The LeBert Collection

 Materials Relating to James S. McDonnell and the McDonnell Aircraft Company

Summary Information

Museum of Flight Archives
LeBert Collection of James McDonnell Materials
Date [inclusive]
20th Century
34.5 Cubic feet consisting of 23 document boxes containing articles, clippings, photographs, speeches, and corporate documents pertaining to James S. McDonnell, Jr., McDonnell Aircraft, and the McDonnell Douglas Corporation
Abstract of the Le Bert Collection
Personal collection of photos, annual reports, articles, books, newspaper clippings, trade publications, etc. relating to the history of James S. McDonnell, the McDonnell Company, the Douglas Company, and The McDonnell/Douglas Corporation. The collection contains family photographs of James McDonnell along with corporate materials. Items have been cataloged to the folder level within each box.

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Le Bert Biographical Note

Gordon Le Bert worked in Public Relations at the McDonnell Company in St. Louis. The materials were collected as research material for a biography on James McDonnell that was never realized.

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James Smith McDonnell, Jr. Biography

James Smith McDonnell, Jr. was born on April 9, 1899 in Denver, Colorado. The son of a grocer and housewife, the family eventually moved to Arkansas where McDonnell attended high school before moving on to study at Princeton University, earning a degree in Physics (1921) and eventually a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

McDonnell recognized the need for an engineer to know how to fly an airplane and so joined the Army Air Corps. He received his wings as a reserve Second Lieutenant in 1924.

In 1926, McDonnell founded J.S. McDonnell & Associates in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His idea was to produce a personal aircraft for family use. The 1929 stock market crash and the subsequent economic depression ruined his ideas and the company collapsed. He worked for various aircraft companies over the next few years, the last being the Glenn L. Martin Company where he worked as the Chief Project Engineer from 1933 until he left in 1938 to try again with his own firm, McDonnell Aircraft Corporation, this time based in St. Louis, Missouri.

The McDonnell Aricraft Corporation was established on July 6, 1939 with the first aircraft produced called the "Doodlebug."

The company eventually became known for its military planes. Though in competition with other companies such as Boeing, Lockheed, and Douglas, McDonnell's planes, especially their jets were smaller, allowing them to accomplish more radical maneuvers. McDonnell had its first military success with the FH-1 Phantom and built upon their success by supplying the United States Navy with the F2H Banshee, F3H Demon, and the F-101 Voodoo.

The most successful military aircraft for McDonnell was the F-4 Phantom II, a revised version of the Phantom I that was developed in 1953 and incorporated more safety features and designs that lessened drag, weight, and warm-up time. The plane was so successful that both the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds chose the F-4 as the aircraft used in their aerial demonstrations. McDonnell was awarded the prestigious Collier Trophy for the F-4 in 1966.

The McDonnell Aircraft Corporation did not limit itself to military contracts either. Since the founding of NASA, they were involved in developing projects for the Mercury, Gemini, and Saturn programs. McDonnell himself urged the town of St. Louis, Missouri to embrace space programs and research facilities, eventually donating $200,000 for the construction of a planetarium that was eventually named for him.

Upon merging with The Douglas Aircraft Company in 1967, the newly named McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Corporation forged ahead with both military and commercial aircraft, the most notable being the DC-10.

Despite a reputation for military aircraft James S. McDonnell was dedicated to the cause of peace in the world, but a peace founded on strength. He was a staunch supporter of the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and a philanthropist, creating the McDonnell Foundation. He was also a strong supporter of his community of St. Louis and Washington University.

McDonnell was also heavily interested in the pseudo-science of parapsychology, which was expressed in the names of several McDonnell aircraft such as the Phantom, Voodoo, Banshee, and Demon. McDonnell went so far as to donate money to Washington University to create the McDonnell Laboratory for Psychic Research to study extrasensory perception (ESP), mind-over-matter, and clairvoyance. Funding, however, was cut in 1985.

James S, McDonnell passed away on August 22, 1980 after suffering from a stroke. Seventeen years later, in 1997, McDonnell Douglas was absorbed into Boeing, becoming Boeing/McDonnell Douglas.

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Box 1

Folder 1-1: FH-1 Phantom magazines (Air Fan and Tail Hook), bulletins, and the McDonnell Aircraft Company magazine "Airscoop"

Folder 1-2: First flight records, production lists, tables, charts, and an F-4 booklet

Folder 1-3: Phantom articles, speeches and correspondence

Folder 1-4: Negative numbers and lists

Folder 1-5: Aircraft records for the Phantom, press releases, pamphlets, F-4 photos, and information on the D-5581-1 Skyrocket and XF-88

Folder 1-6: McDonnell's memos concerning the F2H, XF-85, AND XF-88

Folder 1-7: Information on helicopters, photos of the XV-1, and information on "Little Henry"

Folder 1-8: Hughes Helicopters and the acquizition of the corporation by McDonnell, articles, ect.

