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Fiat G.91 Pan

The Museum's Fiat G.91 Pan on display on the South Lawn
Manufacturer: Fiat (Italy)
Model: G.91 Pan
Year: 1956
Span: 8.56m / 28ft
Length: 10.29m / 34ft
Height: 3.99m / 13ft
Wing Area: 16.44m² / 177ft²
Empty Weight: 3269.1kg / 7,207lbs
Gross Weight: 5670kg / 12,500lbs
Maximum Speed: 1086.08km/h
Power Plant: One Bristol Siddeley Orpheus 803, 2,270 kg thrust
Serial Number: MM6244
Registration: NC10



Fiat G.91 Pan

Italy's Lightweight Fighter

The Fiat G.91 was designed in the mid-1950s to meet NATO requirements for a tactical fighter and ground support aircraft. Several features, especially the swept wings, tail, and fuselage structure, bear a great resemblance to the North American F-86 Sabre jet fighter. As recently as the mid-1990s, G.91s were still flying with the air forces of Italy and other European countries.

The Museum's aircraft was one of several G.91s used by Frecce Tricolori (Tricolor Arrows), Italy's national aerobatic team. This flight demonstration group flew G.91s from 1963 to 1981.