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Elrey B. Jeppesen Collection
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500.0 Cubic feet consisting of 156 boxes business materials photographs, books, manuals, magazines, memorabilia, maps, charts, posters, prints, certificates, awards, and various navigation aids.
Elrey Jeppesen Collection Abstract Note
The collection includes documents, photos, 3-D objects, and assorted collected items from the course of Mr. Jeppesen’s life. The majority of the collection is documents, office memos, and files from his tenure with the Jeppesen Company. Some files also include correspondence with the many friends and colleagues Mr. Jeppesen knew over the years. The Jeppesen collection is a wealth of aeronautical pioneering and history. From his early years as a barnstorming pilot in the Pacific Northwest, to his time as an aerial cartographer in Mexico, to his time as an air mail carrier, and eventually him starting his own cartography company, this collection allows the researcher to witness the evolution of aerial technology and innovation through photographs, correspondence, and documents. This collection is best suited to the researcher interested in the professional and personal life of Elrey B. Jeppesen. The collection is also suited for historians of early flight, especially the era of the first air mail carriers in the United States. The reference to "Old Box Number" refers to an earlier finding aid that was created and distributed before the collection was re-housed

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Elrey Jeppesen Biographical Information

In 1921, the Pacific Northwest was just beginning to grow. Timber went on trains and built towns. At the tiny Vancouver, Wash., airport, 14-year-old Elrey Borge Jeppesen made his first flight in a Curtiss JN-4 “Jenny.” “It was magical for me. You felt like a bird, part of the airplane,” Jeppesen told an Aviation News reporter in 1988. “I remember when he cut the motor off to glide me down. I could hear the wires screaming and I could see the outline of all the ribs and spars when he turned into the sun, and, I thought, this is for me.” Jeppesen saved the money he made delivering newspapers and groceries and hung around the airport working at odd jobs. He took flying lessons and soloed after flying for only two hours and 15 minutes. In his last year of high school, he bought his own Jenny for $500 and flew off with Tex Rankin’s Flying Circus, working as a ticket taker, a prop turner, a wing walker and an aerial acrobat. “At the time I had been accepted at [the Massachusetts Institute of Technology] and was all set to enter their aeronautical engineering program—but the Jenny won my heart,” Jeppesen recalled in 1984. Jeppesen barnstormed all the way to Dallas, where he found a job ferrying an airplane to New Orleans, filled in for a photo pilot and started work flying for Fairchild Aerial Surveys. He learned how to fly a “strip” pattern for photography. By 22, he was taking photographers over the Mexican jungles in a de Havilland DH-4 “Liberty” boxcar biplane. The onset of the Great Depression limited his flying hours. So in 1930 he joined Boeing Air Transport (BAT, later United Air Lines) as an airmail pilot flying the Model 40B between Salt Lake City and Cheyenne, Wyo. In those days, pilots didn’t have anything in the way of charts, except for Rand McNally road maps. They flew anywhere from 50 to 300 feet above the ground, guiding mostly on terrain features and dead reckoning and following railroad tracks in bad weather. There was no radio or air traffic control. “It was rough flying over those mountains. You’d fly from one emergency field to the next. Lots of times you’d sit there until the storm passed by and then go on,” Jeppesen later recalled. “Out of the 18 pilots flying the Cheyenne-Oakland (Calif.) hitch, four were killed in the line of duty during the winter of 1930—a dear price to pay for pioneering,” he added. “That’s when I wised up.” He said he didn’t begin drawing airfield charts to make money, but more so “to preserve myself for old age and to help fellow pilots.” Their collective objective, he said, was “to stay alive so we could build an air transportation system worthy of the name so that the bankers would continue to look on us favorably.” So Jeppesen took photographs and “climbed the mountains and smokestacks,” he later told a reporter. And that’s how the manual got started. “I just started writing it all down. I drove all the way from Chicago to Oakland and checked out emergency fields and the obstructions around them, different ways to get in, how far they were from the railway track and the highway,” he recalled. Jeppesen’s “Little Black Book” changed aviation history. At first he just gave copies to his friends. Soon the demand became so great he started to sell them. When low-“Out of the 18 pilots flying the Cheyenne-Oakland (Calif.) hitch, four were killed in the line of duty during the winter of 1930—a dear price to pay for pioneering,” he added. “That’s when I wised up.” He said he didn’t begin drawing airfield charts to make money, but more so “to preserve myself for old age and to help fellow pilots.” Their collective objective, he said, was “to stay alive so we could build an air transportation system worthy of the name so that the bankers would continue to look on us favorably.” So Jeppesen took photographs and “climbed the mountains and smokestacks,” he later told a reporter. And that’s how the manual got started. “I just started writing it all down. I drove all the way from Chicago to Oakland and checked out emergency fields and the obstructions around them, different ways to get in, how far they were from the railway track and the highway,” he recalled. Jeppesen’s “Little Black Book” changed aviation history. At first he just gave copies to his friends. Soon the demand became so great he started to sell them. When low- frequency radio beacons became available in 1931, Jeppesen updated his black book to show pilots how to follow radio beacons, and added mileage reference charts and terrain elevation profiles. In 1934, BAT became part of United Air Lines, and Jeppesen made headlines for another kind of rescue. While piloting a United Air Lines Boeing 247 over Illinois at dawn, Jeppesen spotted a burning barn and sheds. He kept circling the farmhouse until he woke up its sleeping occupants. Noted newscaster Walter Winchell heard about Jeppesen’s actions and sent him a bouquet of orchids as a reward. Jeppesen gave the flowers to his United flight attendant, Nadine Liscomb, whom he married two years later. His chart business grew, and Captain “Jepp,” assisted by Nadine, kept it going. He retired from United in 1954. In 1961, he sold the company to Times Mirror but remained as chairman. In 1974, Sanderson Films, a developer of training systems and pilot supplies that purchased by Times Mirror in 1968, was merged with Jeppesen. Jeppesen died in 1996, and Boeing bought Jeppesen Sanderson Inc. four years later.

Among the most valuable and interesting item in the Jeppesen Collection is the famous "Little Black Book" that Jeppesen used as a basis for creating his widely used "Jepp Charts". When he started flying for Boeing Air Transport in the west, his experiences on the dangerous routes over the Rocky Mountains convinced him to start taking notes in a ten cent notebook purchased in Cheyenne, Wyoming. In it Jeppesen noted terrain, landing field details, and numbers of farmers who would give weather reports.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

 Museum of Flight Archives

9404 East Marginal Way South
Seattle, WA

Custodial History

The Curator Dennis Parks packed and moved the collection from Denver Colorado to the Museum of Flight. Joe M. Marquez, Archival Interern cataloged the collection and also scanned a number of images from the collection between April & August 2004. In 2008 the collection was re-housed and the boxes re-numbered. The library materials were integrated into the museum's library collection, with the duplicate material currently in storage.

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Controlled Access Headings

Personal Name(s)

  • Jeppesen, Elrey B., UAL
  • Jeppesen, Nadine

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Collection Inventory

Jeppeson Collection Three-Dimensional Objects 

Jeppesen Three-Dimensional Objects

Check with Registrar or Collection Assistant for locations of objects.

Jeppesen Three-Dimensional Objects

Aeroflot model plane

Boeing 247

Boeing model 40 - Airmail

Metal Boeing 247 Lamp/nightlight

Bronze Elk Statue -- Coors Inspiration Award

Edward Warner Award - ICAO * OACI (1995)

FAA Department of Transportation distinguished service medal

National Aviation Hall of Fame medal

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 111 (old box 61 Long)

Stored in Archives in Hollinger box

Large plotting tool

Flight case, experimental

Flight desk, lap board

Flight desk, lap board

Map holder with moveable side levers

USAF missile model

USAF airplane model

UAL airplane model

Desk object

Light mechanics

Desk object from North American

"Minuteman" - wall object from Boeing

UAL toy airplane model

Boxed item, "Aero Air"

Poem, "The Airway Manual"

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Jeppeson Collection Garments 

Jeppesen Pilot's Uniform

Overcoat - (UAL)

Jacket (uniform) - (UAL)

Pants (uniform) - (UAL)

Shirt (uniform) - (UAL)

Jacket (uniform) - (UAL)

Pants (uniform) - (UAL)

Pants (uniform) - (UAL)

Jacket (uniform) - (UAL)

Pants (uniform) - (UAL)

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Jepessen Library Materials 

Jeppesen Library - Published Materials Moved to General Library Collections

See library catalog for call numbers for the following items.

Damn Serious Business Ching Willows

Manual of Flight Cessna Pilot Center

Fighter Pilot: The First American Ace of World War II William R. Dunn

AOPA's Airports USA 1979 Mach 1 Private Pilot Course Jeppesen Sanderson

World Aviation Directory - Spring 1974 - No.68 World Aviation Directory - Fall 1975 - No.71 World Aviation Directory - Fall 1977 - No.75 World Aviation Directory - Winter 1969-70 - No.60

The Look of Maps: An Examination of Cartographic Design Arthur H. Robinson

Aviation Electronics Keith W. Bose

World Flight: The Earhart Trail Ann Holtgren Pellegreno

Practical Air Navigation Thoburn C. Lyon

By The Numbers P.C. Hughes

Aircraft Instruments And Avionics Max F. Henderson

Avionics For Aviators C. Bart Whitehouse

Avionics Systems, Operation & Maintenance James W. Wasson

ABC The National Air and Space Museum Florence Cassen Mayers


The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science Frank A. Tichenor, ed.

Aviation Engines Kuns

Resurrection of a Jenny Chester Peek

Navigation: Journal of the Institute of Navigation

You Call This Flying?? Walt Bohrer

You Call This Flying?? Walt Bohrer

Projects in Drafting for Trainees Navy Dept.

World and USA National Aviation-Space Records NAA

Cessna Citation/Series 500

Aviation Engines - I

Weather Principles Airlines War Training Institute

Codes & Ciphers Airlines War Training Institute

Ground Instructor Examination Guide (Basic - Advanced) FAA

Navigation Course Transcontinental & Western Air, Inc.

Accident Reports Airlines War Training Institute Instrument Rating Course Jeppesen & Co.

Digest of the Civil Air Regulations US Civil Aeronautics Authority

The Story of Aircraft New World Book Encyclopedia

Pilot's Airplane Manual N.O. Anderson

Pilot's Airplane Manual N.O. Anderson

Plane Sense: General Aviation Information FAA

Aeronautical Training (A Quiz System) Charles A. Zweng

Flight Principles Airlines War Training Institute


Celestial Navigation Airlines War Training Institute

Aerial Navigation

Tales Up! Walt & Ann Bohrer

Corsair Aces: The Bent-Wing Bird Over the Pacific Walter A. Musciano

The Fighters Thomas R. Funderburk

Instrument/Commercial Pilot Manual Sanderson

The Water Jump David Beaty

1000 Destroyed: The Life and Times of the 4th Fighter Group Grover C. Hall, Jr.

Flight Handbook and Airport Guide Institute for Aeronautical Education

Wings of Adventure Dale M. Titler

Chopper! The Illustrated Story of Helicopters in Action Bern Keating

U.S. Fighters - Army - Air Force 1925 to 1980s Lloyd S. Jones

Avian Dreamers

OX5 Aviation Pioneers

The Last Dogfight Martin Caidin

Titans of the Seas James H. Bellote, William M. Belote

Worlds in Collision Immanuel Velikovsky

AOPA Handbook for Pilots 1975 AOPA

Famous Fighters of the Second World War William Green

The Raid Benjamin F. Schemmer

Adventures in Aviation Capt. Kimball J. Scribner

I Walked with Giants Gill Robb Wilson

This is Your Captain Speaking Walt and Ann Bohrer

Shell Airport Directory and Flight Information Guide

The International Flying Farmers Directory (1975)

Airway One Robert E. Johnson

Pacific Sweep William N. Hess

This is Your Captain Speaking Walt and Ann Bohrer

Takeoffs and Landings: The Crucial Maneuvers & Everything in Between Leighton Collins

IFR Pocket Simulator Procedures Henry H. Culver, Jr.

Flight Manual Jeppesen

Aviation Yearbook 1980 Jeppesen/Sanderson

The Engines Were Rolls Royce Ronald W. Harker

Ernie Breech J. Mel Hickerson

Maps and Map Makers R. V. Tooley

U.S. Naval Fighters Navy/Marine Corps 1922 to 1980s Lloyd S. Jones

The Instrument Pilot Handbook Courtney L. Flatau, Jerome Mitchell

Aviation Yearbook 1979 Jeppesen/Sanderson

Five Golden Decades of Indian Aviation A. Sen

Air America Christopher Robbins

Managing Safety Flight Safety Foundation

Aviation Yearbook 1978 Jeppesen/Sanderson

NBAA Associate Membership Directory (Sept. 1975)

Directory of NBAA

The American Cartographer, Vol. 4, No. 1 (April, 1977)

Air War over Korea Robert Jackson

Kill Devil Hill Harry Combs w/ Martin Caidin

The Cactus Air Force Thomas G. Miller, Jr.

Identified Flying Saucers Robert Loftin

What Does An Astronaut Do? Robert Wells

Navigation in the Jet Age Robert Wells

Thud Ridge Col. Jack Broughton

The Hero Ship Hank Searls

Identified Flying Saucers Robert Loftin

Big Friend, Little Friend Richard Turner

The Airport James Kaplan

Fight For the Sky Douglas Bader

Halley's Comet, A Mysterious Visitor From Outer Space Terence Dickinson

Zemske's Stalag Hubert Zemke, Roger A. Freeman

Aircraft in Profile, Vol. 4 Martin C. Windrow, ed.

Aircraft in Profile, Vol. 3 Martin C. Windrow, ed. Foundations of Air Power

The Speed Seekers Thomas G. Foxworth

Terror from the Sky Edward Jablonski

Colorado Pride

Wild Blue U Ed Mack Miller

Manual of Photographic Interpretation Amer. Soc. Of Photogrammetry

Little Giant Robert J. Serling

Markings and Camoflauge Systems of Luftwaffe Aircraft in World War II Karl Ries, Jr.

Takeoff Into Greatness Grover Loening

Herk: Hero of the Skies Joseph Earl Dabney

Tex Rankin Walt Bohrer

Private Pilot Syllabus Jeppesen/Sanderson

Federal Aviation Regulations Jeppesen/Sanderson

Private Pilot Exercises Jeppesen/Sanderson

Tragic Victories Edward Jablonski

The Mighty Eighth Roger A. Freeman

Sea Wings Edward Jablonski

Safer Skyways Donald R. Whitman

Fighters Over the Desert Christopher Shores & Hans Ring

Radio and Instrument Flying (Instructor Manual) Charles Zweng

America's Flying Book Flying Magazine

Atomic Energy for Military Purposes Henry D. Smyth

The Soviet Air Force in World War II Ray Wagner

Mr. Piper and his Cubs Devon Francis

Russians in Space Evgeny Riabchikov

A Dream of Eagles Ralph A. O'Neill

Business flying 1970 NBAA

Design for Survival Gen. Thomas S. Power

Montana and the Sky Frank W. Wiley

Airline Traffic Procedures Gene Kropf

Fighting Gliders of World War II James E. Mrazek

The Second Generation Speaks Out Richard M. Jackson

Flying -- Off the pavement! Link Grindle

Principles of Jet Propulsion M.J. Zucrow

The Wings Club Inc. (1978-1979)

The Airman's Almanac Francis Walton, ed.0

The Right to Fly John C. Cooper

Principles of Aerodynamics James H. Dwinnell

Survival in the Air Age Pres. Air Policy Commission

Morgan's Aviation Hall of Fame Len Morgan, G.G. O'Rourke

Aviation Accident Law 1 Lee S. Kreindler

Aviation Accident Law 2 Lee S. Kreindler

Racing Planes & Air Races 1909 - 1967 Reed Kinert

Aviation & Space Dictionary Ernest J. Gentle, Lawrence W. Reithmaier

Aeronautical Facilities For Area of Chicago

Aviation Yearbook 1977 Jeppesen/Sanderson

The Red Baron Manfred von Richthofen

AWA Newsletter 47(1) Jan-Feb, 1985

AWA Newsletter 46(5) Sept-Oct, 1985

Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, Jan. 1977

Frontier Magazine, Winter 1977

Glacier Pilot, Beth Day

Flights of Fancy Frank K. Smith

Our Young Aeroplane Scouts in the War Zone Horace Porter

A Short History of Navigation Branch and Brook Williams

The Spirit of St. Louis Charles A. Lindbergh

Rules of the Air John Dohm, ed.

IFR Pocket Simulator Procedures Henry H. Culver, Jr.

America's Soaring Book Flying Magazine

A Survey of Collegiate Courses in Aviation and Related Fields

Skywriting James Gilbert, ed.

Classic Biplanes Robert T. Smith

The Bermuda Triangle Charles Berlitz

I Was a Kamikaze Ryuji Nagatsuka

Operation Overflight: The U-2 Spy Pilot Tells His Story for the First Time Francis Gary Powers

Divine Thunder Bernard Millot

Your Future as a Pilot Capt. Kimball J. Scribner

Air Navigation and Meteorology Capt. Richard Duncan

Exploring Mars Robert S. Richardson

Business and commercial Aviation (1983 Planning and Purchasing Handbook) Southeast Asia Jet Aircraft Alternate Recovery Plan: A Mission Safety 70 Project Concerning Cockpit Management USAF

(architects book) Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum

Scientific American Reference Book (1920)

The Aviation Mechanics Aircraft Manual John W. Vale

Week-End Pilot Frank Kingston Smith

Mission with LeMay Gen. Curtis E. LeMay w/ MacKinlay Kantor

American Practical Navigator U.S. Navy

Highways in the Sky Louis Shores

Slipstream Eugene E. Wilson

Twenty Smiling Eagles Walt and Ann Bohrer

Aircraft Maintenance and Repair

Airscoop, Fall 1973

Aircraft Sheet Metal Workers' Manual Robert C. Look

Wings Club (1971-1972)

Aviation/Aerospace Fundamentals

Flying U.S. Naval Aviation Issue E.B. Jeppesen

Flying U.S. Air Force Aviation Issue E.B. Jeppesen

Log Book Foster A. Lane

Aeronautical Chart Catalog U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey

Aircraft Powerplants

The Incomparable Sabreliner

Star Altitude Curves Latitudes 0° - 20° S Weems

Star Altitude Curves Latitudes 20° - 30° N Weems

Star Altitude Curves Latitude 20° - 50° S Weems

Star Altitude Curves Latitude 50° - 70° N Weems

Star Altitude Curves Latitude 0° - 20° N Weems

Star Altitude Curves Latitude 40° - 50° N Weems

History of Ford Air Transportation Dept

Space Navigation Handbook

Path of Flight

Pilot's Weather Handbook U.S. Dept of Commerce

Flight Information Manual, Vol.13 Dec.1959 FAA

Technical Manual of Air Navigation, Nov. 25, 1940 War Dept.