Folder 1-9: Helicopters and photos of XV-1 Converteplane, XH-50 Whirlaway, and the XH-20 Little Henry

Folder 1-10: F-111 crew escape module and notes

Folder 1-11: Models of the 119 and 120, photos and brochures

Folder 1-12: Photos and a report on the F-15

Folder 1-13: F-15 chronology and reports

Folder 1-14: F-15 Eagle milestones and photographs

Folder 1-15: F-18 Hornet chronology and photographs

Folder 1-16: AV-88 photographs and reports

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Box 2A

Folder 2-1 (Labled "Doodlebug Articles"): data, reports, articles, and magazines concerning the Doodlebug

Folder 2-5: XP-67 photos, data and "Air Classics" magazine

Folder 2-6: FH-1 deliveries and over 30 photos

Folder 2-7: F2H-1 data and photos

Folder 2-8: F2H Banshee photos, story and production

Folder 2-9: F3H Demon airshow photos

Folder 2-10: F3H Demon photos, production and story

Folder 2-11: F3H Demon data and photos

Folder 2-12: XF-85 AAHS & L'Aeronautique technical data

Folder 2-13: XF-88 data, chronology and design booklet

Folder 2-14: F-101 Voodoo story, data and photos (missing from box)

Folder 2-15: F-101 reports, Sun Run and Firewall operation booklets, and articles on the Cuban Missile Crisis

Folder 2-16: Personnel folders - Baldwin through Graff

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Box 2B

Folder 2-2: Doodlebug photos (over 30), including Laird

Folder 2-3: Fairchild AT-21 - Memphis location with photos and data

Folder 2-4: AT-21, XP-67 beginnings

Additionally a three-ring binder with articles from "Out of the Past: An Aerospace Chronology" by Frank H. Winter of the National Air & Space Museum at the Smithsonian Institute spanning from 1972-1986 was re-housed into six folders

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Box 3

Folder 3-1: Missile background - model numbers, original production, Gargoyle, Katydid, Kingfisher, Talos, GAM-72

Folder 3-2: Missile background - brochure, correspondence, Talos, Triton, Quail. Also includes information on the NASA space programs Mercury, Gemini, and the Apollo/Saturn V

Folder 3-3: Missile background and photographs as well as a history of the McDonnell missile division and fire control systems

Folder 3-4: Talos, Triton, Typhoon, Model 122, XM-47 Dragon specs and histories

Folder 3-5: Skybolt cancellation information

Folder 3-6: MOL (Manned Orbiting Lab) cancellation

Folder 3-7: ASSET - structure and environmental tests for NASA

Folder 3-8: Harpoon (anti-ship missile) summary report and insignia

Folder 3-9: Three Skylab photographs

Folder 3-10: Delta photo and report

Folder 3-11: Twelve Gemini photos

Folder 3-12: Gargoyle, Katydid, Triton, 122, and Kingfisher photos and specs

Folder 3-13: GAM-72 (Ground to Air Missile) Quail decoy photos, specs, and chronology

Folder 3-14: Cruise Missile Tomahawk data

Folder 3-15: Astronauts and Gemini Press "Book"

Folder 3-16: Miscellaneous space technology

Folder 3-17: Fourteen Mercury photos and data

Folder 3-18: See and Bassett crash

Folder 3-19: Gemini Program

Folder 3-20: Space - several bookklets

Folder 3-21: Apollo program fire

Folder 3-22: Airborn Warning and Control System (AWACS) misc. info

Folder 3-23: McDonnell Corporation organization history

Folder 3-24: Douglas Aircraft Company - Douglas Missile and Space

Folder 3-25: Tulsa plant

Folder 3-26: McDonnell/Douglas Electric Company (MDEC) - Electronics and equipment

Folder 3-27: MDFC - Finance Company

Folder 3-28: MDC - Canadian operations/ CF-8

Folder 3-29: Astronautics/Laser

Folder 3-30: MC Auto - automation

Folder 3-31: Company advertising

Folder 3-32: Black and Minorities - includes a 1984 issue of "Corporate Profiles" on McDonnell/Douglas

Folder 3-33: Management

Folder 3-34: Military - Industry

Folder 3-35: "Crackpot" Information concerning an individual who mailed threatening letters and Nazi propaganda to McDonnell/Douglas

Folder 3-36: J.S. McDonnell correspondence

Folder 3-37: DC-10 Crash / Paris

Folder 3-38: DC-10 Crash / Paris cont'd.

Folder 3-39: DC-10 Ad Campaign with an emphasis on safety in hopes of improving the image of the plane two years after the crash

Folder 3-40: DC-10 Crash Report (book)

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Box 4

Folder 4-1: DC-10 Book lawsuit. Includes a copy of the deposition for McDonnell Douglas Corporation vs. the New York Times Company and Robert Sherrill over a book review published concerning two books, "Destination Disaster: From the Tri-Motor to the DC-10: The Risk of Flying" by Paul Eddy, Elaine Potter and Bruce Page and "The Last Nine Minutes: The Story of Flight 981" by Moira Johnston. Both books were published despite known factual errors. Articles about McDonnell/Douglas dropping the suit are included as well.

Folder 4-2: DC-10 Chicago crash

Folder 4-3: DC-10 Spain crash

Folder 4-4: DC-10 Mexico City

Folder 4-5: DC-10 Boston

Folder 4-6: DC-10 Antarctica crash

Folder 4-7: DC-10 F. Laker anti-trust lawsuit. Laker filed suit against eight other airline companies for price manipulation and pressuring lenders that forced the company to liquidate its assets

Folder 4-8: DC-10 Program overview

Folder 4-9: DC-3 History

Folder 4-10: DC-9 and DC-10 program chronology, coverage of the first rollout of the DC-10, Playboy photos, and coverage of the closing of the DC-10 program in 1983

Folder 4-11: MD-80 New Project

Folder 4-12: Supersonic Transport (SST) article, press release and photo

Folder 4-13: "DC" series chronology

Folder 4-14: KC-10 tanker photograph and charts

Folder 4-15: YC-15 and photograph

Folder 4-16: C-17 and an illustration

Folder 4-17: VT and TS "Hawk"

Folder 4-18: A-4N Skyhawk, Blue Angels and photographs

Folder 4-19: 1939-1943 McDonnell letters, memos, etc.

