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Style in the Aisle, 2011

Hughes Airwest flight attendants, circa 1971 - The Museum of Flight Collection

Braniff International flight attendants, circa 1966 - The Museum of Flight Collection

Pacific Southwest Airlines flight attendant, circa 1973 - The Museum of Flight Collection

Style in the Aisle, 2011

The Museum of Flight’s extensive flight attendant uniform collection made its first public appearance in Style in the Aisle, a temporary exhibition that opened on February 9, 2008. The exhibit's popularity prompted us to bring it back with many new uniforms! The exhibit was on display in the Great Gallery from January through June, 2011.

The exhibit features a dozen complete uniforms, dating from the 1930s to the 1980s and representing several different airlines. The progression from conservative uniforms to colorful and flamboyant fashions and back to conservative mirrors the public image of the flight attendant’s role over the 80-year history. The exhibit also features a variety of artifacts including flight bags, accessories, and memorabilia that help tell the story of the flight attendant alongside glamorous photographs.