George Schairer Aeronautical Engineering Collection

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Museum of Flight Archives
Creator - Engineer
Schairer, George Swift
George Schairer Aeronautical Engineering Collection
20th Century
20.0 Linear feet consisting of four, four drawer file cabinets and 26 document boxes containing engineering documentation, published materials and correspondence from George Swift Schairer. One File Folder containing the 7 page letter documenting discovery of German WWII swept wing engineering design

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Schairer Obituary

Seattle Times November 2, 2004.

George Schairer wrote a letter in May 1945 to colleagues at Boeing that historians look back on now as a landmark of the jet age.

When he wrote his letter, in longhand, Mr. Schairer was part of a team of scientists scouting for technology in Germany as the Nazi regime was about to surrender at the end of World War II. He found wind-tunnel research that suggested hints of a breakthrough concept — that planes could be designed with 18 degree "swept-back" wings instead of straight ones, and matched with a jet engine rather than traditional propellers.

The research was quickly put to test at the Boeing wind tunnel — a facility the company had built years earlier, ahead of other companies, thanks in part to Mr. Schairer's advocacy. Other American companies were provided the same information, but only Boeing put it to work on a new jet-bomber program.

Mr. Schairer's discovery eventually took form in the B-47, and then the B-52, the military bomber that uses the "swept-wing" technology that's the foundation of today's jets.

Engineers from the period who worked for Mr. Schairer say his painstaking effort to perfect the aerodynamics of the planes was as important as any other single contribution in leading Boeing into the jet age.

Mr. Schairer died Thursday (Oct. 28) of complications from Alzheimer's at Evergreen Hospice Center in Kirkland. He was 91.

"He was a real technical powerhouse," said Joe Sutter, an aerodynamicist under Mr. Schairer who went on to be chief designer of the 747. "George's name should be on the wall at the Smithsonian. He's really an aviation pioneer."

Mr. Schairer was not one of aviation's household names, but his efforts have been recognized. He won numerous awards, including aviation's equivalent of the Nobel Prize, the Daniel Guggenheim Medal.

He was one of only five Boeing men whose pictures hung in the office of Boeing's legendary former chief T. Wilson, according to "Legend & Legacy," a Boeing history by Robert Serling.

Mr. Schairer came to Boeing in 1939 with a reputation as a top young aerodynamicist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He rose to vice president of research and development at Boeing, and retired in 1978. A favorite hobby, sailing, tested his mind.

Those who worked beside Mr. Schairer described him as a brilliant engineer, a demanding boss, a doer, and a sometimes mystifying communicator.

"In meetings, we'd all listen to George, and we'd have to go back to my office afterwards to figure out what the heck he said," said H.W. "Bob" Withington, an aerodynamicist who worked for him. "His communication skills weren't as good as his aeronautical thinking, but we could usually figure it out."

Mr. Schairer's son, Gus, said his father challenged both his workers and his children to think about every possible side of a problem before reaching a conclusion.

Gus Schairer said his father was always upset by plane crashes, wondering whether there was anything he could have done as an engineer to prevent them, even when they were caused by factors like pilot error.

"I spent my whole life being in awe of him," Gus Schairer said. "He wanted to produce the best and safest airplane in the world."

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Container 1

Binder: Miscellaneous German interrogations 1945

Miscellaneous lists of different committees and groups along with member directories

Civil Aeronautics manual 1955

Civil Aeronautics Part 4b airplane airworthiness transport categories 1953

Civil Aeronautics Part 4b airplane airworthiness transport categories 1955 and 1956

Civil Aeronautics Regulations for transport aircraft 1943

Airworthiness Standards - Transport Categories 1954

Airworthiness standards 1983

Civil Air Regulations, Admendment 04-0, Effective November 9, 1945

Miscellaneous Airworthiness information and binder as well

Miscellaneous correspondence to GSS

Packet on New Wind Tunnel Complex 1991

Packet program review for the advisory team 1991

Binder: Report on visit to England in summer of 1945

Binder: wind tunnel investigation of model autogiro rotors 1935

Binder: Notes on Airplane design parameters 1945

Photo: presentation Transportation 1980

Air Progress Summer Edition 1961

Binder: 707 Jet Transport 1953

Binder: collection of aerodynamic information relating to supersonic flight 1945

Binder: Aeronautical design symposium 1989

Miscellaneous magazine articles

Book: Into the Unknown 1960

Progress Review Boeing Research Labs. 1962

Boeing Research Labs 1968

Binder: Flight test outline for positioning type cross-wind landing gear 1952

Binder: Flight characteristics at high mach number 1950

Binder: Low speed stalling characteristics 1952, Model XB-47

Binder: Elimination of B-47 pitch-up by means of vortex generators 1951

Boeing Magazine May 1951

Boeing Scientific Research Labs 1967

AMST prototype technical proposal 1972

Folder: Titles old records, full of blue prints data graphs and charts

Binder: Model XB-47 mock up conference 1946

Folder: Invitations, programs and itineraries for various events

Folder: Newspaper clippings, memos, and hand written notes

Folder: "Vertol". Full of charts and data with transparencies, Man vs. Machine, Aerospace Engineering Sept 1962

Several old panoramic style photos of old planes and a zeppelin

Photo of the famous Schairer model out of balsa

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Container 2

Folder: Some Aircraft Design notes Feb 1985

Folder: Effects of various engine installations on the capabilities of Boeing Model 707 airplanes 1955"

Folder: Model 707 Design Notes 1955-65

Folder: Boeing and Competitor aircraft a performance and economic comparison

Folder: Summary of High-speed wind tunnel tests

Folder: Compilation of wind tunnel data Oct 1938

Folder: Large collection of graphs data on air foils

Notebook: Summary of Wind Tunnel Tests

Folder: General Propeller chart suitable for a wide range of propellers 1943

Staff list of England and France manufacturers and itineraries of trip to Europe 1960

Summary Flow Nacelle Exit Program FR-115

Notebook: Turbojet and turbofan performance in an isolated pod installation 1973

Paper by F.E. Culick "A brief history of the science and invention of Flying Machines" 1981

Notebook: Preliminary Design Data Boeing Model 464-49-0 1948

Medium bomber proposals: Project MX 948 Jan 1948

Notebook: History Boeing Model B-52 1952

Notebook: Turbojet and turbofan performance in an isolated pod installation 1973

Notebook: General propeller chart suitable for a wide range of propellers 1943

Folder: Presentation of propeller data in the form of thrust versus effective drag

Notebook: General propeller chart suitable for a wide range of propellers 1943

Notebook: Folder Presentation of propeller data in form of thrust versus effective drag

Folder: Magazine clipping from the 1930s

Folder: Copies of figures in GSS's papers 1975 – Present

Folder: Copies of figures in GSS's papers 1937-1962

Folder: General propeller charts preliminary copy

Folder: copies of figures in GSS's papers 1963-1974

Miscellaneous magazine articles

Packet: Wing data with figure index

Paper: Theory of the Spratt Airplane 1937

Folder: Possibilities for lift increase by flaps with boundary layer control 1946