Instructor's Guide Jeppesen Co.

Radio Facility Charts Dept. of Air Force

Weems Air Navigation, 4th Revised Ed. P.V.H. Weems

How to Fly and Instruct on an 'Avro' F. Dudley Hobbs

Weather Analysis and Forecasting Sverre Petterssen, Ph. D.

You Call This Flying? Walt Bohrer

Flying Mary O'Connor

Air Navigation, British Empire Edition P.V.H. Weems

Mama Bird: A Biography of Evelyn Bryan Johnson George Prince

A Picture History of Flight John W. R. Taylor

Earth Photographs from Gemini III, IV, and V NASA

Black Cats and Outside Loops, Tex Rankin: Aerobatic Ace Walt Bohrer

Pedigree of Champions, Boeing Since 1916 Don Sacks

Tailspins: A Story of Early Aviation Days Edith Dodd Culver

Man's Conquest of Space Nat'l Geographic Society

Leonardo Da Vinci Antonina Vallentin

TA RPA Topics, Nov. 1986

Flight American Heritage

Jeppesen Collection Library Materials -- Boxed and in Storage

These books and serials are duplicates to what is already in the museum collection and are stored in boxes in a back storage room.

Box 1

Wilbur and Orville Fred Howard

Aviation/Aerospace Fundamentals

Aviation/Aerospace Fundamentals Space James A. Michener

Aviation Fundamentals Jeppesen Sanderson

The Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh

Charles A. Lindbergh: Autobiography of Values

The Military Airplane: Its History and Development Arch Whitehouse

Tracks Across The Sky: The Story of the Pioneers of the U.S. Air Mail Shamburger

Silver Wings, Santiago Blue Janet Dailey

Box 2

Instruction Book for Wright Whirlwind Engines

Aviation Engines - II

Aviation Engines - III

Instruction Book for Wright Whirlwind Engines

Everybody's Aviation Guide Page

Instrument Flying P.V.H. Weems, Charles A. Zweng

Practical Air Navigation Thoburn C. Lyon

Aviation from the Ground Up Manly

Opportunities in Aviation Arthur Sweester

How to Fly an Airplane Percival White

Flight Manual Jeppesen

Flight Review Jeppesen

Flight Review Jeppesen

Flight Manual Jeppesen

Instrumental Flying USAF

Private Pilot Course Jeppesen

Air Navigation and Meteorology Richard Duncan

Radio Principles Airlines War Training Institute

Radio Operating Airlines War Training Institute

Electrical Principles Airlines War Training Institute

Loading and Cruising Airlines War Training Institute

Box 3

Flying Questions - Airlines, Aerodynamics and Engines (Missing 5/2009)

Navigation Principles Airlines War Training Institute

Instrument Flight Instructor FAA

Parachute Sense Navy

Pilot's Powerplant Manual L.E. Shedenhelm

Engine Principles Airlines War Training Institute

Use of Numbers Airlines War Training Institute

Digest of Civil Air Regulations for Pilots

Air Facts, The Magazine for Pilots (Missing 5/09)

Electrical Shop Airlines War Training Institute

Hydraulic Principles Airlines War Training Institute

Mechanical Principles Airlines War Training Institute

You Call This Flying?? Walt Bohrer (Missing)

Pilot's Airplane Manual N.O. Anderson

Glenn Curtiss: Pioneer of Flight C.R. Roseberry

Facts of Flight

Safety in General Aviation

Ernest K. Gann's Flying Circus Ernest K. Gann

Space Shuttle: America's Wings to the Future Marshall H. Kaplan

US Air Force Academy Catalog 78-79

Practical Air Navigation Thoburn C. Lyon

Aerobatics Neil Williams

The Unfriendly Skies Rodney Stich

Rickenbacker's Luck, An American Life Finis Farr

Box 4

Footprints On The Moon Assoc. Press

Whip Martin Caidin

The Pilot's Night Flying Handbook Len Buckwalter

Instrument Flying Richard L. Taylor

Instrument Flying Richard L. Taylor

AOPA Handbook for Pilots 1974 AOPA

Air Facts, The Magazine for Pilots (June, 1972)

The Proficient Pilot Barry Schiff

The Starduster Norm Weis

Barons of the Sky Wayne Biddle

American Soaring Handbook Vol. 1-6

Fairweather Flying Richard L. Taylor

The Airmail Jennies to Jets Benjamin Lipsner w/ Leonard F. Hilts

The Wild Blue John F. Loosbrock and Richard M. Skinner, ed.

I Learned About Flying From That! Flying Magazine

Box 5

Enola Gay Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan Witts

Stick and Rudder Wolfgang Langewiesche

Cleared For The Approach F. Lee Bailey

Building and Owning Your Own Airplane James E. Ellis

The Balloon Book Paul Fillingham

Air Adventures Graeme Cook

Sport Flying Flying Magazine

U.S. Fighters, Army - Air Force 1925 to 1980s Lloyd S. Jones

The McDonnell Douglas Story

There I Was Flat on My Back

Baling Wire, Chewing Gum, and Guts Bill Rhode

The Interrogator Raymond F. Toliver

Design for Flying David B. Thurston

Fly On Instruments George C. Larson

Box 6

Kill Devil Hill Harry Combs w/ Martin Caidin

Album of Aviation Popular Mechanics Press

Be a Better Pilot Alan Bramson

Fly On Instruments George C. Larson

Your Wings Assen Jordanoff

Through the Overcast Assen Jordanoff

Glenn Curtiss: Pioneer of Flight C.R. Roseberry

Charles A. Lindbergh and the Battle Against American Intervention in World War II Wayne S. Cole

Weather Flying Robert N. Buck

Aerobatics Today Bob O'Dell

The Unfriendly Skies Rodney Stich

The Unfriendly Skies Rodney Stich

The Unfriendly Skies Rodney Stich

Instrument Flying Richard L. Taylor

Box 7

Flight to Alaska - 1930 Laurence M. Lombard

The Tibbets Story Paul W. Tibbets w/ Clair Stebbins, Harry Franken

Aphrodite: Desperate Mission Jack Olsen

Aircraft of World War II Kenneth Munson

Heroes of the Sunlit Sky Arch Whitehouse

Lost Moon Jim Lovell & Jeffrey Kluger

Fighters Kenneth Munson

Flight of the Intruder Stephen Coonts

A Century Airborne Jon Walker

The Leading Edge Walter J. Boyne

The Last of the Bush Pilots Harmon Helmericks

The SST Don Dwiggins

The Blond Knight of Germany Col. Raymond Toliver, Trevor J. Constable

The Seach for Air Safety Stephen Barlay

Box 8

Unarmed and Unafraid Glenn B. Infield

Victory Through Air Power Maj. Alexander P. De Seversky

The Hindenburg Michael M. Mooney

The Eighth Sea Frank T. Courtney

Double Strike Edward Jablonski

transocean Richard Thruelsen

Hero Next Door Frank A. Burnham

Log of the Liberators Steve Birdsall

The Case Against Private Aviation Donald Bain

The Anatomy of an Airline Brad Williams

Brave Men Ernie Pyle

Song of the Sky Guy Murchie

West With the Night Beryl Markham

The Sky's the Limit Arch Whitehouse

Box 9

Final Flight Stephen Coonts

Wings Over The Sea David Wragg

Fighter Aces of the U.S.A. Raymond F. Toliver, Trevor J. Constable

Aviation & Space Dictionary Ernest J. Gentle, Lawrence W. Reithmaier

Private Pilot Maneuvers Jeppesen/Sanderson

Flying Army W.E. Butterworth

Oceans, Poles and Airmen Richard Montague

747 - Story of the Boeing Super Jet Douglas J. Ingells

Fighting Mustang: The Chronicle of the P-51 William N. Hess

Safety in General Aviation Flight Safety Foundation

Bombs Away! Stanley M. Ulanoff, ed.

Fighter Tactics Edward H. Sims

The Cannibal Queen Stephen Coonts

Box 10

Flying the Old Planes Frank Tallman

Aeronautical Meteorology Howard B. Kaster

Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe Raymond F. Toliver, Trevor J. Constable

The Starduster Norm Weis

Understanding Flying Richard L. Taylor

Practical Air Navigation Thoburn C. Lyon

Flight Fever Joseph Hamlen

A Gift of Wings Richard Bach

Primary Ground Study Manual U.S. Civil Aeronautics Authority

The First to Fly Sherwood Harris

MiG Pilot John Barron

Man With Wings Edward Jablonski

Flying Buccaneers Steve Birdsall

September Champions Robert Hull

Box 11

Aviation Education Source Book

The National Air and Space Museum C.D.B. Bryan

Aerodynamics of a Compressible Fluid Hans Wolfgang Liepman, Allen E. Puckett

Airplane Welding and Materials J.B. Johnson

Human Factors in Air Transportation Ross A. McFarland

Modern Aviation Engines, Vol.1 Victor A. Page

Modern Aviation Engines, Vol.2 Victor A. Page

Conquest of the Moon Wernher von Braun, Fred L. Whipple, Willy Ley

Anyone Can Fly Jules Bergman

The World in the Air, Vol.II Francis Trevelyan Miller

Box 12

Racing Planes & Air Races 1968 - 1971 Reed Kinert

Plane Safety and Survival Eric G. Anderson

Flying Combat Aircraft Robin Higham, Abigail Siddall, eds.

Wings Robert J. Serling

National Geographic World (Feb. 1976)

Business and Commercial Aviation, Jan. 1986

Aerospace, Fall 1964

Sport Aviation, Jan. 1986

Business and Commercial Aviation, July 1987

Flying, March 1973

Popular Aviation, August 1938

AOPA Club, July 1986

AERO Digest, Sept. 1938

FAA General Aviation News, Nov. - Dec. 1976

The Vintage Airplane Calendar, 1976

Aviation Week & Space Technology, Dec. 30, 1985

Flying, Feb. 1986

AOPA Pilot, Sept. 1986

Aviation Week & Space Technology, Feb. 3, 1986

Air Line Pilot, Feb. 1986

Flying, August 1985

Air Line Pilot, Jan. 1986

Air Line Pilot, Oct. 1985

Flying, March 1986

Maverick The story of Robert Six & Continetal Airlines, Rober Serling

Flights of Fancy Frank K. Smith

Flights of Fancy Frank K. Smith

Stunt Flying Capt. Richard Duncan

Maverick Robert J. Serling

Smoky Will James

Test Pilot Jimmy Collins

Box 13

Positive Flying Richard Taylor, William M. Guinther

Bush Pilot with a Briefcase Ronald A. Keith

Stranger to the Ground Richard Bach A Sky of My Own Richard Bach

Jane's All The World's Aircraft 1949 - 1950

Model Airplanes Building and Flying Joseph S. Ott

Wind Tunnel Testing Alan Pope

They Were Expendable W. L. White

Aircraft Mechanics Handbook

Apollo 8: Voyage to the Moon

Stapleton Inner Line, 12(22), Dec. 26, 1991

Fantasy in Flight C. Burton Cosgrove

Grand Old Lady Carroll V. Glines, Wendell F. Moseley

Stapleton International Airport Jeff Miller

AOPA Pilot, Oct. 1992

Airline Pilot, Feb. 1990

AOPA Pilot, Nov. 1992

Airline Pilot, Sept/Oct 1992

Airline Pilot, Nov. 1992

AG Pilot 15(11), Nov. 1992

Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, Nov. 1976 Amer. Soc. Of


Flying, Jan.1977

RunWay 2(46) Dec. 14, 1976

Box 14

AirFacts, May 1974

AirFacts, March 1974

AirFacts, January 1957

AirFacts, Feb 1957

AirFacts, January 1957

AirFacts, January 1957

AirFacts, January 1957

AirFacts, Dec 1956

Army Aviation, Feb. 1961

AirFacts, April, 1974

AirFacts, Dec 1956

AirFacts, Dec 1956

AirFacts, Dec 1956

AirFacts, Dec 1956

AirFacts, Feb 1957

Sport Aviation May 1983

Aviation Week & Space Technology, Dec. 20, 1976

REPArtee, Summer 1988

Air Line Pilot, July 1988

Sport Aviation August 1988

Business and Commercial Aviation, Sept. 1986

Aviation Week & Space Technology, Aug. 25, 1986

Flight Information Manual, Vol.12 Dec.1958

Realm of Flight U.S. Dept of Commerce

Vector Analog Computer Butler Aviation

TWA Flite Facts, Feb. 1966

OX5 News, 22(5), Oct. 1980

Army Aviation, Jan. 1959

Building Aeroplanes for "Those Magnificent Men" Allen Wheeler

Wilbur and Orville Fred Howard

Airways Henry Ladd Smith

The Boeing Logbook, 1916 - 1991 Boeing

Air Transport Navigation Peter H. Redpath

Flying the Boeing Model 80 Peter Bowers

Flightlines, Boeing Products Since 1916 Boeing

Physics of the Air W.J. Humphreys

Will Rogers Donald Day

Box #15

Navigation: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Fall 1992, 39(3)

Gentlemen of Adventure Ernest K. Gann

Of Flight and Life Charles A. Lindbergh

Yeagar General Chuck Yeagar and Leo Janos

Island in the Sky Ernest K. Gann

Skyway to Asia William Steven Grooch

The National Air and Space Museum C.D.B. Bryan

Stunt Flying in the Movies Jim & Maxine Greenwood

Flying the Line: The First Half Century of the Air Line Plots Association George Hopkins

The Sky Beyond Sir Gordan Taylor

The Great Air Races Don Vorderman

Exile to the Stars Ed Mack Miller

Wind, Sand and Stars Antoine de Saint Exupery

I'd Rather Be Flying: Instrument and Multi Engine Flying for the Week-End Pilot Frank Kingston Smith

Jeppesen Sanderson Aviation Yearbook 1975

The Sky Pirates James A. Arey

I Could Never Be So Lucky Again General James H. "Jimmy" Doolittle

Box 16

Exile to the Stars Ed Mack Miller

Into the Wind: The Story of Max Conrad Sally Buegeleisen

The Pilot Maker Lloyd Kelly

Up and At'Em Harold E. Hartney

Practical Air Navigation and the Use of The Aeronautical Charts of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey U.S. Dept of Commerce

History of the Wings Club Clayton Knight

Duel of Eagles Peter Townsend

The Grumman Story Richard Thruelsen

The World in the Air, Vol. 1 Francis Trevelyan Miller

mosquito! Joe Holliday

Box 17

Recollections and Thoughts of a Pioneer Igor I. Sikorsky

Perspectives in Air Transport William Littlewood

Administrative Aspects of International Air Transport Sir William Hildred

Space Flight: Past, Present and Future Dr. Werhner von Braun

The Air Road Will Widen! Grover Loening

Aviation in Transition? Grover Loening

Aircraft Prime Movers of the Twentieth Century Air Commodore F.R. Banks

Safety in Air Transportation Over the Years C.R. Smith

"Gateways to the World" Over the Years Sir Peter Masefield

"Technology - Key to the Universe" William P. Gwinn

Aerospace Engineering 1916-1974 Edward C. Wells

A Traveler-Journalist Views the Air World Wayne W. Parrish

Charles A. Lindbergh and World Travel Juan T. Trippe

The Promise of the Space Age Robert B. Hotz

The State of our Industry and Raw Materials in Relation to Defense Senator Barry Goldwater

Aviation Safety Perspectives Hindsight, Insight, Foresight Jerome Lederer

Maintaining Aerospace Leadership Willis M. Hawkins

The First 80 Years General Harold R. Harris

Aircraft Engines… Never a Dull Moment Gerhard Neumann

Changing Scene in the U.S. Air Transportation System Joseph F. Sutter

To the Standards of Sir Henry Royce Ralph H. Robins

Wingless on Luna Neil A. Armstrong

Reflections on a Pioneer Sergei I. Sikorsky

Much May be Made of a Scotsman: The Story of McDonnell Douglass Sanford N. McDonnell

The Netherlands People, their Country and their Civil Aviation, to-day and in the Future H.R.H. The Prince of The Netherlands

Survival in the Air Age President's Air Policy Commission

Tales up! Walt & Ann Bohrer

Jenny Was No Lady: The Story of the JN-4D Jack R. Lincke

Moon Shot Alan Shepard, Deke Slayton

Amelia, My Courageous Sister: Biography of Amelia Earhart Muriel Earhart Morrissey, Carol L. Osborne

Yeagar General Chuck Yeagar and Leo Janos

Just Off the Ground Carl "Reck" Recknagel

Roscoe Turner

Box 18

"We" Charles A. Lindbergh

Navigation in the Jet Age Robert Wells

Odyssey of a B-17: The Swoose Herbert S. Brownstein

Legacy of the Friendly Skies Gwen Mahler

Just Plane Crazy: Biography of Bobbi Trout Donna Veca and Skip Mazzio

The Doolittle Raid Carroll V. Glines

Flying Henri Fluchere

North to the Orient Anne Morrow Lindbergh

The Wings Club Inc., 1983-1984

The Wings Club Inc., 1990-1991

United States Magnetic Tables and Magnetic Charts for 1935 U.S. Dept of Commerce

The Heavens Above Donald H. Menzel

Band of Brothers Ernest K. Gann

The Conquering Wing Grover Loening

Modern Airmanship Neil D. Van Sickle, ed.

Aircraft Navigation Manual, 1st ed. U.S. Navy

Synoptic and Aeronautical Meteorology Horace Robert Byers

Introduction to Meteorology Sverre Petterssen

Air Navigation P.V.H. Weems

ROIF, Radio Operators' Information File

Navigation: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, 11(1)

Navigation: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, 11(3)

Air Traffic Control and the National Security

Civil Pilot Training Manual Jack R. Cram and Daniel J. Brimm, Jr.

The Round Earth on Flat Paper Wellman Chamberlain

Douglas DC-9 Series 10 Air Terminal Handbook

Short Distance Radionavigation Technical Division U.S. Air Coordinating Committee

Pilot Training Manual for the C-47

Air Navigation Army Air Forces Training Command

Weather for Aircrews Dept of the Air Force

Black Cats and Outside Loops, Tex Rankin: Aerobatic Ace Walt Bohrer

Black Cats and Outside Loops, Tex Rankin: Aerobatic Ace Walt Bohrer

Avian Dreamers Jerry Gildemeister

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Jeppesen Archival Materials Stored In Holinger Boxes 

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 19 (Old 23)

Airway Manuals - (1940s)Mixed full-size and pocket size (11 total) black binder-empty, United Airlines Flight Operations Manual 1949, Pocket manuals no #, 350 vol 1&2, #6 Routes, X-720, 149 and 1364 and 238 x2, US Mid-Comtinent

Jeppesen Archival Materials box 20 (old 24)

Airway Manuals - (1940's) Full-size (8)- Radio 1741, Ohio-Wyo, 344 Radio Ranges, 344 and 1364 vol 2 and 174 vol 1 and 148 and 1 vol 1

Nebraska Airport Directory blue, pocket sized

DC-7B operations manual To Library

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 21 (old box 26)

Flight Instructor's Course Airplane Jeppesen, Co. To Library DC-6 Flight Manual To Library Instructional test To Library Operations Manual C-54 To Library

Jeppesen & Co. Instrument Rating Course, Vol.II To Library

Airway Manual 298, US NAVAL Air Station Anacostia, Radio Frequencies (hand-written notes), black binder with no # Radio Air Route Guide 1959 x2, All from old box 25.

