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Lockheed Jetstar CL-329 Prototype

The Museum's Lockheed Jetstar CL-329
Manufacturer: Lockheed
Model: CL-329 Jetstar Prototype
Year: 1957
Span: 16.3586m / 54ft
Length: 17.9314m / 59ft
Height: 6.2484m / 21ft
Wing Area: 48.5867m² / 523ft²
Empty Weight: 6867.05kg / 15,139lbs
Gross Weight: 17618.3kg / 38,841lbs
Maximum Speed: 986.317km/h
Power Plant: Two Bristol Orpheus 810D Turbojets
Range: 2775.52km / 1,725miles
Serial Number: 1001
Registration: N329J

Lockheed Jetstar CL-329 Prototype

Just 241 days after the start of it's design, the Museum's Lockheed Jetstar made its first flight over Burbank, California. This prototype aircraft,  powered by two Bristol Orpheus model 810D Turbojets, was designed in response to an Air Force request for a 10-passenger utility jet. It was completed a full year ahead of its competitor.

The Air Force did not buy the Jetstar in large numbers because of budget cuts. Yet Lockheed saw a civilian need the small jet and continued production of a four-engine version. In time, foreign and U.S. companies as well as the U.S. Navy and Air Force purchased 162 Jetstars.