Binder: Notes on airplane design parameters 1945

Binder: Notes on airplane design parameters 1945

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Container 3

Binder: "Analysis of direct-lift results of integrated jet wing tests in United Aircraft Research Laboratories' Pilot Tunnel 1963

Green binder report on wave induced capsizing

Folder of magazine advertisements

Slides of waves

Paper: "Observations and speculations on mechanics of wave generation by wind" by Erik Mollo-Christensen 1970

Report from Vassdrags - Og Havnelaboratoriet "Kinematics and Dynamics of Breaking Waves"

Bound collection of articles about waves

Boeing Annual report 1982, 1983, 1992-1994

Two copies of "Listen to Leaders in Engineering" 1965

Pamphlets "Meeting manpower needs in science and technology" Report 1 graduate training in engineering, math, and physical sciences 1962 (two copies)

Paper: Some opportunities for progress in aircraft performance 1964 (many copies)

Pamphlet: "Looking Ahead in V/STOL 1963

Paper for 5th Annual career conference for High schools of greater NY area "Man and his Fluid environment" 1968

Paper: Directional Stability and Vertical Surface Stalling" (many incomplete and complete copies 1941)

Paper: Role of Competition in Aeronautics 1968 (many copies)

Paper: Aircraft Design- Present and Future 1964 (many copies)

Paper: Design for Reliability 1957 by GSS and Herbet S. Clayman

Paper: “A designer looks at V/STOL” 1959 by GSS (many copies)

Paper: Transport aircraft operating economics 1974

Paper: Modern Aerodynamic design methods 1940

Report on A mathematical analysis of flight 1934 by GSS college assignment

Paper: Origin of New Products GSS 1961

Draft of Aeronautical and Astronautically engineering 1963

Draft “How the airplane designer can help the people in the cockpit” 1967

Paper: Technology and State-of-the-Art for Manned Aircraft in Future Warfare

Paper: Man and Machine in Space 1961

Paper: Economic considerations of a jet transport airplane 1953

Paper: Looking Ahead in V/STOL 1961

Paper: High Speed problems of large airplanes 1956

Paper: Scientific Education for America's future 1958

Paper: Perspective of SST aircraft noise and problem 1968

Paper: Why pod mounted engines make sense 1947

Paper: Evolution of Modern air transport wings 1980

Paper: Performance characteristics of Jet Nozzles

Catalog of all papers and speeches by GSS 1990

Bibliography of Aerodynamics of stalling and separation of swept aircraft wings 1982

Bibliography of Aerodynamics of stalling and separation of swept aircraft wings 1984

Paper: Looking Ahead in Transportation

Catalogue of Data in Files of GSS

General Management - Presentation File of GSS

Papers and Speechs by GSS

Paper: "A Projection of Airlines Aviation to Year 2000 by GSS, March 10, 1976

Paper: An airplane performance slide rule 1937

Paper: Background of Boeing 707 Jet Transport

Paper: Some on notes on the value of Flexibility 1972

Paper: Technology and The Bright New World Ahead 1973

Paper: Aircraft Propellers a Reminiscense by GSS, September 21, 1987

Paper: Commercial Air transportation- What's the Prognosis? 1971

Speech to Moses Lake Supervisors Club 1959

Paper: Airport Planning Airline Customer Viewpoint 1959

Paper: Davis Wing 1976

Paper: Flying Breakthroughs 1963

Paper: On Wave-induced capsizing 1984

Paper: Next revolution in electronics 1962

Paper: Designing for noise reduction 1975

Paper: Future of Aeronautical transportation as seen in the crystal ball of an airplane designer 1975


Speech about the XB-47 and presentation

Packet of images that may go with speech

Paper: Aerodynamics efficiencies of large landplanes

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Container 4

George Schairer Biographical info(Who's Who and Biographical Sketch)

Boeing 1992 Annual report

Bound 'Selected Subsonic Wing Design Methods- A Survey and Evaluation', 1976-77

Handout: Aerodynamic Golf tournament

Small collection of mathematical charts & tables (R.A.F. 34, back-half roughened FF carborundum Page 45-56)

Photos of Von Karman's birthplace

Small collection of pamphlets, Aeronautical Research Committee (i.e. Wind Tunnel and Dropping Tests of Autogyro models) 1926-28

Presentation of propeller data in the form of thrust versus effective drag, Oct. 8 1965

Notebook: "Preliminary Jet Transport Performance Study" 2-3-1950

Jet Transport Study, May 9, 1947

Boeing booklet on Jet Transport, Aug 19, 1949

General Electric Review article, "The Basic Gas Turbine Plant and Some of its Variants" by J. Kenneth Salisbury, May 1944

Pamphlet: The Institution of Mechanical Engineers, "Future of Air-Breathing Engines in Aviation" 1959

Presentation at Durand Centennial Conference, Stanford, August 8, 1959, "The Advent of Astronautics" by W.B. Klemperer

Presentation at the SAE National Aeronautic Meeting, LA 1946, "Factors Producing Erratic Engine Operation" by A. Lewis MacLain, October 3-5, 1946

Presentation at the National Forum of the American Helicopter Society, D.C. May 1973 "Tail Rotor Performance in Presence of Main Rotor, Ground, and Winds" (Wayne Weisner and Gary Kohler, American Helicopter Society)

Pamphlet: "In-Flight Refueling and the World of the Eighties" 1978

Correspondence: September 17, 1993, GSS and Henry T. Nagamatsu (re: isentropic recompression schemes and tests)

Correspondence: 1993, GSS and Prof. T.A. Weisshaar, Purdue University

Pamphlet: "Importance of Research Directed Toward the Development of Ultimate Performance for Inertial System Components" January 1975, C.S. Draper, Draker Lab

Pamphlet: "Aircraft and Spacecraft Navigation" by Charles Stark Draper October 25, 1978 Collection of graphs

Design Sketch Wind Tunnel Model FR-62, 1944

Various sketches of airplanes and three angle views

Various sketches of the B-52

American Scientist magazine, March 1971

"Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions for Army Models B-29 and B-29A Airplanes" May 1945

Yellow envelope with engine transparencies

Pamphlet: "Second Report on Misc. Problems of Fuel Utilization in Aircraft" March 1945

Pamphlet: "Petroleum: Its use for Motive Power" Jan 1945

Various graphs and graph transparencies

Letter: subject "JT9D-3 Engine parameters" with attached parameter plot and transparency

JT9D3 Grids

Estimated performance of the Boeing model 473-60C Jet Transport, October 9, 1950

Folder with charts concerning fuel consumption, 1949

Notebook: "Factors affecting performance of simple-cycles turbo-jet and turbo-prop engines, 10-11-48

Photocopied article from Boeing News April 20, 1995 "A Look back at swept-wings"

Article: "The International Sailing Canoe: A Technical Review" Oct 1994

Article on Arthur Young, Vertiflite March/April 1995

Pamphlet: "The Boeing 367-80" Sept 1994 (2 copies)

Summary comparison of financial data major aircraft companies fiscal year 1954

Boeing News, Oct 23, 1947

Application and contract from Boeing to City of Seattle Dept. of Lighting, for use of electricity at plant #2, 1942

Magazine with no cover, Aviation Week & Space Tech. August 12, 1991 "The Pioneering of American Aviation Journalism - An Idea is Born 1916-1919"

Letter from Boeing to GSS regarding 40th Anniv. Of B-52

Trustees of Cornish phone tree from 1983/84

Various magazine clippings

Pamphlet: "Care of the Back" (the finer points of lifting heavy objects)

Photo from 1992, Ellis Levin and GSS?

