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Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane

Wonder Woman’s invisible airplane makes a low pass over Edwards Air Force Base, California, circa 1946. The U.S. Air Force was keenly interested in the technology of the aircraft. Wonder Woman made dozens of evaluation flights for the Air Force and the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics at the top secret Edwards. The engineers were greatly impressed, but test pilots objected to having to wear Wonder Woman’s tiara to control the aircraft.
Manufacturer: Unknown
Model: Unknown
Year: 1940
Span: 10.9728m / 36ft
Length: 9.4488m / 31ft
Height: 2.77368m / 9ft
Maximum Speed: 231696km/h
Cruise Speed: 3218km/h / 2,000mph
Power Plant: Unknown Amazon Technology
On Loan From: Lt. Diana Prince

A rare photograph of Wonder Woman’s airplane flying in formation with a Northrop XB-35 and a Boeing B-17. The trio flew together during top secret evaluation flights of the invisible aircraft at Edwards Air Force Base in 1946.

Barn near Washington D.C. where the Invisible Plane was stored since the 1950s.

Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane on display in the Museum of Flight's Side Gallery.

Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane

Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane was designed by the enlightened Amazons of Paradise Island using highly advanced Amazon engineering.

See Inside! Exclusive 360° cockpit tour:

Exclusive 360° Cockpit Panorama

Originally referred to as the Silent Invisible Plane, this propeller driven aircraft can fly faster than 2000 mph (3218.69 km/h) and can make trans-Atlantic flights without re-fueling. The plane features navigational devices such as a robot control pilot, a locascope and an electronic mist beam. Wonder Woman also commanded course and flight paths with telepathic signals and
electronic devices in her tiara.


Wonder Woman retired her invisible plane in the 1950’s—upgrading to a jet-powered version. the original plane has been stored in a barn outside of Washington D.C. ever since. The Museum of Flight acquired Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane from Lt. Diana Prince on April 1st, 2013.

The Wonder of Flight

The invisible plane’s replacement, the invisible jet, is believed to be either an incarnation of Pegasus, the WINGED HORSE or a morphing robotic substance called "Dome ." Use of the invisible jet has become increasingly rare ever since Wonder Woman gained the ability to fly on her own.

Ahead of its Time

Amazon technology demonstrated advanced stealth and speed capabilities more than 20 years before comparable human-built aircraft such as the Lockheed YF-12A, which reached a speed of 2,070.1 miles per hour on May 1, 1965 and the YO-3A, the nearly silent observation aircraft created in 1970.


Currently on loan to Science City at Union Station, Kansas City