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Conquering LEO

Space Shuttle: Conquering Low Earth Orbit

Conquering LEO

Conquering LEO

Conquering LEO

Space Shuttle: Conquering Low Earth Orbit was created at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center by the same engineers who designed and built the Shuttle's powerful propulsion elements. The exhibit touches on the Shuttle program's accomplishments and risks. Exhibit materials discuss Shuttle crews, the orbiter, main engines, booster rockets and external tank. It also features exciting artifacts, including a 1:15 scale Shuttle model, space suit parts, astronaut food, and touchable artifacts like tires, hatches and engine components.

During its 30-year run, America's Space Shuttle and its crews not only made incredible technological and scientific discoveries in low Earth orbit (LEO), but also paved the way for the human deep space exploration that NASA is preparing for today. The Space Shuttle became an icon of U.S. determination to explore off planet and push back the space frontier.

Conquering Low Earth Orbit was on display in the Charles Simonyi Space Gallery during the spring of 2013.