"Absolut Brooklyn" ad

Article from Flight International, July 1975 "Disc Failures; a cause for concern"

Letter from V. Moore to GSS, "Variable Capacity Compressor Testing" and attached graphs

News article on Clayton Scott, "Seattle Flyboy…." 1992

News article, NY Times 1992, "Boeing Names President…"

Various news articles

Articles: Aeronautics and Astronautics, "On Course to Modern Guidance" by Charles Stark Draper, Feb 1980

Paper delivered before a section of the Nat. Industrial Conference Board, September 21, 1944 by Otto Schairer, "The Influence of Research on Product Development"

Article from 'Airliner' 1992 on B-52 Stratofortress

Paper: "Design of the Fan for the Transonic Modification of the Boeing High Speed Wind Tunnel"

Index of papers written by GSS

Article from Science Magazine May 1992 "The Advancement of Science" by Leon Lederman

Flyer and invitation to Symposium on Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics, 1993

Correspondence between Col. H.E. Warden and GSS, January 1993

Letter from the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Alain Enthoven, to GSS, May 18, 1963

Various correspondences

Articles on the Boeing Wind Tunnel

Paper from the International Conference on The Survival of Humankind: The Philippine Experiment, "Philippine Rice Production" 1973-76

AIAA article, "Beginning of an era- the big jets" - refers to GSS

Who's Who in American Aeronautics pages - third edition, 1928

Large "General Propeller Chart" 1943

Letter from GSS to W.M. Allen, March 1964, "Incentive Compensation and New Business Incentives"

Correspondence between GSS and Chauncey Starr, report on "Operating Experience in Technology Assessment Experiments” 1969

Article from NY Times, Jan 22, 1991, on B-52 bomber "Giant B-52 Grows Old Virulently"

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers; Presidential Address 1970-71

Copy of news article, "A valiant scientist on Boeing Co.'s team", refers to Eddie Allen

News article on death of Lawrence R. Hafstad

Stapled papers regarding an endowment for the sciences at Swarthmore College, October 1993

Office poem April 1953 by A. Non. Emos, signed by Bob Schreiber

Newspaper clippings on 50th anniversary of Boeing Wind tunnel

Newspaper clippings about Apollo 11 Astronauts 1994

Photocopy of a check to Guggenheim 1994 for 80.00

Article of oblique flying wing aviation week and space tech, October 10 1994

13th annual Pathfinder awards

Socioengineering and Augustine's Second law Thereof October 1993

Invitation and article on participation in scientific advisory board 50th anniversary

Technical article on battery tech. Electronics 1975

Science in the post cold war era article 1993

Lots of random newspaper clipping and magazine articles

Boeing V/STOL Wind tunnel pamphlet book circa 1960s

Large Folder full of charts and formulas on Helicopters

Notebook: Revised performance of the B 478 Airplane 1950

Notebook: aerodynamic development of the B-47 1952

Notebook: Investigation of B-47 bomb bay buffeting 1952

Notebook: XB-47 Elastic roll model data .01 scale 1948

Notebook: Flight information B 17G 1944

Engineering and Science periodical 1971

Notebook: Estimated performance of the XB -47 1946

Wind tunnel test No. 85

Notebook: flutter test of the XB-47 1952

Notebook: estimated performance of the B-478 1949

Notebook: Performance estimates based on Drag reduction from phase I flight tests 1948

Notebook: Huge- longitudal stabilities at high airspeeds 1952

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Container 5

50th anniversary B-29 Superfortress hat

Roll of toilet paper with a flight chart on every section

Folder, "Airliner Sciences"- contains several photos of airflow on the Concorde, helicopter vortices, etc.

Black binder: Civil Air board regulations, copies from the Journal of Aeronautical Sciences

Miscellaneous science articles and notes, some in French

Large envelope with "Originals of 707 paper 8/1/84" (find it at the bottom of the file drawer)

Miscellaneous newspaper and magazine clippings

Brown bound folder - "Report 101 - Wind Tunner on a 1/18 scale model of the Boeing 307 Airplane" 4-4-1940

Bound F&R #64 Mock-Up Photos

Letter to GSS from F.R. Shanley on fatigue

Report: "Estimated Performance of the Boeing Jet Transport Model 767-200 with CF6-80A Engines, 1978

Booklet on the B-52 with stamp changing classification from Confidential to unclassified

Seattle-Renton Contact newspaper, Boeing's 50th anniversary, 1966

The Seattle Times Special Boeing Section, 1966

Report: "Visualisation Hydrodynamique D'Ecoulements Instationnaires", Henri Werle, 1971-72

Packet of figures with index

Report: "Cuve Hydraulique Pour La Visualisation Des Ecoulements Au Point Fixe", Henri Werle and Marc Gallon, 1969

Clipping from Aviation Weekly, F-16XL

Various articles and clippings- air visualizations, wing dynamics, and fluid mechanics

"Our Boys: The P.D. Team- If it flies, we designed it" booklet

Packet in French, "Courants et Couleurs"- Flows and Colors

Report: "Flow Visualization Techniques for the Study of High Incidence Aerodynamics", Henri Werle 1982

Unknown B&W photos- tanks, rockets, aerial view, planes

Piece of aluminum, "Boeing Vertol Model 234-SP (Designed to GSS Specs), autographed by many

Booklet: Pedigree of Champions: Boeing since 1916, 1963

"You & Boeing", The Engineering Division of Boeing, 1942

Brown folder: Employment apps and appointments, government, NASA, etc.

Brown folder: letters of scientific nature to several people

Brown folder: "Boeing Supersonic Wind Tunnel" 1951 stapled papers

Brown folder: list of GSS's membership in organizations, up to late 1970's

Brown folder: "Flight Sciences Laboratory 1969-1974" Arnold Goldburg

Bound, large collection of letters, 1971

B-17F Flight Computer/Slide rule

Folder of miscellaneous papers, reports, memorabilia titled "MEMORY"

Spiral notebook with some notes and sketches

Book: 'Aerodynamics Reference Book, Boeing' date unknown, possibly 1950’s

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Container 6

Journal of Aeronautical Sciences 1935-51

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Container 7

Brown vertical file folder: sections of autobiography? Most dated early 1990's

Vertical file folder, includes: Miscellaneous articles, "A Wind Tunnel Investigation of Model Autogiro Rotors" by GSS, B.S. Swarthmore College, 1934, Annual report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics 1958, Booklet, "The B-47 Stratojet in retrospect", Letter and article from Scientific Advisory Board, US Air Force, "USAF SAB Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Engine Development" 1973, Article on Tsien Hsue-shen, Chinese scientist, Directory of Research Advisory Committees of NASA 1959, Miscellaneous letters, Directory of members of National Advisory Committee for aeronautics and its committees and subcommittees, 1958, Letter from William Littlewood asking GSS to be a member on the ad hoc panel on target drones. 1956

Yellow folder, miscellaneous graphs and articles, vortex generators, wing dynamics, etc.

