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Lockheed TV-1 (P-80C-1-LO) Shooting Star

A Lockheed TV-1 (P-80C-1-LO) Shooting Star
Manufacturer: Lockheed
Model: TV-1 (P-80C-1-LO) Shooting Star
Year: 1948
Span: 11.81m / 39ft
Length: 10.49m / 34ft
Height: 3.43m / 11ft
Wing Area: 22.07m² / 238ft²
Empty Weight: 3819.31kg / 8,420lbs
Gross Weight: 7645.88kg / 16,856lbs
Maximum Speed: 955.75km/h
Cruise Speed: 706.35km/h / 439mph
Range: 2220.42km / 1,380miles
Registration: 33841 (47-1388)
On Loan From: National Museum of Naval Aviation at Pensacola, Florida

Lockheed TV-1 (P-80C-1-LO) Shooting Star

Due to the slow delivery of new jet fighters and in order to train new jet pilots, the United States Navy in 1947 obtained the transfer of 49 Lockheed P-80Cs destined to the United States Air Force. Designated originally as TO-1 and changed to TV-1 after 1950, these planes served as land-based trainer aircraft for Navy squadron VF-52 and U.S. Marine Corps squadron VMF-311. With the arrival of the delayed Grumman F9F and McDonnell F2H aircraft, the TV-1s were transferred to reserve squadrons before being phased out of service.

This aircraft is on loan from the National Museum of Naval Aviation at Pensacola, Florida.