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Sikorsky (USA) HH-52 Seaguard

The Museum's Sikorsky (USA) HH-52 Seaguard engaging in rescue operation practice with the US Coast Guard
Manufacturer: Sikorsky (USA)
Model: HH-52A Seaguard
Year: 1963
Length: 13.86m / 45ft
Height: 4.33m / 14ft
Rotor Diameter: 16.15m / 53ft
Empty Weight: 2224kg / 4,903lbs
Gross Weight: 3764.88kg / 8,300lbs
Maximum Speed: 175.38km/h
Cruise Speed: 157.68km/h / 98mph
Power Plant: One General Electric T-58-GE-8 turbo shaft 845 horsepower engine
Range: 762.67km / 474miles
Serial Number: 62099
Registration: CGNR1415



Sikorsky (USA) HH-52 Seaguard

The Seaguard helicopter served as a workhorse for the U.S. Coast Guard for over 25 years. The amphibious aircraft has been credited with saving 15,000 lives and $1.5 billion in property loss and damage since its deployment with the Coast Guard in 1963. Ninety-nine HH-52s were based on Coast Guard cutters, icebreackers, and air stations until retirement in 1989.

The Museum's helicopter entered service in 1966 and has flown missions from Detroit, Michigan, Mobile, Alabama, Elizabeth City, North Carolina, and Cape May, New Jersey. Its last station was Port Angeles, Washington. It was retired in 1982 and donated to The Museum of Flight in 1988.