Blue binder: typed "Stories XX', conversation between GSS and his wife?, writings from Feb. 1995

Light blue binder - Story Course appendix- for the writing of his autobiography, stories, etc?

Massive white binder the variety of topics- post-it note dividers. Letters, science stuff, graphs, etc.

Gray binder: sweep/ swept-wing papers

Navy Blue binder: computer indexes

Red binder: drafts of his autobiography?

White binder: various notes, graphs, articles: Turb BL, reliability, cost, vortex generator, wind tunnels, etc.

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Container 8

Journal of Aeronautical Sciences 1952-57

Journal of Aerospace Sciences 1958-1962

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Container 9

Folder of drafts of papers 1990-1999

Folder of autobio documents

Folder of miscellaneous newspaper clippings from 1958-1977 about airplanes, people, GSS and family, Boeing Newsletters

Slides of aircraft and data charts/graphs

Grey Binder of data, calculations, tables of different aircraft, photos

Red Binder of paper drafts

Green Binder of computations/data about wings

Bound collection of data on BTWT 1714 Wind Tunnel 757

Small collection of air foil data

Proposed wind tunnel revisions for transonic testing

Boeing commercial plane data 1972

Large amount of miscellaneous computation charts/tables, transparencies Spec/Description packet on Cessna 1979

Paper: Pods vs. Submerged Engines by J.E. Steiner, January 25, 1951

Development of Wing Spoilers, August 1950

Designs for commercial aircraft graphs for cost vs. size

Data on low speed characteristics of arrow wings 1959

Data on B-47 bound together "B-47 Familiarization"

Packet: "Opportunities for new Programs" for presentation?

Data on Basic aerodynamics information preceding the design of the model 450

Paper: "Pilot Error and Jet Transport Deisgn, November 1988 by W.H. Cook

Packet: "Airborne survival nuclear deterrent systems" for presentation

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Container 10

First Brown Folder - Certificate for piloting Boeing Hydrofoil Jet-Craft GSS 1963

First Brown Folder - 1983/84 Advisory Council Stanford University daily agenda

First Brown Folder - Programs for Research Directors' Conference Cal. Tech 1973-1975

First Brown Folder - Certificate of election 1971, GSS office of Commissioner for Water District

First Brown Folder - Anglo-American Conference program 1951

First Brown Folder - AIAA newsletter 1991, 1987

First Brown Folder - Princeton University Guest Speaker schedule for Spring 1968

First Brown Folder - Program for 9th international council of Aeronautical Sciences 1974

Lots of invitations to meetings and functions

First Brown Folder - Newspaper clipping on Boeing doubling in size in 10 years

First Brown Folder - Graphs

First Brown Folder - Bound book Boeing Jet transport circa 1949

First Brown Folder - GCC Personal correspondence

First Brown Folder - Congratulations from various people on GSS becoming a member of National Academy of Sciences in 1968

Brown flap folder full of magazine/newspaper clippings on important figures in aviation history

Flight international magazine December 13, 1973

American Helicopter Society Newsletter Sept-Dec 1961

Short book on the autogiro

Scientific notebook GSS, aerodynamics started 1939

Notebook on Photography, symposium on frontiers of science and engineering circa 1959

Bound notebook full of computations and graphs, and telegraph from 1936

Brown folder full of graphs and charts, blue prints of aircraft and informational books on 707

Green folder - Paper Technology and the Bright New world ahead 1973

Green folder - Paper Some notes on the value of Flexibility

Green folder - Paper A New Approach to Systems Engineering for Commercial Products

Green folder - Charts Effect of design range and design passenger capacity

Green folder - Magazine article on Anglo-American conference "Flight" 1953

Green folder - Report on NASA committee on aircraft operating problems 1960

Green folder - Lots of sheets for of computations

Packet biography on Edwin Gilliland

Packet biography on William McLean

Letter on Vibration, Bobble and shuffle from GSS 1975

Green folder - AIAA newsletter 1990

Green folder - Packet on Wind tunnel facilities 1957

Green folder - Blue prints for wind tunnel

Green folder - Packet side investigations MX 2145

Green folder - Boeing News May 1944 about Wind tunnel

Green folder - Packet about the 707

Green folder - Paper aircraft design present and future 1964

Green folder - Book on the sonic boom 1967

Blue prints for assembly universal joint

Green folder - Scientific notebook GSS, stability 1939

Black Bound book filled with graphs and charts, performance and nomenclature

Gary-green bound book volume 1 & 2 from HC Borough full of calculating data

Information of earthquake in San Fernado Valley area

Information on Theodore von Karman foundation

Packet on Rotary wing aircraft fundamentals

Misc magazine clippings many invitations and agendas for events

Second brown folder - Certificate from WSU board of regents GSS, appointed to advisory board 1961

Second brown folder - Rough draft of paper new approach to systems engineering for commercial products

Second brown folder - Brochure for P&O Jet Ferries

CSecond brown folder - ertificate for honoring America’s leaders for community leaders and noteworthy Americans 1974

Second brown folder - Certificate for membership into American rocket society

Second brown folder - Boeing Magazine May 1947, April 1946

Second brown folder - Photo of a drawing of GSS

Second brown folder - Profile of a chief research and development executive compares statistics about position 1968

Second brown folder - Boeing Magazine Jan. 1952

Second brown folder - Biography paper on Theodore von Karman - October 1957 and May 1981

Second brown folder - Certificate NY Academy of Sciences outstanding contributions to aerospace engineering, December 6, 1979

Calculations on XB29 Power Tunnel Test at Cal Tech

Magazine clippings on landing gear

Packet of charts

Black Binder Paper on Unresolved Technology 1991, autobio stuff, wind tunnels as an aircraft design tool design vs. research 1993

Black photo album 1962 trip to Pakistan, GSS and wife, all of cocktail party

Folder photographs taken in Europe May 1945

Autobio information list of computer files

Packet concerning US Patent Office and Fluid Foil 1934

Paper on Upset, Recovery, Break-up and Flight Control Design 1979

Paper Notes on Rocket Experiments for Science Club 1959

Countless graphs, charts, data computation notes

Poem "My Life" by George Snyder November 15, 1997

Report on Landing Gear Length Requirements, September 1967

Paper Reverse Thrust Testing, November 1954

Report specs on Model 473 Jet transport

10 Year pin photo presentation

Configuration review for Model 1041

Newspaper clipping 747 engine mounting

Packet: flight control and integrity objectives description of each objective 1979

Newspaper clippings about crash of jet in Pittsburgh, Seattle Times 1994

Paper: Sweepback Theory

Computations charts B-29 1941

Packet of proposed wind tunnel revisions for transonic testing 1950?

