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Douglas DC-2

The Museum's Douglas DC-2 on display on the East Lawn
Manufacturer: Douglas Aircraft Company Inc.
Model: DC-2
Year: 1934
Span: 25.908m / 85ft
Length: 18.8976m / 62ft
Height: 4.98043m / 16ft
Wing Area: 87.2331m² / 939ft²
Empty Weight: 5628.27kg / 12,408lbs
Gross Weight: 8418.82kg / 18,560lbs
Maximum Speed: 337.89km/h
Cruise Speed: 305.71km/h / 190mph
Power Plant: Two Wright R-1820 975 h.p. engines
Range: 1609km / 1,000miles
Serial Number: 1368
Registration: N1934D

The Museum's Douglas DC-2 on display on the East Lawn

Douglas DC-2

The DC-2 was developed in 1933 when TWA and the Douglas Aircraft Company decided to increase the fuselage length of the DC-1 passenger plane by two feet -- adding one additional row of seats, increasing the seat capacity to 14. The first DC-2 took to the air on May 11, 1934. Commercial and military versions of the DC-2 quickly became popular and filled the skies around the world. The U.S. Army Air Corps and later the U.S. Army Air Forces was the largest customer for the DC-2. The safe, comfortable, and reliable DC-2 was soon overshadowed when, in 1935, an improved version, the famous Douglas DC-3, flew for the first time.

The Museum's DC-2 was a former Pan American Airways aircraft that was flown by the Douglas Historical Foundation until McDonnell Douglas' merger with The Boeing Company in 1997.

The DC-2 is currently being stored offsite in private facilities and will be moved to the Museum once proper storage and exhibit locations are identified.