 4/22
    Douglas Bader: RAF Pilot
    with Mike Richardson
  • Tuesday, 4/23
    Battle of Britain
    with Larry Kanaster
  • Wednesday, 4/24
    The Tuskegee Airmen
    with Harvey Hawks
  • Thursday, 4/25
    On A Cruise Ship- Navy Style
    with Bill McCutcheon
  • Friday, 4/26
    Alexander Graham Bell and Aviation
    with Reiner Decher
  • Sunday, 4/28
    Fly Girls: American Women Pilots in the 1930s
    with Leslie Czechowski
  • Monday, 4/29
    The Night Witches
    with Roger Neill
  • Tuesday, 4/30
    Ellen Church: America's First Flight Attendant (in the Great Gallery- next to the Boeing Model 80A)
    with Deana Ross