Folder 4-20: 1947 McDonnell letters, memos, etc.

Folder 4-21: 1944-1946 McDonnell letters, memos, etc.

Folder 4-22: 1953-1955 McDonnell letters, memos, etc.

Folder 4-23: 1956-1961 McDonnell letters, memos, etc.

Folder 4-24: 1962-1965 McDonnell letters, memos, etc.

Folder 4-25: 1966 public address and transcript

Folder 4-26: 1967 public address and transcript

Folder 4-27: 1968 public address and transcript

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Box 5

Folder 5-1: 1969 Public address

Folder 5-2: 1970 Public address

Folder 5-3: 1971 Public address

Folder 5-4: 1972 Public address

Folder 5-5: 1973 Public address

Folder 5-6: 1974 Public address

Folder 5-7: 1975 Public address

Folder 5-8: McDonnell speeches

Folder 5-9: McDonnell speeches

Folder 5-10: McDonnell Douglas Foundations and Charities

Folder 5-11: Building 42, November '51

Folder 5-12: United Nations and McDonnell Douglas including "How to Observe UN Day" brochures, articles on James S McDonnell's association with the UN, McDonnell Douglas's celebration of UN Day and a photos of then Ambassador to the UN, George Bush, speaking at the St. Louis chapter in 1972

Folder 5-13: UN Day with photographs

Folder 5-14: Articles and pictures of McDonnell celebrating the founding of NATO with photos of James S. McDonnell personally greeting NATO representatives and several copies of the pamphlet entitled, " alliance of 15 nations, Serving Mankind by Waging Peace, and Preserving Freedom: A compandium of messages published by McDonnell Douglas in support of the Atlantic Alliance"

Folder 5-15: Lockheed Corporation

Folder 5-16: Trials

Folder 5-17: Articles on coporate scandals in the wake of Watergate. Included are articles on Boeing and Lockheed scandals, McDonnell Douglas new corporate policy (1976), and articles on bribery, cumshaw, and baksheesh as coined by James S. McDonnell

Folder 5-18: McDonnell foreign sales

Folder 5-19: McDonnell Douglas "Payments"

Folder 5-20: McDonnell Douglas lawsuits

Folder 5-21: H. Stuart and Tulsa information

Folder 5-22: Original charts

Folder 5-23: Corporate P.R.

Folder 5-24: Logo types

Folder 5-25: Picnics

Folder 5-26: Photocopies of articles concerning Douglas Aircraft in "Business Week" and "Fortune"

Folder 5-27: Chapter drafts, outlines and a biography of James S. McDonnell for book entitled "Haylon"

Folder 5-28: M. Forbes

Folder 5-29: McDonnell and the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) - 1977

Folder 5-30: Articles collected and research on committee set-up and foundation for Nobel Prize requested by McDonnell

Folder 5-31: Consultants, awards, etc.

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Box 6

Folder 6-1: Miscellaneous articles concerning James S. McDonnell

Folder 6-2: McDonnell, the man

Folder 6-3: Facilities - photographs

Folder 6-4: United States Air Force Museum

Folder 6-5: Foreign military sales

Folder 6-6: China - article on visit from Chinese envoy, March, 1980, and a speech on the use of the DC-3 in China after WWII

Folder 6-7: Japan - itinerary for Japanese Diet visit to McDonnell Douglas Corporation and an article on "Japanese Moralism" (Oct, 1983) written in the wake of the Tanaka bribery scandal

Folder 6-8: Russia

Folder 6-9: Advertising

Folder 6-10: Insider sales

Folder 6-11: Political contributions

Folder 6-12: Directors

Folder 6-13: World Affairs

Folder 6-14: Philanthropy - articles on corporate charity, McDonnell's donations to Washington University's space sciences program, and photographs

Folder 6-15: McDonnell foundations

Folder 6-16: Parapsychology - articles on McDonnell's interest in the subject, donations to Washington University to create the McDonnell Laboratory for Psychic Research, a copy of "Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death," and articles on James Randi's quest to debunk parapsychology

Folder 6-17: Misc. articles from 1940 to 1965

Folder 6-18: 1966 information - publications - chronology

Folder 6-19: 1967 info - publications - chronology

Folder 6-20: 1968 info - publications - chronology

Folder 6-21: 1969 info - publications - chronology

Folder 6-22: 1970 info - publications - chronology

Folder 6-23: 1971 info - publications - chronology

Folder 6-24: 1972 info - publications - chronology

Folder 6-25: 1973 info - publications - chronology

Folder 6-26: 1974 info - publications - chronology

Folder 6-27: 1975 info - publications - chronology

Folder 6-28: 1976 info - publications - chronology

Folder 6-29: 1977 info - publications - chronology

Folder 6-30: 1978 info - publications - chronology

Folder 6-31: 1979 info - publications - chronology

Folder 6-32: 1980 info - publications - chronology

Folder 6-33: 1981, 1984-86 info - publications - chronology

Folder 6-34: F-4 Phantom evolution and photographs

Folder 6-35: F-4 chronology

Folder 6-36: F-4 from 1954 to 1958 with photographs

Folder 6-37: F-4 development history

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Box 7

Folder 7-1: F-4 miscellaneous material

Folder 7-2: F-4 rollout material and articles

Folder 7-3: F-4 material including the visit from the Shah of Iran, an itinerary of the visit and other delegates