Recommended Standards Manual 1966 from old box 27 All-Weather Flight Manual FAA

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 22 (old Box 28)

Instrument charts (assorted)

Jeppesen & Co. Operations Manual, 1957

Jeppesen & Co. Operations Manual, #15

Recommended Standards Manual Nat'l Bus. Aircraft Assoc.

Flight information including tests (notes)

None of these items found

United Airlines Management Information To Library

Radio Facility Charts Dept. of Air Force To Library

DC-8 notebook - United Airlines To Library Mountain Wave Zones in the United States United Airlines To Library

Aviation Cartography, 2nd ed. To Library

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 23 (old box 31)

FAA Private Pilot Flight Training Guide 1963

Brochures from Jeppesen/Sanderson Primary Aerobatic Flight Training with Military Techniques Lt. Col. Art Medore To Library

American Airman, Vol.1, Iss.4, December 1957 To Library

Business and Commercial Aviation, November 1976

Aircraft Basic Science, 5th ed. Bent McKinley To Library

From the Ground Up, 9th ed. Sandy A.F. McDonald

Airguide Manual (Flight Training Manual) Monty Novarre, ed.

Flight Instructor's Course Jeppesen & Co.

Journal, American Aviation Historical Society, Spring 1965, Vol.10 - No.1

Journal, American Aviation Historical Society, Summer 1965, Vol.10 - No.2

To a Pilot Duane Cole To Library

Biomedical References for Aviation Safety William R. Pierson To Library

Jeppesen Training Aids (Brochure/Folder)

(letter) Council for Aerospace Safety and Management, USC

(letter) form letter welcoming members of Board of Councilors of the Inst. Of Aerospace Safety and Management

assorted collection of Airway Manual map inserts

mini Airway Manual in envelope addressed to Geo Reeves

Navigation, Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Sept 1954, Vol.4, No.3 To Library

Mathematics for Navigators (Supplement) To Library

The Air Traffic Story Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics

AOPA Pilot, March 1994

Plane & Pilot, September 1994 To Library

Air Line Pilot, May 1994 To Library

Plane & Pilot, July 1994 To Library

Sport Aviation, July 1994

Air Line Pilot, June 1994 To Library

Sport Aviation, June 1994

Flying, July 1994

Plane & Pilot, August 1994 To Library

Flying, August 1994

Wings West, Summer 1993 To Library

AOPA Pilot, August 1994

Air Line Pilot, Oct/Nov 1993 To Library

Air Line Pilot, Oct. 1984 To Library

Plane & Pilot, June 1994 To Library

AOPA Pilot, June 1994

AOPA Pilot, May 1994

Flying, April 1994

Flying, March 1994

AOPA Pilot, April 1994

Plane & Pilot, April 1994

Flying, January 1994

AOPA Pilot, February 1994

Plane & Pilot, March 1994 To Library

AG Pilot, January 1994, Vol.17, No.1 To Library

Air Sports International, Vol.III, No.2

Sunrise at Eastern: Re-birth of a Pioneer Airline Floyd D. Hall To Library

Air Facts, Nov. 1968 Air Facts, June 1970 Air Facts, February 1970 Air Facts, April 1970 Air Facts, March 1969 Air Facts, December 1968 Air Facts, May 1970

Air Facts, Jan. 1970 Air Facts, July 1968 Air Facts, Oct. 1966 Air Facts, August 1959 Colorado Driver's Manual, 1976 Air Facts, July 1959 Air Facts, Nov. 1970 Air Facts, Sept. 1968 Air Facts, Oct. 1968 Air Facts, March 1968 Air Facts, April 1969 Air Facts, May 1968 Air Facts, June 1968 Army Aviation, Oct. 10, 1966 To Library Five Kernels of Corn Kistler's Wayne Walt small story book - from a company?

Aviation Mechanics Bulletin, Jul. - Aug. 1968 To Library Radio and Instrument Flying, 14th revised ed. Pan Am Navigation Service To Library Safety in General Aviation Harold D. Hoekstra, Shung-Chai Huang Production Division, Operating Specifications Manual EBJ Company manual, blk binder To Library

The National Air and Space Museum, 2nd ed. C.D.B. Bryan To Library This is Your Captain Speaking Walt and Ann Bohrer To Library Cooperation in World Civil Aviation Dr. Knut Hagrup, 16th Wings Club Sight Lecture

Pilot's Handbook, Flitefix II To Library Pacific Coast Aviation Directory, 1972-73, 27th Annual ed. To Library The Saga of the Air Mail Carroll V. Glines To Library Takeoffs and Touchdowns Fred E. Jacob Bax Seat Gordon Baxter To Library Canadian Pilot's Fitness Manual David Steen The Concorde affair: from drawing board to actuality John Davis The Spirit of St. Louis Charles A. Lindbergh The Early Birds Arch Whitehouse Airway Manual map inserts, 1961 The Fall of Fortresses Elmer Bendiner Airway Manual map inserts, 1968

CR Computer Manual/Workbook Jeppesen & Co. To Library

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 24 (old box 32)

All items moved to new box 23

Air Facts, Nov. 1968 Air Facts, June 1970 Air Facts, February 1970 Air Facts, April 1970 Air Facts, March 1969 Air Facts, December 1968 Air Facts, May 1970

Air Facts, Jan. 1970 Air Facts, July 1968 Air Facts, Oct. 1966 Air Facts, August 1959 Colorado Driver's Manual, 1976 Air Facts, July 1959 Air Facts, Nov. 1970 Air Facts, Sept. 1968 Air Facts, Oct. 1968 Air Facts, March 1968 Air Facts, April 1969 Air Facts, May 1968 Air Facts, June 1968 Army Aviation, Oct. 10, 1966 To Library

Box 24

Five Kernels of Corn Kistler's Wayne Walt small story book - from a company?

Aviation Mechanics Bulletin, Jul. - Aug. 1968 To Library

Radio and Instrument Flying, 14th revised ed. Pan Am Navigation Service To Library

Safety in General Aviation Harold D. Hoekstra, Shung-Chai Huang Production Division, Operating Specifications Manual EBJ Company manual, blk binder To Library

The National Air and Space Museum, 2nd ed. C.D.B. Bryan To Library This is Your Captain Speaking Walt and Ann Bohrer To Library Cooperation in World Civil Aviation Dr. Knut Hagrup, 16th Wings Club Sight Lecture

Pilot's Handbook, Flitefix II To Library Pacific Coast Aviation Directory, 1972-73, 27th Annual ed. To Library The Saga of the Air Mail Carroll V. Glines To Library Takeoffs and Touchdowns Fred E. Jacob Bax Seat Gordon Baxter To Library Canadian Pilot's Fitness Manual David Steen The Concorde affair: from drawing board to actuality John Davis The Spirit of St. Louis Charles A. Lindbergh The Early Birds Arch Whitehouse Airway Manual map inserts, 1961 The Fall of Fortresses Elmer Bendiner Airway Manual map inserts, 1968

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 25 (old box 33)

The Helicopter (book) H.F. Gregory To Library

Antique Airplane News, August 1957, Vol. IV, No.3 Antique Airplane News, July 1957, Vol. IV, No.2 To Library

Antique Airplane News, June 1957, Vol. IV, No.1 To Library

Antique Airplane News, May 1957, Vol.III, No. 13 To Library

Antique Airplane News, April 1957, Vol. III, No. 12 To Library

Antique Airplane News, March 1957, Vol. III, No.11 To Library

Antique Airplane News, February, Vol. III, No. 10 To Library

Antique Airplane News, January 1957, Vol. III, No.9 To Library

Antique Airplane News, December 1956, Vol. III, No. 8

Antique Airplane News, Nov. 1956, Vol. III, No. 7

Antique Airplane News, Oct. 1956, Vol. III, No.6

Antique Airplane News, September 1956, Vol. III, No. 5

Antique Airplane News, August 1956, Vol. III, No. 4

fore, Winter 1976

Sport Aviation, Jan. 1979

Sport Aviation, Feb. 1980

Sport Aviation, Nov. 1979

Sport Aviation, Jan. 1980

Sport Aviation, Oct. 1980

Sport Aviation, Nov. 1980

Sport Aviation, August 1981

AOPA Pilot, Jan. 1977

Sport Aviation, Aug. 1980

Sport Aviation, Dec. 1978

Sport Aerobatics, Nov/Dec 1976 To Library

Sport Aerobatics, Sept/Oct 1976 To Library

Sport Aerobatics, Dec. 1978 To Library

Sport Aerobatics, Nov. 1978 To Library

Sport Aviation, Sept. 1981

Sport Aviation, Nov. 1977

The Vintage Airplane, Oct. 1977

The Vintage Airplane, Aug. 1977

Sport Aviation, May 1979

Sport Aviation, Jan. 1977

Flying, Feb. 1977

Sport Aviation, Dec. 1980

Sport Aviation, Dec. 1977

Business Aviation Practices, No. 132 To Library

Antique Airplane Association, Jan-Feb 1968 To Library

Int'l Antique Airplane News, July/Aug 1972 To Library

AOPA Pilot, March 1974

AOPA Pilot, Sept. 1974

Sport Aerobatics, Feb. 1977 To Library

Sport Aerobatics, Nov. 1977 To Library

Sport Aviation, Feb. 1978

Sport Aviation, April 1977

Sport Aviation, July 1981

Sport Aviation, June 1981

Navigation, Journal of the Institute of Navigation: To Library 2(10), 8(2), 8(4), 10(1), 10(3 - 4), 11(1), 11(4), 13(3-4), 15(1-3), 16(3-4), 17(1-4), 18(1-4), 19(1-2), 20(2-4), 21(1-2), 22(3), 23(2-3), 26(3), 27(1,4), 28(1-3), 29(3-4), 30(1-4), 31(1-4)

Jeppesen Archvial Materials Box 26 (old box 34)

Multiple magazines titles and editions

Warbirds To Library Flying Annual & pilots' guide, 1965 ed. To Library EAA Air Museum 3 program copies To Library

International Antique Airplane News Sept/Oct 1973, 3rd qtr 1975 To Library

National Aeronautics April-June 1974, Sept-Oct. 1974 To Library

REPArtee Oct - Dec, 1980, Oct - Dec. 1982, Jan - Mar, 1983 To Library

Journal, American Aviation Historical Society Spring 1967 11(1), Spring 1967 12(1), Winter 1967 12(4)

The Rotarian, An International Magazine 1980 June

Air Mail Pioneers News Christmas Issue To Library

Air Facts 1975 38(8) To Library

Canadian Sport Aviation Magazine Fall, 1983 To Library

Colorado Memorial Air Show program, 1976 To Library AOPA Pilot August, 1974 To Library

Flying Aug 1974 To Library, Sept 1974

Dun's Business Month Feb-83

General Aviation, Today and Tomorrow, June 1967 To Library FAA General Aviation News March 1976, April 1976, July 1976 To Library

Antique Airplane Association News To Library: 4(4), 4(5), 4(6), 4(8), 9(12), 10(1-2), 10(3-4), 11(1-2), 21(7-9), 25(10-12), 26(10-12)

Sport Aerobatics: 1976(Apr, Jun), 1977(Apr, Jun, Dec), 1978 (Feb, Mar), 1979(Mar - Aug, Oct/Nov, Dec), 1980(Jan, May)

The Vintage Airplane: 1976(Mar, May, Aug, Sept), 1977(Nov, Dec), 1978(Jan - Mar, Nov, Dec), 1979 (Apr, May, Aug, Sept), 1980 (May), 1985 (Oct)

International Antique Airplane News Nov/Dec 1973 To Library

Air Line Pilot: 1964(Feb - Oct, Dec), 1965 (Jan, Feb)

Air Line Pilot: 1974 (Mar, Apr)

Air Line Pilot: 1980(May), 1982(Nov), 1983(Mar, May, June, Sept, Oct), 1984(Jan, Apr, Sept), 1985(Jan, July, Aug, Sept, Nov, Dec)

Sport Aviation: 1976(Jan, Feb), 1977(Mar), 1978 (Nov), 1979(Mar, Apr, Jun, July, Sept), 1980 (Sept), 1981(Feb, Oct), 1982(Jan, Mar, Apr, July, Aug, Sept), 1983(Apr, June, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec), 1984(Jan, Mar, Apr, May, June), 1985 (Aug)

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 27 (old box 35)

Commanders Digest, 2(66) Business and Commercial Aviation 1966(Sept, Oct)

Warbirds: 1979(Aug-Sept), Spring 1976 To Library

AOPA Pilot: Oct-66

Plane & Pilot: 1966(May, Sept, Nov)

International Antique Airplane News: 1971(Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec), 1972 (March/Apr, May/June) To Library

Sport Aerobatics: 1976(May), 1977(July, Aug), 1979(Sept), 1980(Apr) To Library

The Vintage Airplane: 1976(Apr, Jun, July), 1977(Sept), 1979(Jan, Oct, Nov), 1980(Jan)

The Air Line Pilot: 1965(April), 1966(Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr), 1967(Jan)

Air Line Pilot: 1973(Dec), 1974(Nov), 1976(Apr, July, Aug), 1977(Apr, May), 1979(Oct)

Air Line Pilot: 1986(May, June)

Sport Aviation: 1976(Mar, May, July - Nov), 1977(July, Oct), 1979(Oct), 1980(May-July), 1986(June - Sept)

American Airman: 1(1-3), 2(14), 3(1,5-7,13), 4(1-2)

Southeast Asia Jet Aircraft Recovery Plan (USAF Manual) To Library

Airport Capacity Criteria Used in Preparing The Nat'l Airport Plan FAA 8-Jul-68 To Library

Radio Facility Chart, Europe (USAF Manual) To Library

Historic Aviation 1968, Dec To Library

Airport Planning and Airport Layout Plans 19-Sep-68 To Library

T Square 54: The Last B-29 Lt. Col. John R. Bushmann Dick Field To Library

Jet Age Planning (Dept. of Commerce Manual) To Library

Airways Modernization Board, Program and Progress Report: Aug. 14, 1957 - Feb. 14, 1958 To Library

Mountain Wave Zones in the United States (UAL Manual) To Library

Navigation, Journal of the Institute of Navigation:12(4) To Library

Pilots' Weather Handbook (Dept. of Commerce Manual) To Library

Instruments, Procedures and Techniques Thomas F. McMahon The Instrument Flight Manual William K. Kershner

Aviation Week & Space Technology: 85(13-15)

Flying's 1966 Travel Guide

American Aviation Oct, 1966

Air Force and Space Digest: Oct, 1966

National Aeronautics June, 1966

Flight Magazine Sept, 1966

The Antiquer Dec, 1965

Forbes Oct. 1, 1966

Air Transport World Sept, 1966

Professional Pilot 2(3)

Air Progress July, 1966 To Library

FAA General Aviation News Aug, 1976 To Library

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box28 (old box 36)

Airway Manual (1965) Interavia - Aviation, Astronautics, Electronics - 1966, 21(2) The Sky Club (small, plastic covered book for club in Pan Am bldg., New York (1966)) To Library

Antique Airplane Association News, 1966, 6(11) To Library

FAA Aviation News, Nov. 1975 To Library Plane & Pilot, January 1967 Warbirds, Spring 1978 To Library Flite Facts, Spring 1978 (TWA Flight Operations) To Library

Denver International Airport - program (2 copies)

Aviation Hall of Fame - Collector Series Portraits

Wings Club, March 1981 14(11) imprimis, March 1981 10(3) Flight Safety Facts & Reports, Sept. 1980 Flight Safety Foundation publication To Library

Accident Prevention Bulletin, January 1981 Flight Safety Foundation publication To Library

The First 50 Years of Pan Am history brochure To Library

Air Force Magazine, July 1983 66(7) To Library Airline Executive, March 1983 To Library

Touch Down 83/1 Journal of British Aerospace Aircraft Group Frontier Magazine Summer, 1974 To Library The Vintage Airplane 1978(Apr, June, July, Oct) To Library

Sport Aerobatics 1978(May, Sept, Oct) To Library

Air Line Pilot 1982(Dec), 1983(Jan, Feb)

Sport Aviation 1975(Oct-Dec), 1976(Dec), 1978(Mar-Dec), 1981(Mar-May), 1982(May, Nov, Dec), 1983(Jan-Mar, Aug), 1985(Sept-Dec)

AOPA Pilot, 25th Anniv. Ed. hardback bound, EBJ printed on cover, silver cover To Library

Office procedure and airway manual progress reports from 1940s (black binder)

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 29 (old box 0)

pilot's log book (12/21/1927 - 9/3/1929) pilot's log book (No. 460) 3/23/1932 - while @ Boeing Air Transport pilot's log book (blue) @ UAL Transport Corp. 1929 FAI Pilots license Dept. of Commerce 1935 identification card Oregon Pilot's license 1928 Mexican Pilots License 1931 1930 FAI Pilots license 1931 FAI Pilots license

Dept. of Commerce pilot's license holder (black) Dept. of Commerce pilot's license 1938 Oregon State Pilot's license - 1928 medical certificate, 1957 Aviation Club membership card (Salt Lake City) 1941 National Aeronautic Association card (1981) Medical certificate, 2nd class, 1970 Temporary Airman Certificate, 1953 Dept. of Commerce certification card, 1953 Casino-In-The-Air membership card, Chicago FCC communications certification, 1955 Air Force Association membership, 1979 copies of student instruction cards medical certificate card, first class, 1958 Temporary Airman Certificate, 1953 medical certificate - airline pilots, 1956

State of Oregon holder (black) Dept of Commerce identification card, 1938 airman identification card student instruction card article of forced landing in Yakima

FAI Aviator's Certificate, 1929

original - Bell Line Air Service - Students Instruction Card

Letters of Recommendation (folder) Letters of Recommendation correspondence

copy of The Dunlap Reporter (9/24/1936) (photo) barnstormer, dog and couple copy of The Portland News (11/30/1927) Army Air Forces procedures manual (1945) correspondence inter-office memo copies of flight pattern inserts

(copies of manuals in small pocket-sized binders) Practical Radio Range Data - Joel L. Crouch Pocket Airway Manual - Vol.1 760 Pocket Airway Manual - Vol. Airway Manual of Special Information for United Airlines Pilots Jeppesen date book (empty) LEFAX (contains maps, notes) (not labeled black binder), contains radio ranges, maps, notes notes inside about binders (in more detail)

(photo folder) EBJ in doorway of Boeing 80A Nadine as stewardess in doorway of UAL plane "Boeing Monomail, Chicago, 1933" - EBJ in flight suit "Aerial Survey - 1929" (photos of young EBJ in flight cap and airplane - 1928??) (copies) EBJ in pilot uniform - UAL airmail pilot - 1932 - Wyoming

flight logs - notes on paper (loose) UAL - Monthly Flight Pay Report telegram Airway Manual brochure photo - EBJ as UAL pilot photo - EBJ, young barnstormer (1927) photo - Airmail, Varney Airlines, Pasco, WA (1930) photo - Minatitlan, Old Mexico, Fairchild Air Surveys (1929) - EBJ sitting on wing photo - "My First Airplane", Pearson Field, Vancouver, WA (1927), JN4D 1916 Jenny copies of Airway maps expense vouchers Log Book - UAL, Salt Lake City

binder (TWA) (empty)

Letter from Varney Air Lines for employment (2 black books and related items in plastic sleeves) black book, front cover tag reads "Cheyenne - ???, Airway. E.B. Jeppesen" black book, front cover tag reads "Cheyenne - Salt Lake, Airway. E.B. Jeppesen" (books contain detailed information regarding field: name, radio signals, elevations, obstructions (if any), field conditions in wet weather, teletypes

original bill of sale for Jenny (first plane) original receipt for "Scooter" in Salt Lake

sketches on napkin, July 1962

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 30 (old box 129)

Jepp Co. Photos (framed) Plaque - International Northwest Aviation Council, Roll of Honor Certificate - President's Club, Continental Airlines

Photo - EBJ receiving plaque from National Business Association (wearing white tux) Photo - aerial view of Jeppesen Co.

