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Stearman C-3B

The Museum's Stearman C-3B on display in the Great Gallery
Manufacturer: Stearman Aircraft Company
Model: C-3B Sport Commercial
Year: 1928
Span: 10.67m / 35ft
Length: 7.32m / 24ft
Height: 2.74m / 9ft
Wing Area: 27.59m² / 297ft²
Empty Weight: 737.1kg / 1,625lbs
Gross Weight: 1202.04kg / 2,650lbs
Cruise Speed: 173.77km/h / 108mph
Power Plant: One Wright J-5 "Whirlwind," 220 h.p. engine
Range: 997.58km / 620miles
Serial Number: 166
Registration: N7550


Stearman C-3B

Known for rugged dependability and no-nonsense design, Stearman C-2s and C-3s became popular replacement planes on the short-haul "feeder" lines of America's growing commercial airmail system. The majority of Stearman C-3s were the C-3B "Sport Commercial" variety, with a Wright J-5 engine. Many C-3Bs were used as sportplanes and advanced trainers well into the 1930s. Nearing the end of their days, some C-3s became crop-dusting aircraft until after World War II, when replaced with another Stearman biplane -- surplus "Kaydet" trainers.

The Museum's C-3B was acquired in 1986. It has been restored as a Western Air Express airmail carrier. Western Air Express began flying C-3Bs in late 1927.