Folder 7-4: West German Airforce material concerning the F-4 and speeches from the rollout ceremony for Germany in May, 1973

Folder 7-5: Materials related to the F-4 and South Korea when the US switched bases from Japan to South Korea

Folder 7-6: Materials related to the sale of F-4s to Spain through the US government and Department of Defense in return for signing on to NATO

Folder 7-7: Materials related to Turkey and the F-4 including an article highlighting the purchase of aircraft from the US strengthening NATO

Folder 7-8: F-4 Austrailia materials and photos

Folder 7-9: F-4 Greece materials and photos

Folder 7-10: F-4 France materials and photos

Folder 7-11: F-4 German materials and photos

Folder 7-12: F-4 Egypt and China materials and photos

Folder 7-13: F-4 materials relating to Isreal including sale of jets, articles on Congressional pressures on the US in dealing with Isreal and the Yom Kippur War

Folder 7-14: F-4 materials related to Britain and photos

Folder 7-15: F-4 materials related to Japan and photos

Folder 7-16: F-4 materials related to the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds

Folder 7-17: Sale of #1000 F-4

Folder 7-18: Sale of #2000 F-4

Folder 7-19: Sale of #3000 F-4

Folder 7-20: Sale of #4000 F-4

Folder 7-21: Sale of #5000 F-4

Folder 7-22: #5000 F-4 press kit

Folder 7-23: Materials related to the last F-4 sold (#5057)

Folder 7-24: F-4 story

Folder 7-25: Collection of several events including various speeches given circa 1961-65

Folder 7-26: Files of various people who have either visited or been involved with McDonnell Douglas

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Box 8

Folder 8-1: McDonnell geneology

Folder 8-2: McDonnell geneology

Folder 8-3: Material related to Alabama where McDonnell's father attended college

Folder 8-4: Material related to Arkansas where McDonnell was raised

Folder 8-5: 1st Mrs. McDonnell

Folder 8-6: 2nd Mrs. McDonnell

Folder 8-7: Material related to Little Rock, Arkansas (1899-1917)

Folder 8-8: Material related to Little Rock and Altheimer, Arkansas

Folder 8-9: McDonnell and family

Folder 8-10: Material related to Little Rock and Denver, Colorado

Folder 8-11: Anniversary booklets, magazines and articles relating to the 1904 Worlds Fair in St. Louis, Missouri

Folder 8-12: "Aero" magazine articles collected from 1908 to 1918 concerning early flight, Glenn Curtiss, and the Wright Bros.

Folder 8-13: Materials related to McDonnell in high school

Folder 8-14: Princeton University

Folder 8-15: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) materials where McDonnell received his Masters in Aeronautical Engineering

Folder 8-16: MIT and the Army (1921-25)

Folder 8-17: Mitchell Field (1922); Brooks  (1923) and photos

Folder 8-18: Materials related to Consolidated Aircraft Company in Buffalo, NY

Folder 8-19: National Air Races (1925-31)

Folder 8-20: Book of collected articles on Huff-Daland from 1920 to 1925

Folder 8-21: Ford/Stout in Dearborn

Folder 8-22: Balloon Race - Detroit, Mich. (Oct. 1925)

Folder 8-23: Hamilton and Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Folder 8-24: Materials related to the "Doodlebug" and the Guggenheim award

Folder 8-25: Materials related to the "Doodlebug"

Folder 8-26: Materials related to the Ford Air Tour (1925-31)

Folder 8-27: Correspondence with Zachartchenko and Cowling - both of whom helped McDonnell on the "Doodlebug"

Folder 8-28: McDonnell Company from 1939-41

Folder 8-30: Great Lakes

Folder 8-31: Henderson (1932)

Folder 8-32: Materials related to the Glenn L. Martin Company where McDonnell first started working in Baltimore, Maryland from 1933 to 1938 as Chief Project Engineer

Folder 8-33: Company Planning

Folder 8-34: First Factory - Monocoupe

Folder 8-35: Glenview Rd. House (photos; 1952)

Folder 8-36: Air Transport - Chicago

Folder 8-37: McDonnell and the early programs

Folder 8-38: Lambert Field photos

Folder 8-39: AIAA Newsletter - St. Louis Aviation

Folder 8-40: Lambert - photos

Folder 8-41: Financial statements fromn McDonnell during the war years (1941-45)

Folder 8-42: World War II

Folder 8-43: Materials related to the McDonnell Aircraft and Douglas Aircraft Relations

Folder 8-44: McDonnell (1946-47)

Folder 8-45: London Trip (photos; Sept., 1947)

Folder 8-46: "Little Henry" photos

Folder 8-47: England - (1950 photo)

Folder 8-48: London Trip (photo; 1951)

Folder 8-49: First Jet Flight (photos of McDonnell; 1951)

Folder 8-50: Merger in 1967 with photos

Folder 8-51: Business Week interview (1968)

Folder 8-52: Photos from an unknown event on August 14, 1969

Folder 8-53: Photos of James S. McDonnell being presented a portrait of himself (Entitled: James S. McDonnell - 75 Years)

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Box 9

Folder 9-1: James S. McDonnell 80th birthday - photos

Folder 9-2: Bribes trial (1980)

Folder 9-3: Materials related to turmoil in McDonnell company (1979-80)

Folder 9-4: James S. McDonnell life memorial exhibit (1 photo)

Folder 9-5: British Caldonia - photos

Folder 9-6: James S. McDonnell memorial service (1980)