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 31 (old box117)


"Happy Birthday" block from JeppCo, Frankfurt (1991)

Paperweight - "Otto Libienthal" - 100 Jahre Menschenflug 1891-1991

Elrey B. Jeppesen, 1994 Laureate, Colorado Business Hall of Fame

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 32 (old box 119)

JeppCo File Cabinet Objects

Honorary Membership "The Longlanders" - framed certificate

American flag with wooden base

desk photo - antique Jenny

desk photo - EBJ and Jimmy Doolittle

desk photo - Jenny frame

Jeppesen desk object (plane cutouts in clear liquid, image of EBJ statue @ DIA)

Jeppesen Aviation Foundation medal - EBJ statue @ DIA, with wooden base

wooden box - "Olinstrom Aviation"

medal - Final Reunion "Lafayette Flying Corps, 1983"

desk photo - Swoosie Kurtz signed

medal - Final Reunion "Lafayette Flying Corps, 1983"

desktop clock - Jeppesen, "EBJ Terminal, DIA, Denver, CO"

desktop model - Wright Flyer made from scrap metal

assorted name tags for EBJ

desktop clock - DIA

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 33 (old box 101)

T-U Archives Presentations - Pilot Ground Training & Jet Aircraft Perform Feasibility program

Toy, Marsha (Airline Schools Pacific) correspondence

Transocean Air Lines - Nelson, Orvis M. correspondence, photocopies, "Suggested Program for Reactivation Transocean Air Lines" report

Bobbi Trout correspondence, news clippings

Tucker, Capt. Alfred F. correspondence

Thesis: "An Analysis and Possible Solution to the Civil Reserve Air Fleet Navigation Problem"

Turner, Col. Roscoe, correspondence

Guide to Roscoe Turner Papers, hardbound

U Misc Brochures



(accordion folder - no label) correspondence

news clippings

(blue United briefcase) UAL publications for pilots

(maroon 3-ring binder) photo album, WW2 Pacific Theater

framed photo signed from "Pat" (1959)

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 34 (old box 103)


Magazine articles (loose)

W Misc correspondence, office memos, newsletters

Waterman, Earl, correspondence, resume, brochures

Weller: Bleriot correspondence, stationary (blank), original pages from French publication, "l'Aerophile", dated (Oct 15, 1909), (Nov 15, 1909), (Sept 1, 1909), (May 15, 1909)

copy of German World Atlas (loose)

Weller, Gerry – Correspondence, articles

Army Times Publishing Co. - Arch Werner, correspondence, office memos

Aviation Directory -Western states

Western Flyer newsletter, note

Who's Who correspondence, application

Williams, Carl correspondence, brochures

Wilson, Gill Robb, correspondence, newsletter

Wings Club membership directory, correspondence, newsletter

Wings Club of New York - Correspondence correspondence, accountant's report

Wings of Hope, newsletter, correspondence, articles

Wings Club of New York - Bulletins, newsletter

Wings Club of New York – Roster membership directories (1958 - 1966)

Wings over the Rockies annual report, marketing plan, correspondence

Wood, Tom (A.G. Pilot) correspondence

magazine (AG-Pilot, Sept 1991, 14(9))

World article

World - Middle East article

Wolf, J. David – Inventor Basic Helicopter Instrument Trainer manual

Corporate Affairs - Wollard Aircraft Service Equipment, Inc Dictaphone belt, annual report (1964)

Women in Aviation Award (Nadine Jeppesen) correspondence

World Beechcraft Society publications

University of Wyoming correspondence, brochures

American Heritage Center information

XYZ Wright Flight - Helping Kids Reach New Heights, correspondence, articles, brochures

Y Misc Correspondence, articles

Z Misc Correspondence

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 35 (old box 90)

F Frontier Airlines publications

Misc correspondence, news clippings

Fancy Pantry LaJolla, CA correspondence

Field, Dick correspondence, artwork - B-29 (cardboard frame)

Fairchild Aviation Corporation correspondence, telegrams, Hood River Apple wrappers Flight Training newsletters

Flight Safety Foundation correspondence

Flight Safety Foundation, 1969 and prior news releases, correspondence, newsletters Flight Operations (copies)

Flight Safety Foundation, 1970-1971 newsletters/bulletins

Flight Safety Foundation newsletters/bulletins, reports

Flight Safety Foundations notes, reports, correspondence

Flight Freedoms Foundation news release

Flight Proficiency Program (Mike Waterman) Flight Proficiency program - brochure/report

Flying Magazine correspondence, copies May 1992(2), Sept 1992, July 1992(2), Dec 1992, March 1991

Jeppesen Archvial Materials Box 36 (Old box 91)

Fox, Lee correspondence Freedom's Foundation @ Valley Forge correspondence

Frontier Airlines, Inc annual report 1972, correspondence, news clippings

R.T. Freng, correspondence

Fuchs, Alice correspondence

Galambos, Max notes, resume

Global Positioning and Navigation issue - GPS News

Publicity program for 35th Anniversary of Stapleton International Airport, correspondence

Goebel, Arthur correspondence, photos

Goldwater, Sen. Barry (Pilots for Goldwater) correspondence, programs, newsletter information

Gousha, The H. M. Co. correspondence, programs, brochures

Archives Graphic Arts Council reports, newsletter information

Greer, Cmdr. E. J. USN 1952 - 1961(empty)

Jeppesen & Co. Corporate Affairs Grimes Manufacturing Co. office memos, financial ratings, report, correspondence

The Gousha Company correspondence, newsletters, office memos, 1963 Marketing Program

Gruman American Aviation Corporation news release

Halaby, Najeeb E. notes

Hart, Gerald S. (Apartment) blueprints

Historic Aviation Number 80S, Vol.8

Hofer, R.D. correspondence

Holoway, William S. correspondence

Horizon Air Pilots Correspondence

Knight, Jack correspondence

Huking, Harry W. airfield reports (photostats)

Ideas notes on ideas (1970)

I Misc correspondence, newsletters, bulletins

Illinois, University of - Institute of Aviation correspondence, brochures

Indianapolis Aero Club, correspondence, newsletters, "Get Well Soon" cards

Institute of Navigation newsletters, correspondence, Corporate Membership Directory

International Flying Farmers correspondence, membership directory

International Flying Fellowship of Rotarians newsletters, correspondence

INAC - International Northwest Aviation Council correspondence copy of cancelled check

Inventions - Photographic Typesetting Machine hand-drawn image, office memos

L Misc newsletters, correspondence, articles

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 37 (old box 78)

Misc Periodicals news clippings and articles about EBJ and Co.

AER NEWS (Various Issues)

AIR LINE PILOT (October 1984, March 1989)


AIR TRANSPORT (September 1944)




CHERRY PIT (December, 1970)



CONDOR (Fliegende Blaetter - 1993)



DENVER POST (Contemporary - 2/26/89)

DENVER POST EMPIRE (June 27, 1954)



DENVER POST (PostScript - April 93)

DER FLIEGER (March 1975) German

FESTIVAL (Jan 7, 1968)

FLYG HORISONT (1974) Swedish)

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 38 (old box 79)

San Diego Aerospace Investiture March 1995 Aerospace Hall of Fame commemorative folder: photos of induction, correspondence, programs,newsletters

Danish Heritage Museum: brochures, correspondence

Jeppesen-Nadine Katherine-Wright Award commemorative medal (inscribed on back to Nadine)

Women in Aviation Conference program: correspondence, news clippings

letter re:Boeing 80 model builder (photo enclosed)(loose)

President-Bush Visits-Jepco: news clippings, invitation to First Lady gathering (not mailed), correspondence,

Flying Magazine Lunch: news clippings, correspondence Approach Charts (Early) early flying charts IFR magazine Aug. 1991, 7(8)

IFR magazine Nov. 1991, 7(11)

IFR magazine Dec, 1991, 7(12)

honorary degree from Denver Univ.(loose)

news clippings

brown binder from Denver Univ. w/ Nadine Jeppesen printed on front a food-related conference or session she attended in 1978

calendar - UAL, 1977 padded maroon calendar

calendar - black, 1983

wall calendar - 1983

calendar - black, 1986

calendar - black, 1985

University of Denver, EBJ - Dr.: correspondence, photos, copy of honorary degree Pic for Book: photos - EBJ with OX-5 in Yakima, photos - assorted from family, photos - in suits, photos - older woman(mother?),correspondence

Boeing Air Transport: ticket to 1935 baseball World Championship (Wrigley Field) correspondence re: letters to and from Boeing Air Transport looking for work

Army Physical Exam records certifications for physical exams

Jeppesen-Elrey Air Traffic Control Award correspondence

Radiotelephone license federal certifications expired and non-expired

Jepco News newsletters

Plane and Pilot (loose) magazine, February, 1996(article inside)

photo - pilot's license



photos - cartographic crew?

1978 appointment book

1979 wall calendar

1984 appointment book

photos - early years as pilot multiple photos

photo - EBJ statue (at DIA)

Jack Parnell correspondence

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 39 (old box 66)

Jeppesen Memories, 1961-1995: correspondence, news clippings, family photos

Jeppesen Archival Materials box 40 (old box 67)

Photo - Dick Ferris signed, framed photo - Slim Lewis signed, framed photo - Roscoe Turner signed, framed Frank Kurtz news clippings, correspondence much about "The Swoose"

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 41 (old box 49)

Flight Safety International Misc letters and correspondence, reports and brochures and official documents

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 42 (Old box 50)

Maps & Misc Items incl. maps, journals, oversized state driving maps, manuals, footsteps (possibly for Jeppesen product), utilities reports, Flying Farmers Directory, 1963 - 1964, Annual reports from Western region states power companies.

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 43 (old box 37)

Box includes Jeppesen envelopes with regional map samples

One Cloth-backed relief map of US (green envelope)

JeppesenArchival Materials Box 43A (old box 37)

Samples of Jeppesen charts and maps, reprints of articles and ads, order forms, catalogs, Captain Sharp Booklets on various topics

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 44 (old box 38)

2 large computer discs (wrapped in bubble wrap)

Jeppesen Co. samples includes: airspeed computers, plotters, slide rules, regional destination guides, flight manuals

C1 flight computer; metal in original black box with fasteners Flight computer and plotter sample kit (computers inside) Envelope with 6 slide rules (different sizes), plastic protractor

Jeppesen computer manual (in envelope)

Jeppesen color relief map & product catalogs (15)

Jeppesen pocket Atlas of U.S.

Jeppesen computer manuals (2)

Flight computers (16) Plotters; small(13), large(20) Slide rules (5)

Jeppesen Avigation map wallet (blue) Air Line Flight Calculator (5) B-Line Course Finder (ruler)

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 44A (old box 42)

Photo - (back) Barnstorming, Yakima Valley, WA 1927, O.X.-5 Travelair Photo - "Old Boeing Airmail Gang, C.A.M. 18, San Francisco to Chicago, April, 1928 Folder contains photocopied letters of recommendations (5 letters)

Rotary Foundation Paul Harris Fellow certificate Book - "Velocity of Light" (reproduction of original notebooks by A.A. Michelson United Airlines - postcard stamp display (framed) Brochures (maybe at DIA) (envelope)

UAL air maps(envelope)

UAL Air Atlas(envelope)

Airway Manual Brochure(envelope)

UAL Classroom Aid(envelope)

New Adventures in Geography(envelope)

World Map(envelope)

Boeing School Aeronautics Certificate(envelope)

Schedule for Air Passengers (World's First ATA) (envelope)

National Air Pilots Journal(envelope)

Fairchild Letter of Instruction (Subject: Louisiana Land and Exploration Co., Map 14155)(envelope)

Curtiss Jenny Handbook(envelope)

1,000,000 manual - 1960(envelope)

Cross Country map (blueprint style - E. TX - W. AL.)(envelope)

Jepp NAA Membership (envelope)

B/W version of PO54 (envelope)

Stimson/Patterson letter - letter talks about the hiring of women(nurses) as flying stewardesses (Feb. 24, 1930)(envelope)

United Brochure(envelope)

Air Manual(envelope)

Wright Patents (2 - both copies)(envelope)

Wright Company stock (orig. Oct. 9, 1915)Katharine Wright & Lorin Wright(envelope)

Folder - photos in sleeves of young EBJ UAL - Historic Planes - 25th Anniv. Pictures UAL - The History of the Mail - pictures Portrait (in white oversized folder) Picture - in cardboard - "Lincoln Beachy in Curtiss biplane" (Denver, CO - Oct. 1914)

Photo - "Gold Flight, JCOC No. 34" Photo - EBJ portrait in UAL uniform Certificate (framed) Defense Orientation Conference Assoc Plaque - to EBJ, by JCOC 1964 Photo - Santa as wing walker Photo - kneeling in front of aircraft with Joan Smith Merriam Photo - The Kite (envelope taped to back of frame)

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 44B (old box 38)

Box contains Flight Freedom Foundation - Operation Tel-A-Nation kit

Accordion envelope w/ string; Contents: celestial navigation kit, map with outlined constellations (signed by EBJ) C1 flight computer; metal in original black box with fasteners Flight computer and plotter sample kit (computers inside) Envelope with 6 slide rules (different sizes), plastic protractor

Jeppesen computer manual (in envelope)

Jeppesen color relief map & product catalogs (15)

Aviation Aerospace Education Catalog Jeppesen/Sanderson

Jeppesen computer manuals (2)

Flying Magazine plastic bound print w/ note attached

Jeppesen envelope with maps and catalogs inside (promo kit)

Jeppesen Destination Guide 1976/77 (Region III)

Jeppesen Destination Guide 1976/77 (Region IV)

Jeppesen Destination Guide 1976/77 (Region I)

Jeppesen Destination Guide 1976/77 (Region II)

Jeppesen Destination Guide 1976/77 (Region V)

Flight computers (16) Plotters; small(13), large(20) Slide rules (5)

Jeppesen Avigation map wallet (blue) Air Line Flight Calculator (5) B-Line Course Finder (ruler)

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 45 (old box 126)

JeppCo File Cabinet Objects photo - Bill Parker (signed) framed

Photo - B-80 (EBJ flew this very planes many times) framed

Plaque - Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame (Nov. 10, 1970)

Plaque - UAL 100,000 Mile Club

Photo - track and field team no label, no names, EBJ center(?)

Plaque - UAL - recognition of flying 1.6 million passenger miles without fatality

Plaque - UAL Million Miler

Film can - "Warner Bros. Lindbergh" Super-16 Print (optical track)

Cooden box (medal) - Gen. Gilbert Memorial Award - awarded by the Air Traffic Control Association

Desk object - Aviation Hall of Fame

Desk object - Around the World (Friendship One)

Cap and gown worn for honorary PhD (Public Service) from Denver Univ.

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 46 (old Box 22)

Navigation note/log book Notes and coordinates written inside

Airway Manual (full-size)(empty)

Jeppesen/Sanderson Airline Seminar binder 1984

"Management/Supervisory Training Courses: The Dynamics of Supervision" binder, written by EBJ.

