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Bowlus (Hawley) BA-100 Baby Albatross

The Museum's Bowlus (Hawley) BA-100 Baby Albatross at the Restoration Center
Manufacturer: Bowlus Sailplane Co.
Model: BA-100 Baby Albatross
Year: 1940
Span: 13.56m / 45ft
Length: 5.77m / 19ft
Wing Area: 13.94m² / 150ft²
Empty Weight: 136.08kg / 300lbs
Gross Weight: 229.07kg / 505lbs
Maximum Speed: 104.58km/h
Serial Number: 114
Registration: N25605

Bowlus (Hawley) BA-100 Baby Albatross

The Bowlus BA-100 Baby Albatross glider was designed by sailplane designer Hawley Bowlus in the mid-1930s. Designed to be a more affordable and easier to assemble glider than his previous designs, the Baby Albatross was sold fully constructed by the factory or in pre-fabricated kits. In the pre-fabricated kits, the parts of the aircraft were 85% completed by the factory and were divided into 10 separately purchased sub-kits; a popular method of sale that allowed homebuilders to purchase sub-kits as time and money allowed.

Company records suggest that 90 kits were produced, 50-60 of which were sold in the 1930s and early 1940s, before World War II put an end to production. There are only 17 known Baby Albatrosses still in existence and the Museum's aircraft, constructed in 1940, is currently undergoing restoration at the Museum's Restoration Center at Paine Field.