Folder 9-7: James S. McDonnell obituaries

Folder 9-8: McDonnell history

Folder 9-9: McDonnell history (includes several 4x5 negatives)

Folder 9-10: Navpro, St. Louis (United States Navy)

Folder 9-11: Growing pain and WWII production

Folder 9-12: McDonnell Douglas production history

Folder 9-13: Publications

Folder 9-14: McDonnell history

Folder 9-15: Norman Thomas

Folder 9-16: Job Order Register

Folder 9-17: James S. McDonnell biographies

Folder 9-18: James S. McDonnell biographies

Folder 9-19: Public Relations

Folder 9-20: Improved and corrected speeches and articles

Folder 9-21: 1974 Annual Report

Folder 9-22: St. Louis clubs

Folder 9-23: Aircraft names

Folder 9-24: Jet engine background

Folder 9-25: UN & NATO

Folder 9-26: McDonnell and the UN with photographs

Folder 9-27: "Time" magazine article entitled "Moral Equivalent to War" wherein McDonnell is mentioned (1977)

Folder 9-28: Man Carving His Own Image by Albin Polásek; includes photos of the sculpture and articles highlighting the use of the image on McDonnell Douglas stock certificates

Folder 9-29: Aviation Pioneers

Folder 9-30: "Peace Through Strength" by James S. McDonnell, featured in the St. Louis Globe-Democrat (July, 1980); also includes pamphlets with the same speech for the F-15 Rollout Ceremony, June 1972

Folder 9-31: James S. McDonnell misc. speech requests

Folder 9-32: McDonnell - leadership

Folder 9-33: James S. McDonnell correspondence

Folder 9-34: McDonnell - misc. material and photos

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Box 10

Folder 10-1: Materials related to Conductron Corporation (Created radar and electromagnetic products and was involved in the creation of holographic projections and flight simulators; McDonnell Douglas acquired the company and formed McDonnell Douglas Electric Company in May, 1971)

Folder 10-2: Test Pilots

Folder 10-3: Merger - 1967

Folder 10-4: Merger - 1967

Folder 10-5: Merger - 1967

Folder 10-6: Shah of Iran

Folder 10-7: DC-10

Folder 10-8: James S. McDonnell articles

Folder 10-9: James S. McDonnell articles

Folder 10-10: James S. McDonnell articles

Folder 10-11: Articles by James S. McDonnell

Folder 10-12: McDonnell Douglas history

Folder 10-13: JSM letters - 1951

Folder 10-14: JSM letters - 1952

Folder 10-15: JSM letters - 1953

Folder 10-16: JSM letters - 1954

Folder 10-17: JSM letters - 1955

Folder 10-18: JSM letters - 1956

Folder 10-19: JSM letters - 1957

Folder 10-20: JSM letters - 1958

Folder 10-21: JSM letters - 1959

Folder 10-22: JSM letters - 1960

Folder 10-23: JSM letters - 1961

Folder 10-24: JSM letters - 1962

Folder 10-25: McDonnell history

Folder 10-26: "Old Mac's Corner"

Folder 10-27: JSM - misc. materials and speeches

Folder 10-28: JSM - Time and Newsweek

Folder 10-29: Institute of the Aerospace Sciences (IAS) Awards

Folder 10-30: McDonnell Management Club - 1952

Folder 10-31: McDonnell Management Club - 1953

Folder 10-32: Rolla Commencement - 1953

Folder 10-33: Washington University Commencement - 1958

Folder 10-34: Reference material for revision of Commencement speech (June, 1958)

Folder 10-35: Materials related to the Modern Patriot Award received by James S. McDonnell from the Sons of the Revolution, St. Louis chapter (1958)

Folder 10-36: Mercury Award - 1959 with photo

Folder 10-37: UN Flag - Soldier's Memorial (folder empty)

Folder 10-38: St. Louis Award - 1953 with photo

Folder 10-39: New York security (1960)

Folder 10-40: US Savings Bonds (1962)

Folder 10-41: IAS Meeting - 1962 (folder empty)

Folder 10-42: IAS - 1962 with photos

Folder 10-43: James Webb - 1962 (folder empty)

Folder 10-44: Materials related to the closing and remodeling of the Ashby Harper Country Day School; some material on the Peace Corp included

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Box 11

Folder 11-1: Space Day - Little Rock

Folder 11-2: Speech to the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce (1963) in which McDonnell urges St. Louis to become more involved in space research and related materials

Folder 11-3: Clergy-Business Dialogue

Folder 11-4: Materials related to the opening of the St. Louis Planetarium (1963); inclided are invites, press releases, and newspaper clippings

Folder 11-5: Planetarium - photos

Folder 11-6: Newspaper Publications Speech (1963)

Folder 11-7: Washington University Commencement

Folder 11-8: United Negro College Fund

Folder 11-9: Old Nostalgia Night

Folder 11-10: AIAA - Guggenheim - January, 1966

Folder 11-11: Materials related to James S, McDonnell receiving an honorary degree from the University of Arkansas

Folder 11-12: Materials related to the deliver of the 1000th aircraft

Folder 11-13: Materials related to the China-Burma-India Veterans Association and McDonnell's reception of the Americanism Award, August 1966

Folder 11-14: NBAA Merit Award - photos

Folder 11-15: NEMA Award

Folder 11-16: Prometheus Award

Folder 11-17: NASA - PSA, 1966

Folder 11-18: St. Louis Argus Award (PSA)