"Operation Free Enterprise: History Assistance Presentations" Vol. B binder, written by EBJ (see box 30 for "A")

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 47 (old box 120)

JeppCo Maps & Charts

Report - Company Objectives 1966

Aeronautical Chart Symbols, 1st ed. (April, 1959)

Pacific Airways Route Manual - Central

Report - JeppCo Financial Report for Management, 1965: "The New Commercial Transport Pilot" abstract

UAL airway route tables

Airway Manual Revisions

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 48 (old box 105)

JeppCo Files (report) JeppCo Financial statements (Mar.3,1952)

Reading File, July - Dec, 1969 correspondence

(report, blue) Jepp Co Financial Reports for Management, November and Year to Date, 11-30-1957

(report, black) Airway Manual report (expenses, assets)

(report, brown) Airway Manual Audit Report (May 4, 1943 - March 31, 1944)

(report, gray) Naval Airway Pilot, Report of Cost (July 1, 1944 - June 30, 1945)

(report, tan) JeppCo Audit Report (May 31, 1953)

Reading File, Jan.-June, 1971 correspondence

(report, brown) Naval Airways Pilot, Report of Profit for Year Ending June 30, 1945

Summary of Status of Company, April 28, 1949, office memos, index, notes, monthly budget report, November 11, 1946, report to EBJ

(report, tan),JeppCo Audit Report (May 31, 1953)

(report, green) Briefing of Jeppesen - A.C.I., Work and Working Relations

Purchase Orders (1964), purchase orders

Reading File, Jan - June 1970 correspondence

Reading File, July - Dec, 1970 correspondence

Reading File, July-Dec, 1971 correspondence

Jeppesen & Co. Sheet Count spreadsheets (copies)

Financial Statements - June 30, 1949, Mr. Jeppesen balance sheets

Purchase Orders (1966) purchase orders

Purchase Orders (1965) purchase orders

Jeppesen Archvial Materials Box 49 (old box 92)


J: correspondence, news clippings

Jasa, Paul: news clippings, photocopies of articles, photocopies of correspondence

Joint Civilian Orientation Conference

JCOC - Colorgraphic Route Map (United States)

JCOC - Colorgraphic Route Map (Thank you letters), list of recipients, 'thank you' correspondence

JCOC - Letter of Invitation, List of Participants Program, correspondence, program

JCOC - Miscellaneous Correspondence

Elrey Berger Jeppesen Complete Airman File official copies of entire flying record (all photocopies)

Jeppesen Aviation Foundation, exhibit script, correspondence, newsletters

Jeppesen Aviation Foundation Appreciation Dinner speech, list of invitees, correspondence, program

Jeppesen Frankfurt Air News newsletters, correspondence

Ralph S. Latimer #2, correspondence, story about EBJ

Jeppesen Sanderson (Current) office memos, catalog

5yr - Plans Jepco (1978-1982)

E.B. Jeppesen - Jeppesen & Co. Board of Directors, Los Angeles Apr. 18, Meeting, correspondence, list of resolutions

Jeppesen Sanderson 50th Anniversary, programs, photos

Jep San Ink Publications "The Navigator" - newsletters

Johnson, Ralph, correspondence, photocopies of photos

Keller, Robert P., correspondence, Dictaphone belt, office memos, folder of ads

Kirkham, Elna J.,card, photos, news clippings, photocopies of articles

Kelly, Fred W. correspondence, copy of Journal of the American Aviation Historical Society

Willis Kennedy, correspondence, manuscript

Kinny - Stevens Park (Attorney), correspondence, news clippings

Kitty Hawk Club, membership information, program, club correspondence

Klean, Lester E. (Jenny Model) 1960-1962 correspondence, office memos, requisition notice, photos

Klean, Lester E. (Jenny Model) 1963-1965, 1966, correspondence, photos

Krause, Gottfried, correspondence

"File Frank Kruz", news clippings, photocopies

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 50 (old box 93)

L Lampe, T. Peter, correspondence, photocopies (in negative) of Mexican patent, expense reports, notes

Lafayette Foundation, correspondence, programs, pins

Lahr, Ray correspondence

Donald W. Layman, correspondence, office memos, notes, reports, Dictaphone belt

Donald W. Layman, Dictaphone belt, notes, correspondence, maps, UAL Navigation Study Notes, meteorological notes (black binder)

Lazer Track, Lazertrack Corporation Business Plan, brochures

Lear Motors Corporation, engine information

Lee, C. Hamilton (Ham), correspondence, news clippings

Library flight information, list of pilots, map/chart, Path of Flight (publication)

Lindbergh, Charles A. publications

Longlander Pilot Association newsletters

Lowry Heritage Museum, newsletters, correspondence

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 51 (old box 94)

M Mc------Misc correspondence, news clippings

McCoy, John T., Jr. (Aviation Artist) correspondence

McGowan, Bernard (Aviation Leasing Company) company history, financial statement

McKnight, Thomas W., bio sketch, Dictaphone belts, correspondence, office memos, notes

Merriam, Mrs. Joan Smith, news clippings, correspondence, photos

Meteorology - Experimental Charts (Frank Crimson)

Mile High Club, list of members, club correspondence

Ed Mack Miller, manuscript, correspondence, UAL Mainliner magazine (Dec, 1967)

Miller, Mark R., correspondence

Jenny Model (Blueprints), blueprints

Models, Model building, correspondence, model plane information

Murdock, Jack & Hubert, Leonard, correspondence

Charlotte Murphy, news clippings, correspondence

Museum of Flight, newsletters, correspondence, programs, brochures

Museum of Flight, Air Museum News, newsletters, photos

Museum of Flying (Santa Monica, CA), correspondence, photos, news clippings

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 52 (old box 95)

N Misc programs, correspondence, newsletters

National Aviation Trades Assn., NATA Membership Directory, correspondence

National Business Aircraft Assc. (NBAA), newsletters

NBAA Convention - St, Louis Missouri, Sept. 27-29, NBAA directory, itinerary, newsletters, correspondence

National Pilots Association, board of directors listing, correspondence

National Parks Airway, mailing lists, correspondence, photos

National Pilots Association, 1967 – 1972, newsletters, program details, brochures

E.B. Jeppesen, NPA Board Meeting, correspondence, news clippings

National Security, United States of America "Liberty Under Law, Anarchy, Totalitarianism" (American Bar Assoc), The Center for Strategic and International Studies

National Aviation Club Correspondence, (empty)

National Aeronautic Assoc. (NAA), newsletters, correspondence, publication

National Aerospace Education Council, correspondence, notes, newsletters

National Aviation Club Rosters, roll of exposed negative (4 images), directories

Northwest Airlines Inc., Soderlind, Paul A. – Correspondence, schematic of computer(?), folded chart

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 53 (old box 96)

O-P O Misc correspondence news clippings, newsletter

Oregon State University, correspondence, news clipping

Estrella Oslund (Poem), Airway Manual poem

OX5 Club News Current (1993) newsletters

National Pilots Association photo (Santa wing walking)

E.B. Jeppesen - Passport Renewal, passport, application for renewal, negatives of files, passport photos

P: correspondence, cards, maps, stickers, pins, brochures

P Misc: correspondence, news clippings

Jim Parks, correspondence

Parshall, Jack, correspondence, manuscript

Patents legal correspondence, patent on navigational computer, copies of patents

Patterson, W. A., news clippings, correspondence

Pearson Airpark, newsletters, news clippings, blueprints

Petroleum Information, petroleum news bulletins, Photostats, charts

Oliver Phillips correspondence

Pickett, Inc. Inter-office correspondence (plan of action)

(Aviation) Pictures Correspondence news clippings

Powder Puff Derby, correspondence, 24th Annual program, 22nd Annual program, 21st Annual program

Pyle, James T. correspondence, photostats

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 54 (Old box 97)

QB Information Quiet Birdmen 50(10), 51(3, 12), 52(8,12), news clippings, newsletters, correspondence

Quiet Birdmen - Ye Anciente and Secret Order of Miscellaneous fraternal order information, certification of hours flown, correspondence

Quiet Birdman (empty)


Rankin, Tex, correspondence, photo - Flying Circus in Scottsbluff, NE, 6/1939 (copy)

Reader correspondence

Research Institute of America correspondence, profit reports

Reference Materials brochures, navigation reference materials

Reference – General news clippings, photocopied articles

RAPA Rapa Rapport, newsletters

Retired Eastern Pilots Assn, REPArtee issues, membership directories, correspondence

RNPA - Retired NW Airlines Pilots Assn, correspondence, newsletters

Roedel, Andy "The Mail Must Go" - 3 copies of manuscript

RUPA correspondence

ROTARY: newsletters, membership directories, correspondence

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 55 (Old box 98)

S: articles, correspondence, brochures

S Misc correspondence, newsletters, news clippings

Safety Bulletins, news clippings, newsletters

SAGA International Aviator correspondence, article about EBJ (copy)

Scott Aviation Corp financial report

Scott, Sheila correspondence, newsletters, news clippings

Jeppesen & Co., Corporate Affairs, Science Associates, Inc. correspondence, catalog, scrapbook, membership to Broadmoor (1945), certificate from Boys Town, correspondence w/ Dr. re: EBJ's mother's health, school progress report for Jimmie Jeppesen, correspondence, life insurance plan, slide of EBJ in Boeing Air Mail plane, mileage ration tickets

Scrapbook Material (Miscellaneous Items) news clippings, correspondence, newsletters

Scribner, Capt. Kimball J. correspondence

Sheffield School of Aeronautics (Ron Morris), correspondence, photos

Shelton Display, cassette tape, news clippings, office memos, brochures, reports/publications

Sheridan, Ross & McIntosh navigation computer patents, legal correspondence

Sidoti, Joe E. correspondence, brochures, patent copies, membership directories, correspondence

Jeppesen Archival Materilas Box 56 (Old box 99)

S Silver Wings newsletters, registration materials, correspondence, receipts

Silver Wings Fraternity correspondence, membership information, newsletters

Skinner, Kenneth H. confidential information re: employment @ JeppCo, unopened letters to Mr. Skinner in care of JeppCo, notice of dismissal, office memos

Society of Airway Pioneers year book

Sound Soother - Instruction Manual

E.B. Jeppesen - NBAA Awards Banquet, speech, Dictaphone belt

Stapleton Airport, newsletters, correspondence

Stationary Ideas - Letterheads, Informals, Etc., stationary examples

Dorothy Hester Stenzel, correspondence, photos, news clippings

Stewardesses - Original Eight photos - Original Eight

One photo hand painted of Boeing Tri-Motor 80 flying past Rainier

Photo of Hostess greeting passenger in front of plane (1930 - original)

News clippings


Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 57 (Old box 100)

T Misc correspondence

Taylor, James B correspondence, autographed photo

Times Mirror Supervisor's Handbook correspondence, book inserts, documentation

Times Mirror World Publishing Co. stockholder reports, correspondence

Times Mirror General Management Meeting meeting notes, May 13, 1964

Times Mirror Annual Reports and Employee Benefits correspondence, company documentation

Times Mirror Correspondence, newsletter

Times Mirror - Denver Post news clippings

Times Mirror Company, Releases & Management Bulletins news releases

Times Mirror news clippings, annual reports

SEC form 10-K (copy)

The Times-Mirror Company - Merger & Acquisition Consideration merger forms

Archives - Times Mirror Annual Report & Employee Benefits annual reports, newsletters

Times-Mirror - Matthew Bender & Company, Inc. "Appraisal of Market Position" report

TM Corporate Affairs - Thomas Bros. correspondence

Jeppesen Archvial Materials Box 58 (old box 102)

U-V United Air Lines Contract Jet Training meteorology books, wind booklets

Jepp - UAL Jet Training Course 1966 notes, letters to students, training packet

United Air Lines - General Correspondence

article about the Stanley Cup

UAL Collector's Series prints 4 in all, in UAL envelopes

Flight Plans (1939)

Personal File (Envelope) UAL documents (flight operations manual pages, official notices regarding routes)

E.B. Jeppesen – UAL air maps, correspondence, copies of Mainliner Flight Information,

UAL publications

(photo folder) first stewardesses (copies), Boeing 80A (in original condition - now on display @ Museum of Flight), reunion of stewardesses (copies)

United articles: correspondence, air maps

UAL Organization handbook (1946)

artwork (pictures of planes from UAL)

United Air Lines Inc - DC-6, Pilot Emergency Procedures Review copy of procedure test

United Air Lines Inc - DC-3, Pilot Emergency Procedures Review copy of procedure test

(newsletters from Retired United Pilots Association)

United Air Lines - Retired United Pilots News newsletters

UAL - Physical Examination copies of physicals

United Air Lines - Training Data Link Trainer Course Curriculum

U.S. Government - Navy Hydrographic Office official correspondence, weekly bulletins

University of Denver (Chancellor Mitchell) correspondence, confidential letter re: Randall Sanderson's ineligibility for acceptance to Denver University

University of So California copies of proposals to acquire Flight Safety Foundation, correspondence, annual reports, brochures

University of Wyoming Museum Project correspondence, biographical sketches, information regarding Wyoming museum V Misc Correspondence

Veteran Air Pilots membership roster, correspondence

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 59 (Old box 39)

Jeppesen flight computer manual (Spanish) Slide chart (in envelope) Pilot weather chart (disc) Jeppesen flight computers (6) in original envelope Flight computers in boxes (Jeppesen & Dalton) (12) Disc chart computers (8) in plastic sleeves Flight computers - small (10) Air Line Flight Calculator Small flight computers (6) Envelope #1

Plotter (1), flight compass/protractor Envelope #1

Jeppesen flight computer manual Flight computer (4) Envelope#2

Flight computer handbook Envelope#2

Time/speed calculators (6) Envelope#2

Yellow protractor Envelope#2

Plotter (1), flight compass/protractor Envelope#2

Plotters (7) Envelope#2

Beech aircraft service station finder Envelope#2

Assorted computers and disc charts (manila envelope/folder)

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 59A and B (old box 131 Rolodex 2)

JeppCo Rolodex Alphabetical File, A-J and K-Z

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 60 (Old box 41)


Photo with lion Roscoe

Photo of two men in front of plane with cameras (back note: Minatitlan, Old Mexico, Fairchild Air Surveys, 1929) Photo - Fiji Islands - "UAL for AJC during war" - 1943 (see original in image folder)

Photo - "Bonanza 1957" (see original in image folder)

Photo - not framed - "Boeing Clipper" Photo - signed by Warren Williams (see original in image folder)

Photo - Barnstorming, Yakima Valley, WA 1928 O.X.5 Eagle Rock - "Great Days" (see original in image folder)

Photo - EBJ standing in doorway of Boeing Mail plane

Box of framed certificates, photographs: unframed 10/23/2009 and put into new box 60. National Aviation Club, June, 1963 Personality of the Month, January, 1962 OX5 Club of America (Membership), November, 1957 The Wings Club, Inc., 1960 Cert. of Appreciation, Stapleton Airport, October, 1964 Cert. of Pilot Merit, UAL, 1950 National Pilots Association (glass is cracked)

TWA Flight Certification, November, 1959 American Society of Photogrammetry, 1949 Silver Wings, 1965

"World's Oldest Boeing Airliner" (photo) office photo (unnamed, b/w, no date) (see original in image folder)

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 61 (old box 122)

JeppCo Maps & Charts

Mercury Capsule flight path (map)

Road Maps

Gasline Maps

Cram, George F. Co., Inc. Map Publisher Dun & Bradstreet financial report (copy)

E.B. Jeppesen – Personal: Dictaphone belt, articles (copies), notes, office memos, correspondence

Petroleum Information Corporation Petroleum Information Data Systems, newsletter, brochures, legal documents re: See-Matic Visual Training Aid Systems

Sanborn Map Company, Inc. correspondence, meeting notes

Geotechnics and Resources, Inc. correspondence, notes, articles

Felsenthal Instruments Co (Inactive File) Correspondence 1957-62 correspondence, notes, office memos

Engineering Services, Inc. office memos, maps, notes

JeppCo - Corporate Affairs, Flight Proficiency Service, Inc. notes, office memos, brochure

Flight Facts company information

Brady, Harry A. cover letter, correspondence, executive report (confidential)

Schneider, Charles I. psychological evaluation, correspondence, confidential memos

Alberts, Warren psychological report, correspondence, confidential memos

Allred, Glenn A, report, correspondence

Nystrom, A. J. & Co., Inc correspondence

Operation Free Enterprise, Carroll Committee Hearing, Jan. 7, 1963 EBJ Statement

Carroll Report on Aeronautical Charting, office memos, correspondence

C.F. Pizac Dictaphone belt, notes, correspondence, office memos Reading File, Life Line radio program transcripts, Dictaphone recorder brochure (IBM), maps, Navigation: Journal of the Institute of Navigation 12(2), The Freeman, Ideas on Liberty, May 1965, Photogrammetric Engineering 31(6)

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 62 (old box 121)

JeppCo Maps & Charts & airway manual inserts

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 63 (old box 106)


Travel Folder correspondence, office memos, routing slips

Jeppesen Flight Training School, correspondence, articles, investment report, office memos

Jeppesen & Co. Economic Study, office memos

Jeppesen Subscribers: Accident Program, office memos, correspondence, insurance report,

General Aviation Accident Plan, Comments, Jepp-Plan Review, Dictaphone belt, insurance plan information

Jeppesen Subscribers Accident Program (Jepp-Plan) correspondence, office memos

The Jeppesen Alpha System, Private Pilot Curriculum

The Jeppesen Alpha System, Manual of Flight

Envelopes from Eastman, Dillon, Union Securities & Co.

Adhesive letters sheet

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 70 (old box 54)

Jeppesen-Sanderson Co. literature: brochures, pamphlets, small instructional manuals

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 69 (old box 83)

museum related issues

Pending - Air Line Dispatchers Assn., Oct. 11-12-13 Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas, NV, brochure, correspondence, program of events The Airline Pilot, Dec 1958, Jan 1959, Feb 1959, May 1959, June 1959, July 1959 Air Line Pilots Association correspondence, copy of Labor Organization Financial Report

Air Line Pilot, August 1992

Airline Seminar 1992 correspondence, copies of speeches, program information for 1992 seminar, (envelope) United Airlines "Ten Hours to Maywood" script; short play, copy of column,

Flying the Boeing Model 80 (book)

Saga of the U.S. Air Mail Service (book) 486th Bomb Group Assoc - Winter 1993 Saga of the U.S. Air Mail Service (book) - bound in binder

First Transcontinental Flight by Charles S. Wiggin

Airmail & Antique Airplane Stories, articles, correspondence, original art work, newsletters, photo - First Airmail Flight 1938

Vintage Airplane - March 1979

Air Mail Days Information Articles/Correspondence articles, correspondence Publications - Alexander Aircrafter: August, Sept (1927), Oct (1928), Jan, Apr, May, June, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov (1929)

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 68 (old box 82)

A Misc

News clippings


AARP brochures, pamphlets, articles

ACSM - American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, correspondence Andy Adams correspondence

Aero West Magazine correspondence, brochure Aerial Photographic Service Pipe Line Location and Construction Engineer instructions (dated 1930)

Aero Denver, Inc. financial statements, photos, correspondence Aeronautical Consultants & Associates, Inc. correspondence, order form Aero Progress Inc., Correspondence - 1961 - 1964, Financial Statements – Copyrights, correspondence, financial statements, copyright information APR - Aero Products Research, Inc. lawsuit information re: copyright infringement on part of APR against Jeppco, correspondence, legal brief Aero-Progress, Inc., Executed Purchase Documents - Agreements; Bill of Sale; Assignments, sale agreement, legal documents

Aero Graphic newspaper

Air and Space West official correspondence

International Flight Academy program/brochure

The AD611 Area Navigation System brochure

Air Carrier Sales & Services office memos, correspondence, program

Air Atlas ("Jepp's") map

Aircraft Owners & Pilots Assn: samples, correspondence, pamphlets, photocopies

Air Force Contract protest of award to any other pursuant (documents/report), correspondence, office memos

General Statement on Air Force Contract

Confidential memos re:air force contract

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 67 (old box 81)

Jepp's Personal Files

Maps driving maps from AAA of US states and cities map -VE Commemorative Victory of Europe, May 8,1945 map of Oregon Trail 12 copies

E.B. Jeppesen's Oil Follies medical bills, credit card statements, assorted bills and records"First Solo Flight (EBJ) 1927 - 1936" photocopies of original pilot's license and Mexican pilot's license

Estimates from printers for Airway Manual Airway Manual catalogs/brochures/ordering information 1994 Paid Bills and receipts

Gerry Weller: correspondence, news clippings Museum of Flight Jeppesen Collection Proposal, correspondence, proposal from MoF National Aviation Hall of Fame Proposal, brochure News clippings and Aero Club news clippings ICAO Award Montreal, correspondence, speech given by EBJ for award Jeppesen - Elrey Freedoms Foundation, correspondence, award nametag, information on group and award

National Aviation Hall of Fame correspondence, re: Little Black Book Endowment Fund program

Cheyenne Apt Dedication, August 11,12, 1995 correspondence Arcs Foundation, Man of the Year correspondence Wright Plane correspondence w/ National Aviation Hall of Fame, re: piece of fabric from original Wright Bros. plane no piece of cloth is in the folder, sketch of framed layout for displaying fabric.

