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World's fastest jetliner retires to The Museum of Flight

British Airways has donated one of its recently retired Concorde supersonic airliners to the Museum. The jet, one of only twenty Concordes ever built, is the only one on display on the West Coast and one of only four outside Europe.

Public tours

Concorde is open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and tours are free with Museum admission. Concorde closes one hour earlier (3:30 p.m.) between September 6 and May 1.

Flight Facts

  • In 1993, to raise money for charity, pop star Suggs from the group Madness made “the world’s longest putt” down the aisle of Concorde’s cabin: about 600 yards in 2 seconds!
  • There have been more U.S. astronauts than Concorde pilots.
  • The needle shaped nose helped to penetrate the air. The nose tip could reach a temperature of 260° F from friction of the air at high speed.

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