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Stinson Model O Reproduction

Stinson Model O | photo: Museum of Flight
Manufacturer: Stinson Aircraft Company
Model: O
Year: 1933
Span: 12.1667m / 40ft
Length: 8.4329m / 28ft
Height: 2.4384m / 8ft
Wing Area: 19.9735m² / 215ft²
Empty Weight: 865.015kg / 1,907lbs
Gross Weight: 1187.07kg / 2,617lbs
Maximum Speed: 218.824km/h
Cruise Speed: 196.298km/h / 122mph
Power Plant: Lycoming R-680-12, 245 hp
Service Ceiling: 4,876m / 16,000ft
Range: 724.05km / 450miles
Registration: NC12817

Stinson Model O | photo: Museum of Flight

Stinson Model O Reproduction

The Stinson Aircraft Company of Wayne, Michigan built the Model O to serve as a military training and utility aircraft. Based on the company’s popular Reliant series, the Model O was first developed to help the government of Honduras establish its own air force. Just nine Model O’s were ever built. Stinson delivered three to Honduras in 1933 where the military used them for training and anti-insurgency operations. Another three aircraft later went to China, one to Brazil and one to Argentina. The prototype remained in the United States.

Jeff Paulson of Overall Aircraft Services & Restoration of Scappoose, Oregon built the Museum’s Model O reproduction in the early 2000s after learning that no aircraft of the type remained in existence. He used a stock Stinson SR-5 Reliant as the basis for the project and assigned Manufacturer’s Serial Number 10 to the finished airplane—the last Model O of the original production run of nine.

The Museum’s Model O has appeared at many regional air shows. In 2010, Jeff Paulson flew the plane cross-country to the annual EAA show at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. There, it won the coveted Lindy award for best replica aircraft.

Donated by Brad Poling and Jim Teel of Sacramento, California.