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 66 (old box 80)

Misc B

3-ring blue binder: photos of award ceremony for Nadine, National Aeronautics Assoc. (1994)

1967 Antique Airplane Calendar In Flight USA magazine May, 1994 - article on EBJ multiple copies

Westword Sept, 1991, 15(2) - article on EBJ Taking Flight (Rocky Mtn News insert) 8-May-94 The Villager Sept. 15, 1994, 12(42) - article on Nadine 21 copies

Wings West April, 1994 - article on EBJ

Stapleton InnerLine May 5, 1994, 14(39)

Stapleton InnerLine Dec. 8, 1994, 15(18) Stapleton InnerLine Feb. 3, 1994, 14(26) Cheyenne Mountain Journal June 10, 1994, 2(11) - article on EBJ & Nadine 2 copies

Saga International Aviator, 1(2) article on EBJ IFR, 8(3) article on EBJ

Airline Pilot, March, 1994 article on EBJ and DIA Airline Pilot, November, 1994 Aeroplanes of History illustrated assemblage/folder Publicity news clippings

Joseph T. Nall General Aviation Safety Report DIA program/brochure

Saga International Aviator, 1(2)

Wings West, January/February 1994

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 65 (Old box 104)

JeppCo Files

Reading File (May, 1967 - June, 1968) correspondence, personal expense explanation

Reading File (January - June, 1969) correspondence, personal expense explanation

Reading File (July - December, 1968) correspondence, personal expense explanation

Reading File (November - December, 1980) correspondence

Naval Airways Pilot Report of Profit for Year Ending June 30, 1945

Supplies and Office Forms - Application Blanks blank applications for employment

Supplies and Office Forms - Map Sales Order Blanks order forms

Personal Action Forms blank personal action forms

Supplies and Office Forms - Purchase Orders "Request for Funds" forms, "requisition stubs"

House Work Order forms

JeppCo - Board of Directors Reports, 1965 shareholders meeting notes (1966), office memos

Photo - office setting (JeppCo???)

Aeronautical Chart and Information Center (1964) Air Historian newsletter, charts, brochures

JeppCo Airway Manual subscription package

Airway Manual, year Dec. 1945, and Profit Loss Statement (Nov - Dec, 1945) official correspondence

Report (Navy)

Airway Manual balance sheets (1945)

(Title Illegible) June revisions to Naval Airway Pilots (spreadsheet)

Airway Manual Audit Report (1943-1944)

Naval Airways Pilot Cost of Publication report (1943-1944)

Reading File correspondence

(red pocket) office memos (sales reports)

EBJ - General Storage Reading File correspondence, maps, articles, bulletins, newsletters, office memos, training program reports, course rough draft, executive functions report (Times-Mirror)

Organization of Management Functions (Gousha)

Board of Directors, Denver, Colo., Sept. 22, 1965 shareholders, board of directors meetings, 1966

Shareholders, board of directors meetings, 1965

Board of Directors record of minutes (1965)

JeppCo company report, 1966

Jeppesen Archvial Materials Box 64 (old box 108)

Collection Information & Appraisal

Jeppesen Aviation Foundation, appraisal of EBJ memorabilia, correspondence, catalog of items, yellow notebook - used to catalog collection

Printout of 1992 inventory of The Elrey B. Jeppesen Collection

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 78 (old box 124)

JeppCo Maps & Charts JeppCo Board of Directors list (photo)

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 77 (old box 123)

JeppCo Maps & Charts

UAL Flight Map (memos, notes)

Tie travel case

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 76 (old box 89)

D-E University of Denver photocopy of plaque, correspondence

Dickinson, John R. resume

Competitor File - R. Dixon Speas Associate correspondence, brochure, reports

Gordon F. Autry correspondence, photo, speech

Dumas, Edward A.correspondence, application for employment

Doolittle, James H., correspondence, news clippings

Douglass, Corbin Inc. – Insurors, correspondence, reports

E Misc air show program, correspondence, annual report

Lt. Gen. Eaker, Ira C. photocopies of articles

The Early Bird newsletters

Early Flight news clippings

Erburu, Robert correspondence

Edwards, Allen F. Jr correspondence, photos

Eisenhower, Dwight D. correspondence

Experimental Aircraft Assn. correspondence, newsletters, copies of publications, photos

Exec Air, Inc. Bob and Ann Markowski, copies of articles, photocopies of correspondence

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 75A and B (old box 130 Rolodex 1)

JeppCo Rolodex City File

cards are alphabetical by city and therunder by name of company. Includes section for foreign cities and suppliers and competitors.

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 75 (old box 88)

D Misc Correspondence


$1 in letter from W. J. Dixon

News clippings

Daunis, Hal correspondence, photostats, Dictaphone recording,

Confidential Letter (unopened), outside envelope reads: "To be opened only by EBJ or Nadine"

Database Reference File, correspondence

Defense Orientation Conference Association, newsletters, correspondence, bulletins Defense Orientation Conf. Assn., newsletters

Denney, Corwin B. correspondence

The Free World's Energy Crisis, Presented by Corwin D. Denney

Denoyer-Geppert correspondence, catalogs, company memos, D&B report, balance sheet Denver International Airport newsletters, news clippings, memos

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 74 (old box 87)

C Aviation News Illustrated (March 1962)

Albert V. Casey photo EBJ, correspondence, news clippings

Otis Chandler, correspondence, news clippings

Archives Correspondence With "The" Chandlers, correspondence

Clipped Wingsnewsletters (Clipped Wings Quarterly)

Cockpit, The United Air Lines newsletters (Fall, Winter 1962)

Colorado Air National Guard Nearer The Sky, A History of the Colorado Air National Guard

Colorado Aviation Historical Society,newsletters

Colorado Aviation Historical Society,newsletters, pamphlets, brochures, correspondence

Colorado Wright Brothers Memorial Foundation, Inc., correspondence

Columbine Airport, The Littleton, CO, correspondence, presentation (bound)

Columbia Aviation Country Club, application for membership, membership roster, newsletter

Combs, Harry, correspondence

Flight Magazine (April, 1965) R&D Computer office memo 3 computers

Clippings & Congratulatory Letters, correspondence

Consolidated Vultee Aircraft, Consairway manual, map of St. Louis area

Coors American Ingenuity Award - March 10, 1993, Guest Book (w/ signatures), correspondence, news clippings, notes

Coors Award Luncheon Banner

Coors, Joseph correspondence

COPA Canadian Owners and Pilots Assn., catalog, newsletters/bulletins

Crabb, Major Gen. Jarred V. correspondence

Credit Cards copies of credit cards

Custer, William J. correspondence

Jeppesen Custer Audit Report (1949), receipts, option agreement (legal document)

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 72 (old box 85)

Bits and Pieces of back seat materials, musings, sayings, anecdotes, articles, news clippings

Black Book Project Airway Manual inserts

EBJ history

Blair, Capt. Charles F. articles, correspondence

Blodget, Robert articles, correspondence

Bohrer, Ann, articles, correspondence

Bohrer, Walt correspondence, articles, family photo (Christmas card)

Walt & Ann Bohrer, newsletters, 1926 Airmail schedule, book proposal "Saga of the U.S. Air Mail Service", correspondence

Bonnick, Sidney correspondence, taped recording

R&D Bovis Computer-Plotter, George T. Bovis

Briney, Bert AV Audio-Visual Aviation Ground School System brochure

Brinkley, Russ See also: Silver Wings, correspondence

Broiles, Hiram articles, 1959 Michelin Guide Italy, 1962/1963 Mobil Travel Guide, photo - Hiram Broiles

Broome, Rick correspondence

Broome, Richard correspondence

Buck, Capt. Robert N. (TWA) "Bad Weather Operations", correspondence, article

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 71 (old box 84)

A3 American Airman – 1959 Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May (1959)magazine

American Aviation Historical Society correspondence, receipt for check

American Aviation Historical Society Journal, Winter 1964

American Aviation Publications, Top Ten Pilots 1949 correspondence

American Congress on Surveying and Mapping convention program, bulletin, ballot and newsletter, membership information

American Society of Photogrammetry membership information: correspondence, ballot and newsletter

America's Future conservative newsletters

Antique Airplane Association correspondence, newsletters

Antique Airplane Association News

Antiques news clippings, magazine copies

Approach Procedures - Perspectives (Pat Boling) correspondence, copy of "Approach" Arnott, Bill (United Airlines) copies of article ("Around the World in Fourteen Days"), news clippings

Aviation Art (By Joe Milich) catalog

Aviation Clubs/Organizations Miscellaneous correspondence, meeting programs, newsletters

Aviation Hall of Fame correspondence, programs, brochure

Aviation Consultants, Inc. correspondence

Awd Winner 1990 AWA Annual Conference program, brochures, nametags

Aviation Consumer 1985 Pilot's Yearbook

Aviation Consumer, May 1984 - July 1986

Aviation Library correspondence, newsletters, map of California

The Birth of Aviation (printed booklet)

Advanced Single Engine Instructor's Manual

Aviation/Space Writers Assoc. newsletters, brochures

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 82 (old box 53)

OX-5 Club incl. folders, letters, correspondence, newsletters, club correspondence, copies of OX-5 newsletter with article about EBJ, ads for Mile-Hi Wing meetings and potlucks, commemorative piece certifying EBJ as member of OX5 Aviation Hall of Fame business card-size metal plaque (gold in color), blue cover OX-5 Club of America roster, Correspondence, Misc. official correspondence - mostly notices from the Head Club office.

Hold for E.B.Jeppesen magazines Flying, May 1966; National Aeronautics, Sept. 1966; Skylights, Aug. 1966; OX5 News, Pioneer Airmen, OX5 Propwash, Directory - 1962. Newsletters, brochures, Letterheads and Envelopes. Newsletter 1973 - 1989(not in order)

OX-5 Club International, correspondence, newsletters.

Mile Hi Wing: uncashed club checks, Constitution and ByLaws, Business flyers and some hand notes w/ ideas for Club,envelope w/ photos from Mile Hi Wing meeting, newsletters.

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 81 (old box 52)

Contents pertain to OX-5 Club of America Box contains newsletters, ribbons, meeting agendas and programs, newspaper clippings E.B. Jeppesen - Personal correspondence between EBJ and other members of OX-5 Club, brochures and meeting information, newspaper clippings and related OX-5 materials.

OX-5 International; OX-5 Club Misc.brochures, annual meeting programs, newspaper clippings, club pins (in envelopes)

OX-5 Charter Official OX-5 Club of America Charter for Mile-hi Wing June 1967.

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 80 (old box 127)

JeppCo Maps & Charts

Report - Strengthening Top Management Organization (1963)

Report - Reviewing Executive Compensation Practices (1962)

Report - Updating Compensation Guidelines (1964)

Report - Strengthening Top Management Organization (1963), correspondence, office memos

Financial Reports for Management (1957) confidential

Financial Reports for Management (1958) confidential

report - Planning and Appraising Subsidiary Operations (1963)

Financial Reports for Management (1956-1957) confidential

Financial Reports for Management (1957) confidential

Financial Reports for Management (1957) confidential

Financial Reports for Management (1957) confidential

Financial Reports for Management (1957) confidential

1958 Expense Forecast Production Division confidential

Lt. Comdr. J. I. Taylor, Jr, U.S. Navy Department telegrams, correspondence

Report - Jeppesen and Company Audit Report, May 31, 1953

Report - Jeppesen and Company Audit Report, May 31, 1953

AM 1944 - (??) time card for George C. Reeves, spreadsheet, ledger sheets, accounting notes

Jeppesen & Co. Salary Increases Feb. 1-53 office memos, salary sheet for 1953,

Wage and Salary Plan instructions, salary schedules

Accounting Procedures 1954 accounting report (1954), office memos, correspondence

Financial Reports for Period Ended June 30, 1952

First Nine Months-1954 Reports (Confidential), notes

First Eight Months-1954 Reports (Confidential)

First Half Year-1954 Reports (Confidential)

Business cards for EBJ

H.O.510 Invoices, Hydrographic Office notes, spreadsheet, notes

Budget July1948, graphs, budget reports

1954 Budget and Anticipated Expenses – Plant, office memos, ledger sheets, receipts

Financial Reports balance sheets – 1956, office memos, operating expense details

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 79 (old box 125)

JeppCo Maps & Charts

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 85 (old box 62)

Photo of Tony Jannus award framed (award in 61s)

Plaque International Aerospace Hall of Fame

Photo of award of nomination to Travel Hall of Fame

Framed photo EBJ, Oct.11,1950

Framed photo, airplane framed, signed - Jerry Wood

Photo, EBJ and George H.W. Bush Sept. 15, 1992

Nursing license for Nadine Liscomb framed, Dec. 17, 1934

Photo, Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame plaque

Photo, Boeing 247D framed

Plaque, Roderick L. Downing Award 1981

Plaque, INAC 1980 Achievement Award

Plaque, Silver Wings Achievement Award 1963

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 84 (old box 60)

3-D Objects:

Rolaire Map Case

Copy of original Record of Invention,UAL Donald Layman (flight computer)

Air speed corrections computer

Address books (2)

Pilot leg chart (w/ lighting system)

Holster strap (1929)

Buttons contained in 35 mm film canister

Cardboard cutout of original "Little Black Book"

Sm. Address books & rolodex inserts

Address book in "Airway Manual" binding

Luggage tag

Airway Manual inserts (1947)

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 83 (old box 61 Standard)

Items wrapped in bubble wrap:

enameled replication of advertisement for Phillips 66

photo - portrait young EBJ in UAL uniform framed

Certificate of Merit - Air Pilot Pioneers framed, letter of nomination on back

Picture of Distinguished Public Service Award given by Aviation/Space Writers Assoc framed

Flight Safety Foundation, Certificate of Appreciation framed

Photo - Air Force jets framed

Collage - news clippings - UAL framed

Commemorative certificate - "Greats of Aviation Day" framed

Photo - EBJ, Nadine framed, signed

Plaque - OX5 Aviation Pioneers, Hall of Fame

Photo - Dwight Eisenhower framed, signed

Plaque - Tony Jannus award

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 86 (old box 63)

Plaque, Eastern Airlines

Plaque, AG Pilot articles,

Collage award, Coors American Ingenuity brass disc

Photo, 1974 Product of the Year Award

Plaque, UAL Historical Foundation, Honorary Chairman of Board of Directors

Plaque, honorary Vice Chairman, UAL Board of Directors

Photo, EBJ & Glenn Dorward unframed, on matte board

Empty 16mm film canister

Videotape, Jimmy Doolittle

16mm film, UAL Boeing 247 publicity film, 1935, "Nadine's Airplane"

16mm film, Boeing Air Transport 15-May-30

16mm film, Boeing Air Transport 15-May-30

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 87 (old box 65)

Jeppesen Memories, 1907-1960: mementos in 9 plastic binders

Blue Scrapbooks include photos, news clippings, correspondence, telegrams.

Vol. 1931-1935 letter of "General Requirements to be a Stewardess" (dated, 1933)

Vol. 1936-1940 UAL Wings patch

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 88 (old box 68)

Surplus Maps Box #1 Surplus company maps from around the country and world

Jeppesen Archvial Materials Box 89 (old box 69)

Horst Bergman Company Photostats, b/w photostat maps tape on borders, some sticking of pages involved

Frankfurt Correspondence, financial statements, Jepco Slide Graphic Computer in box Aircraft/Engine Logbook Kit, logbooks inside, illumination kit for reading maps sample(?), incl. AC adapter w/ spare fuse, brochures, topographic drawings, (templates)

Engineering - Shades of Gray Post-It note reads, "To Show Horst",Latin America Avigation chart (sample)

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 90 (old box 70)

Company Related:

Maps, 1942-43 payroll, telegrams, correspondence, payroll and bills, 1942, 1943, telegrams, Ski Colorado poster, Airport Directories (in envelope), National Relief Map of US, sample Comparator Computer, contract for General Manager (original), Motive, Dec. 1956

Envelope #2, Box #1, Aeronautical Charts, charts and maps, Private Pilot Feb.1967 (magazine), Air Progress Feb.1967 (magazine), TWA Flite Facts (magazine), Frontier Airlines flight map.

Envelope #1, Box #1, Pipeline Maps, charts, maps, brochures

Envelope #4, Box #1, Airline Route Maps maps

Jeppesen Catalog,7 copies

Envelope #3, Box #1, Road Maps assorted maps

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 91 (old box 71)

EBJ & Nadine Scrapbook: Correspondence, news clippings, The Vintage Airplane May, 1977, Frontier Magazine Fall, 1973, Air Mail Pioneers Newsletter Fall-Winter, 1978-79.

Jepp's Scrapbook photos incl. young EBJ w/ Boeing Air Mail plane,company related photos,receiving Jannus Award.

Correspondence and notes from Mexico trip, photo - Nadine and man (?) color

Trip Logs: UAL trip logs, menu notes scratched on back of menu for trip log(?)

Assorted golf scores

Nadine Jeppesen, Personal Family & etc. social security earnings statement, birth certificate Sept. 14, 1914, birth certificate affidavits, last will and testament, social security card, newspaper notice of EBJ & Nadine's wedding, 2 copies of "General Requirements for a Stewardess"

EBJ Scrapbook: photos of reunion, news clipping about EBJ, (copies) photos of C-87 Liberator in W. Australia, 2 notebooks (red & green) - used as personal ledgers notebooks dated from 1960 - 1975,

Denver Post (May 7, 1945) Headline "Germans Surrender"

Series of acid free folders containing photos incl: Nadine w/ baby (1938), Nadine & Pres. Ford, family photos, Jeppesen Development photos, photos of possessions.

Nadine's Scrapbook correspondence with EBJ, news clippings, birthday cards, telegrams, diary written in small pocket notebook.

EB Jeppesen's Scrap Book, news clippings, photocopy of note saying "May need these sometime for proof in lawsuit" photocopies of original maps used in Airway Manual - with date, correspondence, EBJ's early report cards (Grade 6-8)

Jeppesen Archvial Materials Box 92 (old box 72)

Scrapbook Items Museum of Flight book (loose)

EBJ + NAJ Scrapbooks: news clippings, correspondence, telegrams, photos,incl. Nadine and 5 Hr old Jim,reprints of young EBJ, family photos,Nadine's Nursing Certification card

Scrap Book: news clippings, original map photocopies of airway manual maps and notes, membership card of The Tampico Country Club, photos, 3-D objects, incl. flying wings, patches, buttons

Guest Book (w/ signatures)

News clippings

Jeppesen Sanderson catalog

Product brochures held together w/ rubber band

Copy of property agreement

Elrey B. Jeppesen - Aviation Pioneer, blue binder,biography,awards,community involvement,news clippings

Photos (EBJ graduation, family images, portrait, EBJ and Nadine with friends, ) article ("Plane Crash, Pilot Survives")

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 93 (old box 73)

Navy Contract July 1,1955 thru June 30,1956, documents, contract w/ U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office, office memos,price lists

July 1,1956 thru June 30,1957: documents, contract w/ U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office, office memos, price lists, original proposal to U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office

7-1-54 thru 6-30-55 documents: contract w/ U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office, office, memos, rough draft - Navy invoices

July 1,1954 thru June 30,1955: office memos, price lists, 7-1-53 - - 6-30-54, amendments to Navy contract,invoices.