Paper: Reconstitution of Product Economics Group within office of VP-Research and Development

Packet: Transport Aircraft operating economics

Large blue prints of general arrangement of Model 450

Bound First design requirements for B-52 1948 presented to GSS 1978

Book: Flugzeuge von HFB, in German

Book: Study of Technology Assessment 1969

Book: Flight and operational manual for B-29, July 1943

Pamphlet: The petoscope: a new principle in photoelectric applications 1936

Book: Jet Propulsion in Commercial air Transportation by Robert Hage 1948

Book: National Academy of Sciences membership directory 2000

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Container 11

Folder with photos, charts and graphs regarding wings

Binder: A new commercial aircraft solution design for Lindbergh field

Packet on 757 approach climax altitude analysis

Biographical memoirs on Carl Soderberg


Packet: new analytical tools and techniques for high lift work

Letter to Professor Gharib

Papers on Slotted cruise airfoil

Packet on development of wing spoilers

Packet on DC 9/DC 10 Wing design 1976

Packet on compressible flow

Draft memos on the 7X7

Wind tunnel study of the effect of wing fuselage interference on the low speed characteristics of a 25 degree sweptback wing model 1969

Article and photos on B-47 strato jet March 25 19XX, Lake Okeechobee

Chapter from book chapter 15, airplanes

Notebook on career with USAF received 1995

737 Wing drop analysis

Final summary pages for Lttas study

Memo: Prospects for a Slotted Airfoil, August 27, 1992, Development of Wing Spoilers

Study Series: Vortex Wakes of Large Aircraft, June 15-16, 1974

High Speed Flow Fhysics

Memo: Induced Drag of Flapped Wings, June 14, 1956

Graphs: Turbo-jet Range, November 17, 1947

Speed Stability Criteria, December 5, 1978

Memo: Premliminary Summary of Leading Edge Boundary Layer Control Wind Tunnel Test Results, March 3, 1964

Blue Prints: General Arrangement - Model 747-261, June 2, 1966

Draft paper: Boundary Layer and m\Mixing Layer Structures

Copy of Article: Crew Cited For Saving Crippled, Burning B-47

Symposium - A New Commercial Aircraft Solution, April 19, 1997, "Design for Lindbergh Field Trans-Pacific Airplane Family"

Paper: "A New Approach to Systems Engineering for Commercial Products", March 6, 1967

Article: "The First B-29 Raid on Tokyo - SAN ANTONIO I", April 1999

Paper: "Correcting the Boeing 314 Directional Stablity" by Edmund T. Allen, January 1943 - The Sixth Wright Brothers Lecture from the Journal of the Aeronautical Sciences

Article: Airfoil Drag Prediction and Decomposition, July-August 1999

Paper: "Factors Determoning the Cost of Operating an Airliner", December 10, 1993

Paper: Stability and Control of the B-52, November 3, 1960

Translation of a German speech regarding the Messerschmitt A6, including graphs and photographs

Large white binder; biography, letters Jan 1970-Dec 1971, BSRL, articles by GSS

Pamphlets: Alberg 35

Boat sketches and diagrams

Pamphlet: Properties of High Explosives, 1945

Red binde:; illegible notes, photocopied articles on varying aircraft

Orange binder: science notes

Papers: Flow Field Studies of A Transport Airplane Configuration

Bound computations

Altitude Effects on survival and radar effectiveness

Report: "Flight profiles for the Nike-Zeus, HiBEX Super UpSTAGE, and Sprint Launch Systems, 1972

"The Accuracy Problem of Strategic Bombing" 1979

Report: Scanning Capabilities of radars, 1967

"Effect of aim point error"

767 Inboard double slot analysis

757 Flexible Krueger Design for short field version

Report: “the design of a low drag denver take-off leading edge flap" 1978

"Recollections" by Courtland Perkins

Wind tunnel tests on a high wing monoplane

Brochure: "vortex wakes of large aircraft"

Report: "Rolling moments due to rolling and yaw for four wing models in rotation"

Negative of a wing

"Transport aircraft operating economics" by G.S. Shairer

Ziploc bag with transparencies and barely legible index

Bound diagrams: Platform Comparison, August 1976

Report: "Attitude indication following in-flight upset- commercial transport airlines" 1979

Wing charts

File from UW Aeronautical Lab "Wind Tunnel Tests on a 1/18 scale model of the Boeing 307 airplane" circa 1939-40

Bag with photos- models in a wind tunnel?

Small brown folder - Dollar bill with several signatures, 1944, Boeing B-29 flight info preliminary Pamphlet, "A Brief History" the international council of the aeronautical sciences, 1980, Boeing B-29, some flying information, Harvard Advanced Management program Record, 1957 - Hawaii, Several programs from various Annual Anglo-American Aeronautical Conferences, various travel postcards, postcard of Boeing 707

Larger brown folder of letters, itineraries, and phone lists

Larger brown folder of magazine articles

Memo to Boeing from GSS "Disposition of My Files", January 27, 1986

The Boeing Company - Defense of Cities - February 3, 1969

Ballistic Missile Offense Memo, February 28, 1963

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Container 12

Two Envelopes of Werle Color negatives, water flow pictures

Dark blue binder; for presentation on B-47? Papers in plastic covers, slide labels

Computer file index papers

Booklet on the Boeing 307 Stratoliner, 1989

Booklet: "The First Boeing High-Speed Wind Tunnel", by William Cook

Black binder: autobiography, sources on info

Bound collection of lined paper notes, 1986, Turb BL?

Bound collection of lined paper notes, 1983, "Separation, Stalling, and Related Phenomena"

Green folder, Fluid Mechanics - labeled "Fluid Mech"

Brown vertical file folder: collection of 8x10 B&W photos; airplanes, models, wind tunnel, planes in construction - labeled "BOEING"

Blue spiral notebook of notes

Brown vertical file folder of letters, most addressed to GSS, but does not contain THE letter - labeld "Letters"

Copies of "The Engineering Revolution Leading to the Boeing 707", by GSS, AIAA Aerodynamics Conference, Seattle 1989

Black binder with GSS retirement party pictures, letters, cards, etc.

Vertical file folder of obituaries

Brown vertical file folder labeled 'memories' random notes and graphs, news clippings of Schairer at 15

Various letters and articles

One page autobiography of GSS

GSS Resignation Notes, April 1987

Stapled collection of copies of GSS's Department of Defense Personnel Security Questionnaire, travel log, organization involvement, etc

Brown vertical file folder: Dept. of Defense info, letters, notes, etc. Articles.

