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Stinson SR Reliant

The Museum's Stinson SR Reliant on display in the Great Gallery
Manufacturer: Stinson
Model: SR Reliant
Year: 1933
Span: 13.18m / 43ft
Length: 8.23m / 27ft
Height: 2.57m / 8ft
Wing Area: 21.83m² / 235ft²
Empty Weight: 938.95kg / 2,070lbs
Gross Weight: 1431.11kg / 3,155lbs
Cruise Speed: 185.03km/h / 115mph
Power Plant: One Lycoming R-680 engine
Serial Number: 8732
Registration: N13477




Stinson SR Reliant

The new 1933 Stinson SR was a bargain at the rock-bottom price of $3,995. It combined the best parts of earlier Stinson designs with a "man-sized" four-passenger cabin seen only in aircraft of twice the price and a Lycoming R-680 engine. Months after its appearance, the Reliant was outselling all other two, four, and six-place cabin planes combined. During World War II, modified and more powerful Reliants flew with the British Royal Navy as the AT-19 while civilian ones were pressed into Army, Navy, and Royal Air Force service. After the war, Stinson SRs again became popular with American and Canadian sportsmen, businessmen, and bush pilots.

The Museum's Stinson was built in 1933. It flew as a landplane with many pilots in the Northeast before being switched to twin-floats for water landings. Beginning in 1979, it flew in Alaska -- sometimes equipped with skis.