Negotiations 7-1-53 to 6-30-54: office memos

N600s-x-25435 July '52 through June '53 telegram

Negotiations 1952-1953: telegram, office memos, contract w/ U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office

N62306s-137--6/30/52, N62306s-141-6/30/52: correspondence, office memos, contract w/ U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office.

N600s-d-16352 Oct. 51 thru June 52: office memos, contract w/ U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office

Negotiations 1951 - 1952: office memos, correspondence

Negotiations 1950 - 1951: notes, spreadsheet/ledger

N600s-d-6417 7/50 thru 6/51, contract w/ U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office

N600sd 2355 7/49 thru 6/50, invitation for bids

N8sd 2955 - 7-48 thru 6-49, correspondence

N8sd 2955 - 7-48 thru 6-49, correspondence

N7sd 4195 - 7-47 thru 6-48, correspondence

Navy Bid - 1948. No. 48-C-888, correspondence

N6sd 2666 - 7-46 thru 6-47, correspondence

N5sd 18413 - 1-46 thru 6-46, correspondence

N5sd 10613 - 7-45 thru 12-45, correspondence

NOD 4222 - 7-44 thru 6-45, correspondence

NAO 753 - 5-43 thru 6-44, Cost Studies - Miscellaneous

Navy 1950 - 1951: invitation for bids, schedules, ledger sheets, copies of Airway, Manual inserts

N600sd 2355 - 7-49 thru 6-50: bids, calculations: Airway Manual sample inserts, Shipping Data, correspondence

Navy Contract - Billings Ect: contract information, balance statements

Jeppesen Archival Collection Box 94 (old box 74)

Publicity News clippings, articles about EBJ, articles about Jeppesen Co., Flying (Sept. 1952) article inside about Airway Manual.

ADS and PUBLICITY, PGT Course, articles, brochures

Scrapbook: news clippings re: first landing at Yakima Terminal

Newspaper Clippings

Photographs: paper materials, correspondence, Airway Manual information, photos (from the office?)

Scrapbook: correspondence, cards, photos, 63rd Anniversary card

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 95 (old box 75)

Operation Guidelines

Operation Free Enterprise - Log of Action, Vol.A, (see box 22 for "B")

Operation Free References, Vol.C notebook (incl. legislation and company information)

JeppCo Union Oil Operating Specifications - Vol. 1

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 96 (old box 76)

Random misc items (all items loose in box)

Photo airplane w/ banner message framed

Envelope Legend for manual addressed to EBJ (1993)

RossJepp first Airway Manual printed in Russian, w/ note from I. Petrenko

Professional pilot log book JeppCo product - never used hard cover -blue

Pilot log book JeppCo product - never used soft cover - brown

Instructor/Student log book JeppCo product - never used soft cover - gray

Unused graph paper

Pilot log book JeppCo product - never used hard cover - brown

Jepco Plotting Chart, New York - San Juan Loran

Engine Log Book JeppCo product - never used soft cover - red

Book - Rockets and Jets by Herbert S. Zim small softbound book distributed by Armed Services

Airway Manual mailing package "Package Amendment Provision - One" wrapped in paper band - never opened

Instructor/Student log book JeppCo product - never used soft cover - blue

Envelope - National Aeronautic Association inserts for "Record Book"

Book - Keeping Ahead of the Weather Associated Aviation Underwriters weather book for pilots

Book - 'A Report of Ice Accretion' photos of ice build-up on planes

Binder - 'Meteorology for Pilots' book and sample examination questionnaire

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 97 (old box 77)

Misc Periodicals news clippings and articles about EBJ and Co.

In Flight USA (May 1994) news clippings Denver Post (Sunday, Jan 12, 1958)

Flying (April 1959) news clippings

Flying (January 1989) magazine issues

Frontier Why (Fall 1973)magazine copies

IFR (March 1992) issue

JEP SAN INK (Various Issues) various issues


MUSEUM OF FLIGHT (1988) copies of program

OX5 NEWS (February 1989)


RUPA(Retired United Pilots Assn.)




SOUTHWEST VILLAGER (August 31, 1989)

TIMES MIRROR (Spring 1989)

VILLAGE CRIER (March April 1989)

WESTERN FLYER (April 1979)

WESTWORD (September 11-17, 1991)


Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 98 (old box 43)

Documents and papers from National Pilots Association including: NPA correspondence, NPA business minutes, NPA promotion materials, NPA procedure manuals.

Jeppesen Archvial Materials Box 99 (old box 44 )

Air Mail Pioneers (RL/DC 1/7/92) items related to book, "Saga of the U.S. Air Mail Service" Air Mail Newsletters

Air Mail Pioneers - Rollcall addresses and correspondence of air mail pilot pioneers Saga of the U.S. Air Mail Service book

Air Mail Pioneers - correspondence - Dave Nielsen correspondence and orders for book, incl.manuscript samples

Air Mail Pioneers - Misc. Correspondence Air Mail Pioneers - Orders Rec'd and Rec'd Forms incl. orders for book

Air Mail Pioneers - Misc. Correspondence incl. misc correspondence about the book, stories, convention pamphlets, and programs

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 100 (old box 45)

"Book for Pilots" by Donald W. Layman copy of orig. manuscript w/ hand drawn illustrations, review of book incl.

American Airlines Enroute Charts maps/charts for flying

Airman's Guide - July 22, 1947 single issue

"Improved & Standardized Cockpit Procedures" - UAL copy of report by Capt. Larry Shapiro

Meteorology - Ice Crystals In A Cloud articles and UAL bulletin on ice crystals

Calculator, DC-3 instructions for UAL flight and equivalent wind calc.

Letterhead Jeppesen & Company stationary

Computer - Cox & Stevens correspondence w/ Cox & Stevens Aircraft Corp, re: navigation computers

Army Instrument Flying copy of "Instrument Flying, Theory and Procedures", w/ routing slip (Dept. of the Army)

JeppCo Engineering - Pan American & Radio Procedures Charts incl. inserts for Airway Manual (dif. sizes)

Instrument Avigation Booklet Data Booklet by JeppCo manuscript, notes, illustrations for manual

VOR Navigation System instruction manual for VOR Nav. System

Booklet "14" Instrument Approach Systems for military installations

Jones Bros. Avigator rapid calculator manual

UAL Study Notes UAL Flight Training Center manual

Study of Operational Flight "Confidential" Manual of Operational Flight - Seattle to Dutch Harbor

Misc. correspondence w/ enclosed article on aircraft instrument approach charts

Let Down Procedures Not Published by Jeppesen NAA newsletter

Helicopter Assoc of America - newsletter

Navigation: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Spring 1985, 32(1)

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 101 (old box 46)

Computers & Related Equipment,

Photography Completed 11/26/91

(DC/RL)collection of historic navigation devices German navigation device dated 1940, donated by Douglas L. Saunders,

1/8/62 navigation samples in folders

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 102 (old box 47)

Butler Aviation, Box #2

Items related to Butler Aviation, financial reports, manuals, and correspondence flight navigation papers corporate policies and procedures.

Frontier Airlines Proposal, company proposal for Frontier Airlines

Stuart Perkins correspondence; manuscript - "Some Philosophical Considerations on Collision Avoidance" written by E. Stuart Perkins; Misc. correspondence, manuscripts, company documents re: E. Stuart Perkins, SEC report, brochure

(loose)articles, SEC reports, correspondence (Butler), agendas

Board of Dir. Mtg reports - cash flow, shareholder's mtg, board of dir.

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 103 (old box 48)

Butler Aviation:

Items related to Butler Aviation(loose and folders)correspondence, financial statements, shareholder mtg information.

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 104 (old box 109)

JeppCo Maps & Charts

EBJ - Personal, Steel Engraving Die Cuts

Survey Company - Chester, VT, correspondence, memorandum, state map, New Hampshire

Specifications for Proposed Avigation Charts, maps, memorandum, chart samples, distribution report, map samples

Archives - Jeppesen & Co. Aircraft Charts samples

Archives - Jeppesen & Co. Brochures samples

Archives - News Articles Announcing Sale of Jeppesen & Co in 1961, articles, news clippings

Archives - Complimentary Letters, correspondence

Archives - Article on Weems Transaction, 1964 article reprints

Archives - Jeppesen & Company - Map Dept. map samples

Archives - Employee Announcements, employee bulletins, employee notices

Archives - Airway Manual Business Cards & Pizac President Announcement cards

Jeppesen marketing guide, map samples

Archives - German Maps Printed by Mairs Geographischer Verlag German map samples

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 105 (old box 110)

JeppCo Maps & Charts

Rohrer, Hibler & Replogle - History File psychological evaluation of employee candidates, office memos, correspondence

No label: employee handbook draft, correspondence

Times Mirror Interim Report

Organization Chart, Profit, Loss Statements org chart, office memos

Trans World Airlines, Inc. - Proving Run #9126, November, 1959 pocket expense report, charts,

Photo - boarding TWA plane, French perfume price list, notes, boarding passes, itinerary, correspondence, 2 - 1 Pound Notes

Personnel - Employees Handbook, General Personnel Information printing information

Read and File (Hold for EBJ) office memos

EBJ, 37 Sedgwick Dr., Devonshire Heights, Englewood, CO 80110 report about Times Mirror acquiring JeppCo news clippings

Operation Free Enterprise correspondence, office memos

Archives - Evaluation Management Position, Dow Carpenter, evaluation memos, executive summary, office memos

Corporate Affairs, office memos

Dun & Bradstreet financial statements

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 106 (old box 111)

JeppCo Misc Material

Leather pilot's case

Textbooks - Aviation - The Cadet Systems, Tex Rankin,4 Cadet System Aviation books

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 107 (old box 112)

JeppCo R&D Files

Jeppesen & Co, Sample Computers

R & D, Butler Aviation Company, Vector Analog Computer, office memos, correspondence, notes, blueprints

Aircraft Position Chart

JN Series charts

Jeppesen Avigation Charts chart index

Avigation Charts

Airway Manual - Experimental Charts avigation charts

Airway Manual - Experimental Charts avigation charts, chart samples, cockpit drawings

Aircraft/Engine Logbook Kit

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 108 (Old Box 132 Oversized)

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 109 (old box 113)

JeppCo Maps & Charts, Cramer Mini Flight Simulator

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 110 (old box 133 - Framed Items)

NAA certificate

photo - EBJ & Horst Bergmann

commemorative framed - "Fin Viz"

framed - print - Boeing 40-A

DIA Jeppesen Terminal certificate

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 111 (old box 61 Long)

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 112 (old box 55)

Samples & Misc, R&D #2 Large file folder drawer: Air Navigation - Sales Catalog, price lists, guides on selling, brochures.

Jeppesen CR Computer: manual, articles.

Flight Reference Board - July thru Sept, 1953: Company correspondence, all notes refer to Flight Reference Board, telegrams, office memos, blueprints.

Flight Reference Board - Jan - June, 1953: Company correspondence,incl. letters to airline companies for orders of FRB.

Flight Reference Board - 1953 - 1954: Correspondence, letters re:FRB.

Flight Reference Board - Correspondence 1952: Correspondence,letters and reports

Flight Reference Board - Related Material - Drawing, 4 glass slides, slide positives (think these were for some sort of backlit projector), Dictaphone belt red, dated Aug. 25, 1953, photos of Flight Reference Board, notes.

Airway Manual - Back-to-Back Approach Charts,company memo.

Jepco Products - O.R. Maxson, Holding Pattern Computer Jeppesen Avigation Chart Plotter

Maxson Holding Pattern Computer: hand-drawn model.

Lettering on Plastic Chart Folder

1962 Miniature Approach Plates: approach charts, 1962, small PJ-1 Plotter, diagram copy, company memo.

Pocket Airway Manual Color Charts 1945: Color small charts, photos of chart plates.

Pocket Secretaries: Samples of pocket secretary smallish pocket organizer, replacement calendar, address book and scratch paper for Pocket Secretary.

French Estimocompas DR Hand Computer: Correspondence, office memos, Estimocompas in plastic red sleeve, photo copied articles in French and in English of compass operating instructions.

Scott, David H., ETA Graph - Sample Models ETA Graph sample, paper inserts for ETA Graph. Airport No Range Facilities company memos about "One Airport Heading" and formats, samples. Airport Directory Study: Airman's Guide hand painted sample of Texaco Airport Guide to Colorado.

Nebraska Airport Guide.

Lutfig, Sanford (Radio Equipment) company memos re: Sandy Lutfig,Dictaphone belt (Blue)dated 3/25/64, Richard Wallpole, Wichita, KS.

Diversified Avionics, Sanford Lutfig, All Weather Navigation Approach/Landing sketches of system.

All weather navigation approach and landing system book from Boeing Wichita.

Dictaphone belt (red)dated: John Leidenheimer, June 12, 1961, Diversified Avionic, Inc. hand notes, company memos, photocopies of spreadsheet.

Boeing Approach Landing System (Sandy Lutfig)

R-2 Computer Instruction Booklet: Master Copy of R-2 booklet,,finished product, additional copy for certain pages, paper samples, brochure for Nekoose Offset, printed sample sheets,( uncut) and rounded at the edges.

R-2 Computer, New designation - CR Series computer, Air Navigation Computer w/ instructions, in original plastic sleeve, photocopies of Air Navigation computer, office memos, correspondence.

R-2 Computer Correspondence, 1957 correspondence, re: computer, UAL and patent information

R-2 Computer Correspondence, 1956, correspondence, re: computer, patents, phone conversations, sample for wind chart.

R-2 Computer Correspondence, 1956, correspondence, re: computer, office memos, samples

R-2 Computer Quotations correspondence re: price quotes on R-2 computers

Jimmie Mattern Co. (Computers) document Jimmie Mattern Co and their computer

VFR Chart Project single map, attached company memo

Frederick M. Stinton Flight Time Computer "The Story of the ETAMETER" document, company memos, patent drawings, copies, blue prints,letter, "Flight Time Computer", Frederick M. Stinton photocopied.

Weems System Of Navigation, Inc. - Sample Products, Catalogs, Etc. samples, brochures, correspondence, manuals, "Manned Space Flight Navigation Techniques" article written by Capt. Weems, Journal of the Institute of Navigation, 17(2), Apr. 1964

(loose): Colorado map,Jeppesen World Map (1954)

Proof Map for United Air Lines proof map of city-to-city flight paths (U.S.)

Christendon, Capt. C.M., United Air Lines, "How Goes It Computer", correspondence, charts, flying notation, calculation, folder of instructions on using trip-charts, UAL blueprints of trip chart, photos of trip chart mechanism,negatives of photos

Navigation - Log Plotting Charts, graphs paper for plotting, sketches for Airway Manual, scene from Ft. Collins, CO

Layman, Don, Jet Flight Planner and Other operation procedures for Planner, company memos (w/ sketches), report (Rough Draft), Computer Write-Up, gray folder

Pictorial Map Display, "Black Box Study" Jepco Work Program and Consulting Proposal for Mr. Dow Carpenter, Jr., black binder report, office memos, re: cockpit displays, schematic for heads-up display of microfilm,re: cockpit displays, "Computer Use in Flight Planning to Spread" Aviation Week & Space Technology, Feb. 15, 1965

: Dictaphone belts 4 sets of various authors, Air Force Systems Command Newsreview January, 1962, TWA timetable (Jan. 1962), Arabian Horse World, Dec. 1961 magazine, contracts, notes, mortgages payable incl. balance sheets (1961), correspondence re: J. Shuler & Co., resume J. Shuler & Co, timetable, J. Shuler & Co., Shuler International Airline & Steamship Guide (Mar, 1961) large book publication

Brittain Industries, Inc."A New Concept in Automatic Flight" article written by Karl Frudenfeld

E. B. Jeppesen's New Computer: Correspondence, re: patents on flight computers, copy of patent w/ schematic, by H. L. Gurney ET AL, flight computer, drawing of new computer, copy of patent w/ schematic by L.C. Heitor.

Flight Safety, Inc. (A.L. Ueltschi, President & Chairman),file includes, correspondence and information regarding acquisition of Flight Safety, Inc.(1962), financial statements(1964, 1965), correspondence, btw EBJ and Al Ueltschi,Dictaphone belt red, dated Feb. 13, 1962, list of Flight Safety clients, history of Flight Safety (w/ financial records attached), brochures on Flight Safety. American Aviation Publications: company history (incl. financial reports, history, company-related information), transcribed phone conversation btw EBJ and Wayne Parrish (Pres. & Pub. Of American Aviation Publications) - Dec. 1961

Jeppessen Archival Materials Box 113 (old box 55)

R-2 Computer, New designation - CR Series computer, Air Navigation Computer w/ instructions, in original plastic sleeve, photocopies of Air Navigation computer, office memos, correspondence.

R-2 Computer Correspondence, 1957 correspondence, re: computer, UAL and patent information

R-2 Computer Correspondence, 1956, correspondence, re: computer, patents, phone conversations, sample for wind chart.

R-2 Computer Correspondence, 1956, correspondence, re: computer, office memos, samples

R-2 Computer Quotations correspondence re: price quotes on R-2 computers

Jimmie Mattern Co. (Computers) document Jimmie Mattern Co and their computer

VFR Chart Project single map, attached company memo

Frederick M. Stinton Flight Time Computer "The Story of the ETAMETER" document, company memos, patent drawings, copies, blue prints,letter, "Flight Time Computer", Frederick M. Stinton photocopied.

Weems System Of Navigation, Inc. - Sample Products, Catalogs, Etc. samples, brochures, correspondence, manuals, "Manned Space Flight Navigation Techniques" article written by Capt. Weems, Journal of the Institute of Navigation, 17(2), Apr. 1964

(loose): Colorado map,Jeppesen World Map (1954)

Proof Map for United Air Lines proof map of city-to-city flight paths (U.S.)

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 114 (old box 55 & 56)

Flight Safety Inc.

