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Bensen B-8M Gyro-Copter

A Bensen B-8M Gyro-Copter in action
Manufacturer: Bensen Aircraft Corp.
Model: B-8M Gyro-Copter
Year: 1956
Length: 3.45m / 11ft
Height: 1.9m / 6ft
Rotor Diameter: 6.1m / 20ft
Empty Weight: 112.04kg / 247lbs
Gross Weight: 226.8kg / 500lbs
Maximum Speed: 136.76km/h
Cruise Speed: 96.54km/h / 60mph
Power Plant: L72 to 90 horsepower McCullough engine
Range: 160.9km / 100miles
Serial Number: 1
Registration: N8533E

Bensen B-8M Gyro-Copter

A helicopter-airplane hybrid, the single-seat Bensen B-8M Gyro-Copter is an experimental homebuilt aircraft designed by Igor Bensen in 1955. Generally considered to be one of the safest and easiest light aircraft to operate, the popular Gyro-Copter was designed to be constructed from pre-fabricated kits or a simple set of plans. The rotor of the Gyro-Copter is not powered, but rotates and generates lift from the airflow created by the forward motion of the aircraft.

The Museum's Bensen B-8M Gyro-Copter is currently undergoing restoration at the Museum's Restoration Center at Paine Field.