Folder 11-19: NAE Founders Medal

Folder 11-20: Collier Trophy - photos

Folder 11-21: Collier Trophy - photos

Folder 11-22: Materials related to the delivery of the 1st F-4

Folder 11-23: Disneyland

Folder 11-24: St. Louis Globe-Democrat Man-Of-The-Year Award (1968)

Folder 11-25: NAB Metro

Folder 11-26: Wings Club - NYC - 1968

Folder 11-27: Churchill Dinner

Folder 11-28: National Industrial Recreation, 1969

Folder 11-29: Elder Statesman

Folder 11-30: UN Hearings

Folder 11-31: Eximbank - 1970

Folder 11-32: Apollo 16 astronaut

Folder 11-33: F-15 rollout - photos

Folder 11-34: St. Louis - World Affairs

Folder 11-35: Dr. Moore Memorial

Folder 11-36: Forrestal Award - 1973

Folder 11-37: F-4 rollout

Folder 11-38: Materials related to Lighter-than-Air travel; includes a booklet

Folder 11-39: Materials related to the 10th Anniversary of the St. Louis Planetarium Folder 11-40: Royal Aeronautical Society Award

Folder 11-41: Eliot Society

Folder 11-42: Harris Armstrong Memorial

Folder 11-43: LA Chamber of Commerce - Kitty Hawk Award

Folder 11-44: Republican Governor's Association

Folder 11-45: United Nations Association - USA National Chair

Folder 11-46: Lamplighter Award

Folder 11-47: Clarkson College - Dr. of Science

Folder 11-48: Dr. of Medicine - photos

Folder 11-49: Spirit of St. Louis Award, 1977

Folder 11-50: Aviation Hall of Fame, 1977

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Box 12

Folder 12-1: General Haig introduction

Folder 12-2: Civil Aeronautics Board hearings

Folder 12-3: UNA - UN St. Louis chapter

Folder 12-4: NAS Hunsacker Award

Folder 12-5: Aviation Advisory Commission - booklet

Folder 12-6: Materials related to the Herbert Report (HR 112) on Aircraft Production Costs and Profits, 1956

Folder 12-7: Washington University - booklet

Folder 12-8: Materials related to the Country Day School (CODASCO)

Folder 12-9: Washington University and gift

Folder 12-10: Ethical Society

Folder 12-11: Materials reated to Planned Parenthood and James S. McDonnell joining the Population Crisis Committee, 1966

Folder 12-12: Hunter McDonnell

Folder 12-13: Finney Family

Folder 12-14: Forney Family

Folder 12-15: W.A. McDonnell

Folder 12-16: James S. McDonnell, III

Folder 12-17: John Finney McDonnell

Folder 12-18: Sanford Noyes McDonnell (Sandy)

Folder 12-19: Sandy McDonnell - clips

Folder 12-20: Sandy McDonnell - Scots

Folder 12-21: Sandy McDonnell - biography

Folder 12-22: Sandy McDonnell

Folder 12-23: William Randall McDonnell

Folder 12-24: McDonnell Douglas Evolution

Folder 12-25: Materials related to the 5th Anniversary of McDonnell

Folder 12-26: Materials related to the 10th Anniversay of McDonnell

Folder 12-27: Materials related to the 15th Anniversary of McDonnell

Folder 12-28: Materials related to the 20th Anniversary of McDonnell

Folder 12-29: Materials related to the 25th Anniversary of McDonnell

Folder 12-30: Douglas history with photos and drawings

Folder 12-31: Donald W. Douglas

Folder 12-32: Donald W. Douglas and Douglas Aircraft Company

Folder 12-33: Donald Douglas - photos

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Box 13A

Folder 13-1: Donald Douglas materials including a booklet and magazine articles

Folder 13-2: Donald Douglas materials

Folder 13-3: Donald Douglas articles and covers

Folder 13-4: "Around the World in 80 Years" by W.A. Paterson

Folder 13-5: "Threshold of the New - DC-3" by D.W. Douglas

Folder 13-6: Materials related to Charles Lindbergh

Folder 13-7: Materials related to David S. Lewis, former President and CO of McDonnell Aircraft Company

Folder 13-8: Materials related to David S. Lewis joining General Dynamics as the Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer, 1970

Folder 13-9: David S. Lewis - photos (some are damaged)

Folder 13-10: Corporate Stock - L.S. Rockefeller

Folder 13-11: Corporate Stock - L.S. Rockefeller

Folder 13-12: Biography Packet H-N

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Box 13B

Folder 13-13: Biography Packet O-R

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Box 14

Folder 14-1: McDonnell Weekly Bulletins - June 2, 1941; "Airscoop" thru November 8, 1946 and Annual Reports

Folder 14-2: Materials related to the business history of McDonnell including Annual Report booklets from 1973-1997 and 10-K Forms from 1983-1996

Folder 14-3: Quarterly and Shareholder Reports (1958-1990); Three Months Reports  (1982-1989); Proxy Statements (1968-1980's); Photo of Capsule

Folder 14-4: Materials related to the McDonnell Finance Corporation, 1970-1989

Loose Materials:

World Progress Through Aviation - 1979

1988 Annual Finance Corporation

Dun's Review - July, 1976

Business Week - September 3, 1979

Time - October, 1983

St. Louis - Your Kind of Place - 1978

Champion Magazine #8

John B. Davis, Jr. (Macalaster College)