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Container 13

Book 'Bird Flight' 200 Action Photos by Gordon C. Aymar 1938

Various articles, arranged according to author's last name, A-G

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Container 14

Various articles, arranged according to author's last name, Q-Z

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Container 15

Various articles, arranged according to author's last name, H-P

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Container 16

Boeing Annual reports 1987-91, 93, 94

Old scientific notebook of GSS

German book, "Abriss der stronmunglehre" by Ludwig prandtl 1931

Math book "Advanced Calculus" by Frederick Woods 1926

Report to Stockholders 1946, 1951

Boeing Annual reports 1952-1981, 1984-1986, 1995

Booklet The Boeing Company, "Defining Aerospace Leadership" 1997

Articles from J. Fluid Mech. 2000

Roll of negatives 1934

Wooden pen

The Boeing Logbook 1916-1991 (Boeing history - timeline and airplanes)

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents6/1/1983

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents10/1/1992

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents9/1/1992

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents1/1/1986

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents2/1/1986

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents3/1/1993

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents1/1/1993

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents12/1/1992

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents9/1/1985

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents8/1/1985

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents7/1/1985

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents6/1/1985

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents3/1/1985

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents2/1/1985

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents1/1/1985

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents5/1/1985

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents8/1/1992

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents11/1/1985

J.Fluid Mech articles unbound with hard cover table of contents

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Container 17

Multiple copies of "The Engineering Revolution Leading to the Boeing 707", by GSS, AIAA Aerodynamics Conference, Seattle 1989

Multiple copies of "The Role of Competition in Aeronautics", GSS, Wright memorial lecture, London 1968

The Next Revolution in Electronics by GSS, presented to the Western Electronics Manufacturers Association, June 1962

"Pod Mounting of Jet Engines" GSS Anglo-American Aeronautical Conference 1953, multiple copies

Multiple copies of "On Wave Induced Capsizing" GSS, 1984

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Container 18

Stratford Diffusion Air Foils 1954

Breakthroughs. Diffusers and Confusers. Large collection of bound papers

Maroon Whitman binder: GSS Stories catalog, 1-20

Booklet, "Pod Mounting of Jet Engines", GSS, 1953, 2 copies

"The Role of Competition in Aeronautics", GSS, Wright memorial lecture, London 1968

"Some Opportunities for Progress in Aircraft Performance" by GSS, 27th Wright Bros. Lecture, AIAA meeting, 1964, New York

A Study of Factors Which Limit the Use of Military Aircraft (B-29 and B-17) not dated

"Carburetion" by GSS 1932

"Looking Ahead in V/STOL" by GSS, presented at IAS-RAeS Meeting, London, 1961

"Transport Aircraft Operating Economics", GSS, date unknown, for Boeing

Schematic diagram of Stromberg injection carburetor with fuel head enrichment valve, Bendix Aviation Corp. 1946

Notes on VTOL climb performance, 1958

Draft of "Airplane Performance", early 1943

Collection of notes, articles, and papers on industry, manufacturing, etc. 1960's

Booklet 'The Engineering Revolution Leading to the Boeing 707' by GSS, presented at the AIAA 7th annual applied aerodynamics conf., 1989, Seattle

"Schairer's Airplane Slide Rule for the estimation of airplane performance" by GSS, copyright 1937

"On Wave-Induced Capsizing", GSS, 1984

"The Next Revolution in Electronics" by GSS, presented to the Western Electronics Manufacturers Association, June 1962

"Perspective of SST Aircraft Noise Problem" by GSS, J.V. O'Keefe, and P.E. Johnson, 1968

Stapled transparencies: acceleration, particle velocities, etc.

Boeing Management Perspective, Volume 2, Number 6, November/December 1996

Stapled papers on Meteorology

"Industry Requirements for Creativity Training of Graduate Engineering Students" by GSS, 1966?

"Notes on Rocket Experiments for Science Club", GSS, 1959

"Design for Reliability", GSS and Herbert Clayman, 1957

Paper clipped papers on wind shear, accidents, etc, 1983

Collection of graphs

Analysis of the TWA N840TW Maneuver Incident, 1979 over Michigan

"Summary of Blowing Nacelle Data", John Foster and Philip Kirk, 1966, Boeing report

Boeing report, "A Two-dimensional wind tunnel study of advanced high-lift concepts with boundary layer control- phase 1", A.S. Mahal, 1967

Nacelle Blowing test results, 1966

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Container 19

Large vertical file: articles, organized according to author's last name

Maroon binder: articles, photos, graphs, about planes

Multiple copies of "Aircraft Design- Present and Future" by GSS, presented at first annual meeting of AIAA, 1964, WA D.C.

Multiple copies of "Some Opportunities for Progress in Aircraft Performance" by GSS, 27th Wright Bros. Lecture, AIAA meeting, 1964, New York City

Multiple copies of "A Summary and Overview of V/STOL Concepts" by GSS, V/STOL Tech. and Planning Conference, Las Vegas, 1969

8x10 sepia tone photo of a young woman - no identification on photo

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Container 20

NASA Contractor Report "Rotary-Wing Aerodynamics Vol. 1 Basic Theories of Rotor Aerodynamics (With application to helicopters)" 1979

NASA Contractor Report "Rotary-Wing Aerodynamics Vol. 2 Performance Prediction of Helicopters" 1979

Black leather 7-ring notebook, GSS, notes, from time he lived in Bronxville, NY

Green binder: drafts and edited articles/reports/autobiography

Black binder: book 10 of autobiography drafts

Red binder: Handling Characteristics, etc. plus autobiographical papers

Black binder: propellers, A and B, 1995

Maroon binder: for autobiography- roll upset A, B, and C, unresolved, aero membership

Gray binder- some notes concerning aircraft performance and the control of an aircraft's flight path

Black binder: writings on European airliners, by GSS, and some news clippings

Large black binder: autobiography rough drafts, 1995

Blue binder: rough draft of auto bio, 1996

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Container 21

George S. Schairer' brass plaque, 1978 Honoring his Boeing accomplishments (bottom of the box)

Torn article on the 'Consolidated Model PBY-2 5-place patrol bomber'

Small collection of photos of planes and components- most swept wing, 707, XB-47

Miscellaneous photos

Negative of the Convair XB-46 Bomber

Invitation to Museum of Flight's "Wings over the Pacific" exhibit, 1993

8x10 photo of the Boeing 767-300

8x10 photo of the Boeing 757

Financial notes: stocks, Otto S. Schairer Trust, 1976-77

Folder of papes: school notes (?) "Airplane Performance Estimation -Airplane Slide Rule-" GSS 1935, "Airplane Performance Predication, "An Airplane Slide Rule", Schairer Rudder Control for Aircraft memo to Bendix Products Corporation, Patent Department

Graphs and transparencies

List of GSS inventions and patents, and more info on each.

Response to GSS's request for disposition of his files, stapled to GSS's rough draft of request

Letter regarding checks for bonuses payable, stapled to diagrams of propeller components?

Swarthmore college report, "A Mathematical Analysis of Flight" W.E. Boeing Scholarship, GSS, 1934

Polaroid picture, 1999, airplane models on wall (of office?)