American Aviation Publications

R & D, Avigation Charts and Jepco Products:

Samples - Jepco Avigation chart multiple samples, Chart 2, Air Taxi Cost Comparator, UAL, By. H.H. Prommel, copies of air taxi cost comparator computer

Avigation Charts company memos, samples of charts

Determination of Bearing & Distance from Longitude and Latitude - Jan Minnick sample map instructions on bearing and distance btw 2 points, handwritten graph

Combined loose-leaf ring and avigation jacket produced sample jacket w/ loose-leaf charts inside

CR 5 Computer 4 CR-5 samples samples include using different colors on wheels

R-2 Computer Distribution Lists packing slips,correspondence w/ military pilots,

R-1 Computer Correspondence, correspondence, correspondence lists for computer

VFR Pilot's Computer - Don Layman drawing and correspondence VFR Pilot's Computer

Jepco Letterhead Project, sample letterheads, hand drawn samples,professional samples

Jeppesen Plotter Quotations, Correspondence and Samples Plotter Samples

Plotter Quotations correspondence w/ companies re: quotes

Plotter Correspondence company memos re: plotter details

Airport Directory - Eastern U.S.,company memos - re: layout of airport directory

Distribution list w/ names and types of computers sent

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 115 (old box 56)

R-1 Computer Correspondence, correspondence, correspondence lists for computer

Radio Procedure Charts Type for ILS Transition and Approach Boxes sample charts

Type Legibility and Readability: correspondence, company memos, "How to Select Type Faces" (book), studies and articles on visibility and legibility

Pan American World Airways, Inc., Capt. D.E. Holman (Type Legibility) correspondence re: legibility

Snap-Rule - G.D. Dunlap - Weems brochures, correspondence MISC. Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce booklet

S.G. Tipton testimony before Aviation Subcommittee

Clarence N. Sayen testimony before Aviation Subcommittee

William K. Lawton testimony before Aviation Subcommittee

E.R. Quesada testimony before Aviation Subcommittee

Picture (no name or description)

Flight chart of the Pacific

Correspondence w/ Rep. Byron Rogers

Sunday Empire, Denver Post Magazine (April 3, 1966)

Land and Sea Emergencies booklet for air crews

Correspondence w/ Jane Marshall, Ed. Of Skylights magazine article included about EBJ and Co.

News release on company's new location in Denver

UAL flight operations letter (1944) incl. items carried by pilots

Newspaper clippings (attached note "speech material")

Letters re: book subscriptions

Grid chart maker

Frederick B. Lee testimony before Comm. on Government Operations


Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 116 (old box 56 part)

Indices samples for tabs in Airway Manual tab information for manual Airway Manuals

O.R. Maxson - Operating Specifications drafting operating specifications blk binder incl. information on Airway Manual specifications, design, and indices

Radio Procedure Charts office memos re: procedure charts

Sample charts

Foreign Charts - printed in Europe foreign chart samples

Felsenthal -Active, Corporate Affairs contains information re: Felsenthal

Felsenthal Instrument Co. (1964) financial graph, brochures,correspondence, Mach Computer, Huber Patent - Jeppesen/Felsenthal Agreement, report on Felsenthal Instrument Co., Felsenthal catalog of products, samples of computers, instructions on use, parts catalog, Felsenthal Manual of Quality Control

Fowler Aero Publications: brochures, training tips and manuals, Fowler Study Kit manual,correspondence.

Scott, David H. - ETA-Graph unused ETA graph paper, in box from National Pilots Assoc

Scott, David H. information on ETA-graph, office memos, copy of patent by David

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Jeppesen Archival Materials Stored in Oversized Boxes 

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 108 (old box 132 Oversized)

Oversized Jeppesen Edward Warner Award (Council of International Civil Aviation Organization) illustration - Boeing Model 40-B4 photo - UAL DC-3 certificate - Meritorious Service to Aviation, from National Business Aircraft Association

Jeppesen Archival Materials Box 117 (old box 107 ) Oversized

Gousha's American Highway Atlas (3rd. Ed.)

Gousha's American Highway Atlas (4th. Ed.)


chart book (Civil Airways Mileage Chart, assorted Airways charts)

(red chart book, sample) Wrightway

(blue chart book, sample) sample chart book (Illinois)

The Airway Manual, poem


Jeppesen Relief map

Airway Manual kit

Jeppesen Map kit samples

Raytheon packet (folder)

Jeppesen CR Computer Manual/Workbook

Copies of black book

EBJ briefcase (black)

(Cardboard packaging) cardboard-backed photos of old UAL planes

Boeing Models Drawings sketches,


Jeppesen Objects Box 118 (old box 128)

UAL Bag (placed in oversized garment box) at end of row 8 on top of cabinet G1

EBJ's UAL travel bag olive drab canvas bag with name printed in two places good bag is dirty, no holes

Jeppesen Artifacts Box 119 (old box OS-1)

WW1 Star flag for EBJ brother in Infantry EBJ's first baby bonnet both in grey box at end of row 8 on top of cabinet G1

Jeppesen photos and certificates Box 120

Grey oversize box at 8B1.

UAL System Map 20x13 with matte

U.S. Navy plotting chart

U.S. Navy plotting chart insert

B&W ad (10 x 16 with mat in plastic) Fly United Airlines: The Main Street of the Skyways." no date.

B&W ad (16 x 13 with mat in plastic) Flying United at Night. no date.

Air Pilot Manual of the Pacific Islands, Army Air Force Intelligence Service booklet marked Confidential (14x17) 1943.

Photo (colorized) of EBJ & Nadine (16x17) and B&W photo of EBJ and Nadine by Bob Kerlee 1974 (14 x 11).

B&W portraits of Jeppesen and Nadine in one folder (14 x 10) by Heyn. no date.

Color photo (11 x 14) (mat 20 x 16 included)of terminal Denver International Airport (9/1000)

Color illustration on foamboard (20 x 13) of Denver International presented to Jeppesen by Mayor of Denver. no date.

Certificate - International Forest of Friendship (Atchison, KS), 1991 (10x16 with matte).

Painting (16 x 20)- EBJ as UAL pilot (looking out cockpit window) by Berkeley-Lainson, 1958 (Morgan File P054)

Painting - EBJ as barnstormer sitting on propeller by Berkeley-Lainson#P006 16x20

UAL Boeing 247, drawing 86/1000 autographed, 11x17

UAL DC-7, drawing 13/1000 autographed 11x17

B&W photo Jim Belding (??) standing by Boeing School airplane., 1930, 8x10

Color photo of framed articles, 8x10

B&W picture of JeppCo workshop, no date, 8x10

Book -Time Life - "Flying the Mail" autographed by Donna Chandler to Jeppesen, 1994

B&W photo- "EBJ and first plane" no date 8x10

B&W photo - "Bob" no date 8x10

B&W photo- 14 men (???) no date 8X10

B&W photo - EBJ & friends, plane in background no date 8x10

Color photo - model plane box at 8F-7, no date, 8x10

B&W photo (8 x 10) of Jeppesen sitting on propeller of OX-5 Eagle Rock, Barnstorming, Yakima Valley, 1928.

Color photo (3 x 5) autographed by Russ Brinkley, 1950.

Color lithograph (16 x 14) of "End of Richthofen" by Charles Hubbell.

Color lithograph (16 x 14) of "Rifle and Pistol" by Hubbell.

B&W photo (13 x 14 with mat and caption) of World's First Stewardesses, 1930.

Three Jeppesen charts (1948-49) glued to cardboard (19 x 15)

B&W photo (14 x 12 with mat) of Boeing Model 80.

Color photo on foamboard (11 x 14) of Katherine Wright Memorial Award given to Nadine Jeppesen in 1994.

National Aeronautic Association award on wood (18 x 15) 1983.

Poem "The Airway Manual" by Estela Oslund ( cardboard 10 x 18 with mat).

Certificate (15 x 12 glued to paper) to Jeppesen from The Clipper Club, 1958.

Color lithograph of Boeing Model 40A C286

Color photo of Bergmann family, 1986.

Resolution by City of Denver naming terminal for Jeppesen, 1991

Jeppesen photos and awards box 121

Grey oversize box at 8C1.

Photo - Rankin School of Flying (1928) 8x32 with matte

Jepp Charts in Lear, montage of 2 charts and 3 color photos, 1996, 20x25 with matte.

B&W photo (16 x 24) of Jeppesen employees in front of building glued to matte. no date.

Litho of Wright EX Vin Fiz and original fabric on foamboard (20 x 25).

Article on wooden backing (13 x 27)"The Plane That Time Forgot." (P058).

B&W photo (23 x 14 glued to cardboard) of Jeppesen building. no date. (P056).

Color lithograph (17 x 23 glued to cardboard) of Wright Borthers First Flight, 1903. (P017).

Photo of Dorothy Hester Hofer in front of biplane (autographed) and two articles all glued to mat (13 x 22).

B&W photo (10 x 13) portrait by Moffett of Jeppesen. no date.

Painting on carboard by Berkeley-Lainson of Jeppesen holding propeller of biplane 4054. 1978.

Diploma on cardboard with paper seal (20 x 16) from School of Nursing to Nadine Audrey Liscomb, 1934.

Color photo of Nadine as UAL stewardess by Berkeley-Laison. no date.

Color lithograph of Tony LeVier glued to mat (18 x 15) autographed by LeVier.

Collage (19 x 20 on foamboard) of one color and 2 B&W photos from Silver Wings Fraternity and certificate (8 x 10) of life membership 1927.

Jeppesen wood award plaques box 122

Grey oversize box at 8E1

Membership certificate with green cover (10 x 13)- Order of the Daedalians, 1974, 10x13

FAA - Distinguished Service award certificate with cover, 1971, 10x13

Plaque (wood 16 x 13 with plastic cover) National Aeronautic Association Katherine Wright Memorial Award to Nadine Liscomb Jeppesen, 1994.

FAA Award for exceptional service with medal, 1995 (framed in wood

Poem High Flight on wood

National Business Aircraft Association award on wood (18 x 14), 1965.

Jeppesen wood plaques and medals box 123

Grey oversize box at 8D1

Six silver medals in 8x10 wood frame of "Milestones in Manned Flight" by TWA.

Plaque (10 x 14)"Women in AViation Pioneers Hall of Fame" 1995.

Plaque ALPA award

Plastic US Navy plotting chart (65A) and paper circular chart (12" diameter) (CA008)

Plastic plotting Board mark 3A (16 x 13)(CA008)

Wood plaque (11 x 14) "I believe in Aviation" by Cliff Henderson, National Aircraft Exposition, St. Louis, 1930.

Rude Star Finder and Identifier and Sidereal Time Converter, 2nd edition, 1934. in black cloth binder (16 x 16).

Jeppesen oversize photos and posters box 124

Yellow oversize box at 8A7

Color photo montage of 3D objects by Ron Phillips (numbered 1/1000). 20x30

Color poster of JeppCo products (C010) 32x24

Faded color lithograph pasted to cardboard of UAL "Mainliner"

Color lithograph print (P060) of Wright Bros at Fort Meyer, Virginia July 30, 1909 by John T. McCoy, Jr. 29x23

B&W photo (P036) of Wright Bros. First Flight, 25x21 with matte

Oil on canvas painting (30 x 24) by R. Broome of Boeing Model 80 NC224.

Oil on canvas painting (30 x 24) by R. Broome of Boeing UAL Mailplane NC13361.

Calendar - Singer 1976, 24x17 (spiral bound).

US Navy map (16 x52 folded) of Hawaiian Islands, published June, 1931.

Two copies of color map (19 x 32 folded) of Pan American routes. copyright 1952.

Color map (18 x 28) of the world. no date.

2 copies of B&W map (18 x 28)of US (probably a collage of photos taken from space?) copyright 1950.

Color lithograph (17 x 24)of 1972 painting of JN-4 "Other Fields" by Ron Roesch in envelope with black and white sketches.

Map )15 x 29) of San Francisco to Utah border. no date.

Color United Airlines publicity posters (16 x 20) of Mount Rainer, California, DC-3 NC16088, Columbia River, Boulder Dam, and Yellowstone. Some torn.

Color map (18 x 21 folded) Pan Am Alaska.

Color lithograph (22 x 9) for 50th anniversary of Tampa airport.

B&W sketch (16 x 20) of statue of "Captain Jeppesen" by sculptor George H. Jundeen (?) 1993 at Denver Airport.

color poster (20 x 30 torn) of US missiles by R. Swanson. copyright 1959 by Remsen Advertising Agency, Inc.

color poster (30 x 22 torn) of "Story Map of Flying" by Ernest Chase. no date

Oregon skyways map, color 1:1,000,000.(25 x 29 glued to cardboard.

Jeppesen oversize maps and photos box 125

Grey oversize box at 8C1.

Color reproduction (11 x 14 mounted on foamboard) of cover of L'Aerophile September 15, 1909 "Which Way Is It?" Louis Bleriot.

B&W drawings (12 x 16)by Milton Caniff with biographical text done for the Aviation Hall of Fame, 1962 of: Wilbur Wright, Orville Wright, Samuel Langley, Octave Chanute, Frank Lahm, Benjamin Foulois, Henry Walden, Theodore Ellyson, Thomas Baldwin, Glenn Curtiss, John Montgomery, Calbraith Rodgers, Alexander Bell, Thomas Selfridge, Eugene Ely, Charles Taylor, Edward Rickenbacker, A. Roy Knabenshue, Alfred Cunningham, Albert Reed, Robert Goddard, John Towers, William Mitchell, William Boeing, Glenn Martin, Lincoln Beachey, Carl Spaatz, Henry Arnold, Charles Lindbergh, and James Doolittle.

Airway Manual Emergency Operations List, 2 laminated pages 8 x 14 and 9 x 17.

Airway Manual Route Procedure (printed text), 2 laminated pages 8 x 14

Universal Time by Freel Timometer (cardboard 11" diameter) and Aerial Global Time (cardboard 12 x 18).

Color poster (20 x 30) of objects by Ron Phillips (1/1000).

Lithographs by Thompson Products of "Pioneer Mail Wings" and "Pioneer Pictures" including: Pitcairn Mailwing, Boeing Monomail, The Wright Bros., Standard Mail Plane, DeHavilland D H-4, Martin Mail Plane, Swallow Mail Plane, Ryan M-1 Mail Plane, Douglas M-2 Mail Plane, Curtiss Courier Pigeon, Waco 9 Biplane, Lilienthal, Hargrave, The Chanute Glider, Montgomery, Penaud's Rubber Powered Model, Maxim's "Giant Aeroplane", Langley's Successful "Aerodrome", Stringfellow's Steam Model, Ader's Giant Bat, Captain LeBris' "Albatross", Bleriot Monoplane, Boeing C-700 Seaplane, Henson's "Ariel" Steam Carriage.

Lithograph (12 x 14 in folder) of Ariel from the Denver Public Library, 1978.

Calendar (11 x 17) Champions of the Air, 1966.

Sketch on cardboard (13 x 17) of Jeppesen (?) in suit.

Geological Map and Sections of the Letronne Region of the Moon by C. H. Marshall, published by USGS, 1963 (in envelope 9 x 12).

B&W photo (8 x 10) of man skiing. Back says Barney McLean, 1946.

Certificate (14 x 11 with seal) from New Jersey Institute of Technolofy awarding Doctor of Cartography to Jeppesen in 1958.

Relief map (17 x 13) of Colorado by Public Service Company of Colorado, 1945.

Skyway Prints Aviation Atlas (11 x17 spiral bound) 1962.

Color photo (11 x 14) of Eaglerock aircraft NC6601.

Statement (13 x 16 on foamboard with mat) of Congressman Dan Schaefer honoring Jeppesen, 1993.

Certificate (11 x 14 on cardboard with paper seal) making Jeppesen honorary citizen of St. Petersburg, FL. 1975.

Color photo (17 x 13 on foamboard with mat) of Waco (?) biplane autographed by Jim. no date.

Resolution (13 x 18 glued to cardboard with paper seal)by Denver City Council honoring Jeppesen's 83rd birthday. 1990

Four negatives of maps in folder size up to 12 x 14.

B&W portrait (14 x 11) of Jeppesen by Moffett Studios, no date and two B&W portraits (9 x 13) of Jeppesen in uniform by C. J. Doyle, 1932. All are in cardboard folders.

Drawing of "Transition Piece" by Jeppesen at Roosevely High School in Portland, Nov. 12, 1926. torm.

Booklet (9 x 11) "World in Hand: A Teacher's Guide to the Use of the Geo-Physical Relief Globe." no date. Has water damage.

Print of descriptions with drawings about events relating to Robert R. Erving autographed to Jeppesen in 1962.

Color photo (19 x 16) glued to mat) of Learstar N16L autographed by Bill Lear.

Jeppesen oversize maps and photos box 126

Yellow oversize box at 8A7.

Volor lithographs (17x21) produced by Pratt and Whitney of: Lockheed Ventura PV-1; Curtiss Commando C-46; Grumman Hellcat F6F; Consolidated Vultee Liberator B-24; Northrop Black Widow P-61; Vought Corsair F4U; Republic Thunderbolt P-47; Martin Marauder B-26; Vought Kingfisher; Douglass Skytrain C-47; Consolidated Vultee Catalina; Douglass Skymaster C-54.

USAF Lunar Atlas, Vol II, Supplements, 1961, 18x23. With article from Denver Post.

USGS maps of Letronne Region of the Moon (9 x 12) in envelop, 1963.

Five copies of map LA to Portland Chart 2 (2 on cardboard 13x27, one matted, 1 large 27x19)

Fifteen copies of color tests for map Colorado Wonderland (19x23 some with handwritten notes)and 15 copies of finished map (17 x 23) all marked Jeppesen Personal File.

MaP Colorful Colorado, 1955 (31 x 20)

Map LA to Denver Chart 4 (9 x 23)

Two copies of color topo map of Oregon on cardboard (10 x 14)

Color photo (16 x 20) of Space Shuttle Enterprise on launch pad for lighting tests, 1980.

Color map (20 x 22) of Lake Taho, 1957.

Color map (18 x 29 glued to cardboard of South America, no date.

Color poster (16 x 21) of US missiles, 1959.

Color photo (16 x 21) of B-47 and one color litho of B-47A tail # 31900 (?)(26 x 22 glued to mat).

B&W photo (19 x 25 glued to mat)of United 247 (NX13365) (P020).

Plastic relief map (17 x 22) of Colorado, 2nd edition, 1966.

Lithographs (26 x 20) by R. Carlin of "A Yank in the RAF" (75/1000) autographed by O. C. LeBoutillier in 1978 and "Capt O. C. LeBoutillier."

Reproduction (19 x 25) of front page of Dayton Evening Herald, Dec 18, 1903.

Jepperson oversize maps box 127 (old box 156)

Maps are rolled in large brown box on top of cabinet at end of row 8.

CV 31 flat map (33 x 13) "Hal Shelton's first effort in producing a catrographic map in 3 dimensions."

Map of US

Print of "Celestial Map" with letter to Jeppesen 1961.

Plat map of New Orleans (M031) folded.

Map - Europe

Map - Wyoming nav map

Maps - first printed sheets

Map - N. CA regional aero chart

Map - Mtn States regional chart

Map - S. CA regional chart

Map - S. CA regional chart

Map - Hawaiian Islands chart

Map - S. Africa nav chart

Map - N. Africa/Europe nav chart

Map - Central Africa nav chart

Map - Tanzania nav chart

Map - Congo nav chart

Map - Lake Nyasa nav chart

Map - Angola nav char

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