Awake - UN - October 22, 1985

McDonnell Facilities, 1983

McDonnell Facilities, 1970

Fortune - July 16, 1979

Newsweek - November 19, 1979

Forbes (60th Anniversary) - September 15, 1977

Everyman's United Nations

Jump Jet (Rev. New STOL) by B. Mylar, 1978

Orders of Magnitude (NACA/NASA), 1945-1976

DC-10 - A Special Report - 1980

A Step Ahead (Pratt & Whitney) - 1980

Prologue Room

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Box 15A

Shareholder's Meetings, speeches - 1967-1973

Shareholder's Meetings, speeches - 1974-1980

Douglas Aircraft and Aircraft Manufacturing Industry for stock market investors

"The McDonnell Douglas Corporation" by Gregory & Sons - NYSE review

Naval Fighters No. 2 - McDonnell Banshee F2H - F-4 by Steve Ginter

Naval Fighters No. 3 - FH-1 Phantom by Steve Ginter

McDonnell 119/220 - photos and data

"Airpower" - November, 1979, Vol. 9 No. 6

"From Patents to Progress," 1979

Douglas DC-8 Super 60's and DC-9 series

Space and the US Navy - Naval Aviation News

"Your Key to the Cockpit" by C.A. Stevens

Hornet Heritage F/A-18 - April, 1978

"McDonnell Douglas: A Tale of Two Giants" by B. Yenne, 1985

"Days of Trial and Triumph - Lockheed"

Naval Aviation 50th - Douglas Service - January-Februay, 1962

"F-4 Phantom II" by G.G. O'Rourke in Aero

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Box 15B

"Northrup - An Aeronautical History" with clippings

"The DC-8 Story" - April, 1972

"DC-10 Jetliner" in Aero, 1973

"Some Plain Talk About Fuel Cells" - General Electric Booklet

British Airways Plc Report, 1987-88

University of Virginia Alumni News - Nov/Dec 1988

University of Virginia Alumni News - Nov/Dec 1987

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Box 16

Chronology - 1939-1973 (3-ring binder)

McDonnell On Line - 1945-1959 (3-ring binder)

Notes: 1960-1966 (3-ring binder)

Douglas Annual Report, 1928-1954 (bound)

Douglas Annual Report, 1955-1964 (bound)

McDonnell Annual Report, 1940-1957 (bound)

McDonnell Annual Report, 1958-1960 (bound)

McDonnell Annual Report, 1961-1966 (bound)

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Box 17

17-1: McDonnell/Douglas Annual Report, 1967-1976 (bound)

17-2: McDonnell/Douglas Annual Report, 1977-1987 (bound)

17-3: McDonnell/Douglas Annual Report, 1987-1995 (unbound)

17-4: Fundamentals of Aviation and Space Tech (1974)

17-5: Phantom III Program (Jan. 1, 1978)

17-6: "Phantom in Combat" by Walt Boyne (1985)

17-7: "Pedigree of Champions - Boeing Since 1916"

17-8: Air Force - Golden Anniversary (1907-1957)

17-9: "Flying" 50th Anniversary (Sept. 1977)

17-10: "F-4 Phantom" by Bill Gunston (1977)

17-11: "Interavia" 50th Anniversary (June, 1983)

17-12: Airline Pilot, December, 1978 (Wright Bros.)

17-13: Dateline Lockheed (1932-1982)

17-14: US Naval History (1776-1976) Calendar

17-15: 50 Years of Aeronautical Research - NASA, 1978

17-16: McDonnell Aircraft Engineering Orientation

17-17: McDonnell/Douglas - 1995 Community Relations

17-18: Northrup Annual Report (1981)

17-19: "F-4 Phantom II (Part 1)" by Bert Kinzey

17-20: "F-4 Phantom II (Part 3)" by Bert Kinzey

17-21: "F-4 and Kill MIGs" by Lou Drendel

17-22: "Ryan the Aviator" by William Wagner (autographed)

17-23: Demon article in "Air Fan" (Jan. 1983)

17-24: Demon article Part 2 in "Air Fan" (Feb. 1983)

17-25: F-15 Eagle in action - Squadron/signal (1976)

17-26: Fifty Years of Aviation Progress

17-27: EAFB Aviation Historical - 75 Years

17-28: Phantom II article in "Australian Aviation" (Mar. 1982)

17-29: Phantom II article in "Australian Aviation" (Jun. 1982)

17-30: Inflight Service - AAL - May/June 1983 - 50 Years

17-31: "F-15 Eagle in Detail & Scale" by Bert Kinzey

17-32: "Fifty Years of Firsts: 1923-1978" by Sikorsky

17-33: Celebrating the NASM

17-34: The NASM - 1981

17-35: MAPA Flight Deck (Vol. 2, No. 2, 1981)

17-36: "Time" (Aug. 15, 1988)

17-37: Operation Fastpac

17-38: Rendezvous (Winter, 1970) Bell 35th

17-39: Rendezvous - 40th Bell/Textron

17-40: Boeing Magazine - 50th - July 1966

17-41: Air Safety is Our Business - 1983

17-42: "F-15 Eagle" by J.P. Stevenson in "Aero" (1978)

17-43: Ed Heinemann - Combat Aircraft Designer - 1980

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Box 18A

"Spirit" May/June 1987 to Jan 1996

Gateways News - 5 copies (1982-88)

Framed photo of James S. McDonnell

There is also a 3-ring binder of various articles

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Box 18B

Framed artwokr of the #5000 Phantom

Framed photos of James S. McDonnell

Photo album covering the entire range of McDonnell and McDonnell/Douglas aircraft (3-ring binder)

Various articles and magazines

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Box 19A

19-4: A 3-ring binder of photographs covering James S. McDonnell and various events