Published copy of "Schairer's Airplane Slide Rule for the Estimation of Airplane Performance" by GSS, copyright 1937

Boxed set, "Articles and Addresses of Theodore P. Wright" Volume 1: Aeronautical Engineering, "Articles and Addresses of Theodore P. Wright" Volume 2: Aircraft Production, Uses of Aviation, "Articles and Addresses of Theodore P. Wright" Volume 3: Impact of Aviation, University Activities

Book 'Boeing's Ed Wells', by Mary Wells Geer, 1992. Inside cover has a news clipping of author's obituary

Book 'Flying High: The Story of Boeing and the Rise of the Jetliner Industry', nby Eugene Rodgers 1885

Booklet: 'Voyager 1 Encounter With Jupiter', NASA, 1979

Book: 'NASA Technical Translation: Theory of the Lifting Airscrew' February 1972

Book: 'Vol. 4 Articles and Addresses of Theodore P. Wright: A Post Retirement Miscellany' Volume IV, 1970

Book: 'Die deutsche Luftfahrt: Willy Messerschnitt- Pionier der Luftfahrt und des Leichtbaues' by Hans J. Ebert, Johann B. Kaiser, Kalus Peters 1992

Booklet: 'Past and Present', by G.S. Schairer, Engineering Education Unit, 1953

Collection of Boeing Travel Expense reports and travel vouchers, 1950's-70's

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Container 22

Royal Blue binder: many sections, all containing articles, graphs, and equations- some topics: spiral stability, tailspin, sweep, vortices, propulsion systems, etc.

Dark Blue binder: drawings of planes, pictures, wind tunnel, zero sweep model, etc.

Red binder: no index, collection of photos, ads, letters, performance reports, graphs, etc.

White binder: collection of articles and reports, wide variety of topics- vortices, turbulence, flow, etc.

Bound papers: articles and graphs on flow, airfoils and tails

Black binder: more physics papers, early 1990's

Light blue folder: landing gear

Red folder: typed and handwritten notes 1993ish

Small dark blue binder: wind tunnels

Green binder: typed notes and reports, from the 1990's

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Container 23

Large file of wave papers, data and charts (in an envelope at the bottom of the box)

Presentation boards/cards "The engineering revolution leading to the 707 1989

Old aerodynamics notebook organized by model

Bound collection of wing data, charts, tables

Invoices as member of Model 650 Advisory Committee 1980

Miscellaneous correspondence and data

Folder of hand written information about waves difficult to read

US yacht racing union, interim report of the directors April 1983

US yacht racing union, 2nd interim report of the directors June 1984

More articles and reports about waves

Paper: "Optimum design of Airfoils" by F.X. Wortmann 1976

Photo of Boeing Jetfoil with Space needle in background

Vertol Aircraft Corp. 1959 financial information

Packet: "Passenger load factors and market penetration of competing airplane types 1970

Boeing external blown flap stol demonstrator wind tunnel tests 1970

Green pamhplet: "Behind An Air Victory: A Case History of One Company's Contribution to the W inning of World War II (2 copies)

Boeing Magazine June 1955

Booklet: "Voyager 1 encounters Saturn" Dec 1980

Photos of airfoil made to demonstrate upper and lower surface blowing 1971

Boeing Magazine July 1966 50th anniversary edition

General Electric Magazine "Project Cirrus" Nov 1952

Notebook: A meteorological analysis of the 720 airplane incident at O'Neill, Nebraska 1967

Aramco World May-June 1992 "The Middle East and The Age of Discovery"

Paper by M.S. Longuet-Higgins "The trajectories of particles in steep, symmetric gravity waves 1978

Airliner Jan-Mar 1997 737-700 First Flight

Notebook: "A General propeller chary suitable for a wide range of propellers 1943

Miscellaneous months from a calendar with sketches of aircraft for each month

Packet: "Flight control and integrity objectives" 1979

French brochure of recommendations for airline 1991 "L'avion de transporte a haute vitesse"

Small booklet about the Red barn

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Container 24

Articles from many different journals and years about waves

Newspaper clippings about capsizing accident 1982

NASA book "Wave climate model of the mid-Atlantic shelf and shoreline 1974

"Fastnet Race Inquiry" 1979 Royal Yachting association

"Measuring Ocean Waves" symposium and workshop 1981

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Container 25

White binder of airfoil data and calculations

White binder of tables, charts and graphs (starts with standard altitude table)

White binder organized by Action Item of data and calculations - named "Result of George Schairer Meeting" December 2, 1997

Green Binder with diagrams, transparencies, calculations September 15, 1998

Binder of correspondence copies 1959-1979

White binder of journal articles and papers about air foils

Purple binder of graphs charts data on airfoils

White binder with bibliography, data charts and graphs

Green Binder aircraft design notes, data and articles, presentation on 707 given at 7th AIAA Applied Aerodynamics conference 1989

Orange/Red binder titled Some Rocks to Look Under in a Search for a Superior "150" Twin Turbofan Transport (various versions)

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Container 26


Bound data on Strip theory and stability in Aviation

Bound wing data on B-52

Very large bound collection on Limitations of strip theory Stability in Aviation

Green Binder with long bibliography and data/paper on particle trajectories in the highest wave Research bulletin I-37 Maximum Wave Conditions for Design, Society of Naval Architects1978

Copy of Science June 1979

Journal article: of Geophysical research, about white caps and wind speed Jan 1974

Journal article: of Geophysical research, about Wind dependence of Radar Sea Return June 1974

Paper by David LeVine Spectrum of Poser scattered by a short pulse from a stochastic surface Aug 1974

Paper by Calvin Swift Simulation of synthetic aperture radar imaging of ocean waves Oct. 1974 Nasa Tech Memorandum

Paper by David LeVine Scattering of obliquely incident plane waves from a corrugated conducting surface, April 1975 NASA TM

Table of contents for book Ocean Wave Spectra May 1961

Chapter One: on observations of the directional spectrum of sea waves using the motions of a floating buoy May 1961

Chapter Two: What can data analysis and statistics offer today

Chapter Five: Some engineering aspects of wave spectra

Chapter Six: radar sea return and ocean wave spectra

Paper for International Symposium on Hydrodynamics in ocean engineering, in Norway 1981 "Numerical calculations of forces from breaking waves

Paper for 14th symposium of Naval Hydrodynamics in Mich. August 1982 "Numerical approach to nonlinear ship-motion

Paper: Lamont Poole, Transformation of apparent ocean wave spectra observed from an aircraft sensor platform NASA Tech Note June 1976

Paper: J.W. Dold and D.H. Peregrine "Steep Unsteady Water Waves: An efficient computational scheme: 1984

Paper: R.S. Johnson "On the oblique interaction of a large and small solitary wave Feb. 1981

Paper: O.M. Phillips "Nonlinear dispersive waves" 1974

Paper: Teresa Kathleen Chereskin "The Development of nonlinear surface and internal wave groups" 1976

Paper: Daniel Meiron, Philip Saffman and Henry Yuen "Calculation of steady 3D deep-water waves 1982

Journal of Waterways and Harbors Division "Shoaling of Solitary waves on small slopes: Feb. 1969

Report from Norwegian Hydrodynamic Laboratories "Design Waves" 1981

Dozen photos of waves in the ocean

Article from Marine Tech Oct 1978 "Application of Seakeeping Analysis

Society of Naval Architects and Marine engineers 1981"Risk and Operability Analysis in the Marine Environment

