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Sorrell Cool Crow 1 Parasol

The Museum's Sorrell Cool Crow 1 Parasol
Manufacturer: Sorrell
Model: Cool Crow I Parasol
Year: 1960
Span: 7.51942m / 25ft
Length: 4.09042m / 13ft
Height: 1.7526m / 6ft
Empty Weight: 62.5968kg / 138lbs
Maximum Speed: 112.63km/h
Cruise Speed: 80.45km/h / 50mph
Power Plant: 20 horsepower engine from a military target drone
Serial Number: 1
Registration: N5087K

The Museum's Sorrell Cool Crow 1 Parasol on display at the Restoration Center

Sorrell Cool Crow 1 Parasol

Nicknamed "The Flying Bathtub," this little airplane was built by Otto "Red" Sorrell of Rochester, Washington. The strange machine was built to take pleasure flights close to an airfield. Many different motors have been used on the craft: from a chainsaw, a motorcycle, and finally, the 20-horsepower engine from a military target drone.

Former owner Ted Robinson says that the plane flies slow enough on landing that he could, "cruise by ten feet in the air and say 'Hi' to people on the ground. People are just agog to see such a funny thing flying."