19-5: A 3-ring binder of photographs covering James S. McDonnell and various events

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Box 19B

19-1: A 3-ring binder of photographs and clippings concerning the "Doodlebug"

19-2: A 3-ring binder of photographs covering the "Doodlebug," James S. McDonnell and his induction into the Hall of Fame

19-3: A 3-ring binder contaning photographs and information on the XF-88, F-101, and the XF-85

19-6: A 3-ring binder containing the chronology of McDonnell Aircraft (1939-1967

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Box 20

20-1: A 3-ring binder containing charts, timelines, DWC planes, original charts, and conversions

20-2: An envelope containing "Airscoop" (1946-56)

20-3: An envelope containing "Airscoop" (1957-60)

20-4: An envelope containing "Spectrum & Innovation"

20-5: Copies of "MDTSCO," "Spirit," and "Airscoop" (specials)

20-5 Cont'd: Autographed pictures of Gus Grissom (1961), John Glenn (1962), and Pete Conrad, "Flight of the Aeronauts" sheet music, a composite photo of James S. McDonnell (1980), McDonnell/Douglas Board photos (1967), and Flightlines

20-6: 4 copies of "Life" magazine including Apollo (Feb. 10, 1967), 75 Years of Flight (Nov. 1978), Israel's Swift Victory - Special Edition (Jul. 7, 1967), and Bridges at Toko-Ri (Jul. 6, 1953)

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Box 21

21-1: McDonnell biography data

21-2: Long Range Needs of Aviation Report - Jan. 1973

21-3: 1988 Civis Affairs Annual Report

Folder 21-4: McDonnell Douglas clippings (1988-89)

Folder 21-5: McDonnell Douglas/Boeing merger (1997)

Folder 21-6: McDonnell Douglas/Boeing misc. clippings

Folder 21-7: McDonnell Douglas misc. clippings

21-8: "The Last Nine Minutes of Flight 981" by Moira Johnston

21-9: Stages to Saturn - NASA SP-4206

21-10: Project Gemini - NASA CR-1106

21-11: "On the Shoulders of Titans - The History of Project Gemini" (NASA SP-4203)

21-12: "This New Ocean - History of Project Mercury" (NASA SP-4201)

21-13: Aircraft Production Costs & Profits Hearing (H.Res. 112), Feb/Mar 1956

21-14: "The Rise and Fall of the DC-10" by J. Godson

21-15: "The Sporty Game" by J. Newhouse

21-16: "Skymaster - The Douglas Story" by Cunningham

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Box 22A

Bound oversize volumes of the McDonnell/Douglas newsletter "Spirit":

Volume 1-2 (1971-72)

Volume 3-4 (1973-74)

Volume 5-6 (1975-76)

Volume 7-8 (1977-78)

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Box 22B

Bound oversize volumes of the McDonnell/Douglas newsletters "Spirit" and "Airscoop":

"Airscoop" Vol. 20-25 (1961-66)

"Airscoop" Vol. 26-29 (1967-70)

"Spirit" Vol. 9-10 (1979-80)

"Spirit" Vol. 16 (1986)

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Box 22C

Bound oversize volumes of the McDonnell/Douglas newsletter "Spirit":

Volumes 11-12 (1981-82)

Volume 13 (1983)

Volume 14 (1984)

Volume 15 (1985)

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Box 22D

"Flight" - A Pictoral History of Aviation (The Douglas Edition) by "Year" magazine with a foreward by Donald W. Douglas

Draft of Douglas history by Crosby Maynard in a three-ring binder with photographs

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Box 23

"The Effect of Biplane Combination on Airfoil Characteristics" by James S. McDonnell and Constantine L. Zakhartchenko - this is the thesis for JSM's Aeronautical Engineering degree (September, 1923)

McDonnell Model No. List - July, 1974 (sensitive)

McDonnell Family Geneology (1959)

"Who? Me?: The Autobiography of A.E. Raymond" (1974)

Air Safety/ FAA Performances 44-731-0 (1975)

Guggenheim Medallists (1964)

"Get Rich Quick Wallingford" by George Randolph Chester (1908)

"McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Since 1920" by R.J. Francillon (Putnam, 1973)

McDonnell stocks/description

1988 McDonnell materials relating to finances

Jane's All the World's Aircraft - copies

"McDonnell Corporation Brief History, 1920-1970" by Gordon LeBert (1971)

Boeing/McDonnell Douglas merger clippings

Time magazine covers

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

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Use of Copyrighted Materials

Many of the photographic items of this collection are copyrighted by the Boeing Company. Check with their permissions-licesnsing department for permission to publish.

Custodial History

This collection was collected from Mr. Le Bert's home by Dennis Parks, then curator of the museum. Mr. Le Bert collected the materials from the corporate files of the McDonnell, McDonnell Douglas, and Boeing Companies.

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Folder 1-14 from Box One is missing according to a preliminary inventory created by Mr. Le Bert.

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  • McDonnell F-4 Phantom II
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  • McDonnell F3H Demon
  • McDonnell FH-1 Phantom
  • McDonnell XF-85 Goblin
  • McDonnell XF-88 Voodoo
  • McDonnell XH-20 Little Henry
  • McDonnell XH-50 Whirlaway
  • McDonnell XP-67 Bat
  • McDonnell XV-1 Converteplane
  • Mercury Program
  • NATO
  • Photographic Equipment - Aerial Reconnaissance
  • Record Flight Attempt
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  • Thunderbirds - USAF Aerobatics Team
  • U.S. Space Program
  • WWII - 1939 to 1945

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