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Taylorcraft BC-12D

A Taylorcraft BC-12D
Manufacturer: Taylorcraft USA
Model: BC-12D
Year: 1946
Span: 10.9728m / 36ft
Length: 6.6294m / 22ft
Height: 2.08178m / 7ft
Wing Area: 17.0936m² / 184ft²
Empty Weight: 340.2kg / 750lbs
Gross Weight: 544.32kg / 1,200lbs
Maximum Speed: 152.855km/h
Cruise Speed: 152.855km/h / 95mph
Power Plant: Continental A-65 engine
Range: 482.7km / 300miles
Serial Number: 8171
Registration: N95871

Taylorcraft BC-12D

C. G. Taylor had an eye for building clean, low drag airframes. He got his lift from lots of wing and his speed from low drag.

Created as an aircraft to show up Taylor's late business partner Williams Piper, the designer of the popular Cub, the aircraft succeeded by being very different. The side-by-side seating was coupled with the then novel control wheels sticking out of the panel. An automotive style door on the starboard side and later a matching one on the port made boarding easy.

These design features coupled with the powerful Continental A-65, more than any other single technological event, made the Taylorcraft and every other of its peer group take a giant step forward.