Transactions 1990 "Seakeeping Studies: A status report"

Transactions 1990 "The Reconstruction of the Exxon Valdez"

Transactions 1990 "Design and Construction of the US Coast Guard's 47ft self righting, Heavy Weather Rescue craft

Transactions 1990 "Hydrodynamics of Remotely sensed surface ship wakes"

Journal of Ship Research 1991"The Transient Capsie diagram-A new method of Quantifying stability in waves"

Marine Tech. 1991 "Ship Maneuverablity analysis using steady-state techniques"

Marine Tech. 1989 " Design and Hydrodynamic Performance of Sailboat Keels"

Journal of Ship Research 1990 "Numerical Modeling of Ship Motions and Capsizing in Severe Seas"

Journal of Ship Research 1991 "Nonlilnear local analysis of steady flow about a ship"

Transactions 1990 "Sailing Yacht Design- A New Appreciation of a Fine Art"

Journal of Ship Research 1991 "Forces on Surface-Piercing Propellers with inclination"

Journal of Ship Research 1991 "A review of the Kelvin Ship Wave Pattern"

Wavelet Analysis Annotative Bibliography

Journal of Ship research Sept 1990

Marine Tech. 1990 "Boundary-Layer explorations over a 2D Mast/Sail geometry

Journal of Ship Research 1990 "On Optimum large Amplitude Sculling Propulsion by Wings of Finite Span"

Journal of Ship Research 1990 "Diffraction Waves About an advancing wedge model in deep water"

Journal of Ship Research 1993 "Modern Nonlinear dynamical analysis of vertical plane motion of planning hulls"

Transactions 1993 "Predicting the Speed of Sailing Yachts"

Transactions 1993 Naval Architecture Technology used in Winning the 1992 American's cup match

Marine Tech. 1993 "A Resistacne Study of a Systematic Series of Low L/B vessels

Norwegian Hydrodynamics Laboratories Report on Stabilty criteria for wessels operating in a seaway 1985

Norwegian Hydrodynamics Laboratories Report Stabilty for vessels balanced on a wavecrest in following waves. Hydrostatical calculations-model tests 1985

Misc data charts

Marine Tech. 1990 "Design of a 40ft Multihull Sailboat for Offshore racing"

Transactions 1992 "Correlation studeis on Propeller cavitation making use of a large cavitation tunnel"

Transactions 1992 "D-Series systematic experiments with models of fast twin-screw displacement ships

Journal of Ship Research 1992 "on the Hydrodynamics of Vertically Oscillating Planing Hulls

Journal of Ship Research 1992 "Mean Flow Measurements in the eboundary Layer and Wake and Wave Field of a Series 60 Cb=.6…"

Marine Tech 1989 "Sailing Vessel Stability0with Particular reference to the Pride of Baltimore casuality"

Skip I Sjogang Ships in Rough Seas Report "Forecast of Breaking Waves on the Norwegian Continental shelf 1981

Paper Soren Peter Kjeldsen "2 and 3 Dimensional deterministic freak waves" Nov 1982

Journal of Ship Research 1981 "From Bulbous bow to Free-Surface Shock Wave-Trends of …"

Marine Tech. 1996 "Sailing Ship Intact Stability Criteria"

Marine Tech. 1992 "Dynamic Stability of Planing Boats

Paper: Joseph Salsich and John Zseleczky "Experimental studies of Capsizing in breaking waves" 1983

Paper: Ming-Yang Su and Albert Green "Wave Breaking and Nonlinear Instablity coupling" 1984

J. Fluid Mech. 1977 "Directional slope and curvature distributions of wind waves"

Paper: Erik Mollo-Christensen "Surface signs of internal ocean dynamics" 1973

Newspaper clipping NY Times May 22 1985 Oil Rig Capsizing in Louisiana

Newspaper clipping about coast guard expanding service circa late 1960s early 70s

Applied Ocean Research 1984 "Parametric modeling of joint probability density distributions for…"

Norwegian Maritime Research 1984 "Dangerous Wave Group"

Skip I Sjogang Ships in Rough Seas Report "Forecast of Breaking waves on the Norwegian Continental shelf 1981

Paper: Richard Lee Storch et al. "Natural environment stability tests of an industrial vessell hull form" 1982

Paper: Michael Triantafyllou and Marc Bodson "Real Time Prediction of Marine Vessel Motions, using Kalman filtering techniques 1982

J. Fluid Mech. 1976 "A numerical model of the air flow above water waves"

J. Fluid Mech. 1975 "Wind-generated gravity-capillary waves: laboratory measurements of temporal growth rates…"

Journal articles from geophysical research 1964-1972

Report from Marine Exploration limited 1974

Paper: S.P. Kjeldsen "the experimental verification of numerical models of plunging breakers" 1984

Science 1990 Imaging Radar

J. Fluid Mech 1971 airflow and waves

MIT paper: Theodore Loukakis "Extreme wave hieghts and ship responses in a seaway" 1970

Marine Tech 1982 Waves

J. Fluid Mech 1977

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Container 27

Stapled book Airplane Upsets, full of charts and data, September 1979

Report on Gust intensity tolerance of the B-52G & H

Correspondence between GSS and K.F. Holtby 1983 lots of expense information

Correspondence between GSS and M.T. Stamper 1982 lots of expense information

Correspondence between GSS and M.T. Stamper 1981 lots of expense information

Correspondence between GSS and M.T. Stamper 1980 expenses

Aviation Week 1/20/1958

Aviation Week 1/20/1969

Packet on Predicting the Grounding strength of Ships

Aviation article from Time Magazine April 1980

Aviation Week 8/4/1969 and 8/11/69

Red Binder: Minutes from Retire Breakfast 9/27/97 with charts and data from discussion

Nomination and application for Ludwig Bolkow to win Daniel Guggenheim Medal 1993

Correspondence between GSS and Library of Congress division of Aeronautics 1936

Paper: Critical military vehicle technology

Newsletter: Air Museum News, Pacific Museum of Flight, Vol. No. 2, August 1979

Engineering matrix, charts on wind for B-52

Newspaper clipping from Tokyo Newspaper in Japanese?

Program and speech from Bill Allen dinner May 20, 1977

Magazine article International Science and Tech. April 1965 competition brings out brightest to perform

Packet :Profile Deltoid Pumpkin seed 3

Packet: Profile Center of a new World

NY Times clipping of Declaration of Independence 1961

Packet: Aspects of instrument development for all-weather operation

Packet: on considerations of safety in automatic flight control

Pamphlet: Simulation of an economy with development and trade problems 1962

Packet: Appendix A on classroom, lab, thesis direction statistics 1965

Packet: development of scientific and technical manpower resources 1965

Pamphlet: in German Die Geschichte der Me 262 1962

Article from AIAA journal Aerodynamic properties of a Two-Dimensional Inextensible flexible airfoil 1984

Packet: of charts and data

Members of United Engineering Foundation 2000

Article from Aviation week and Space Tech. 1999

Book in German Messerchmitt Flugzeuge on various German aircraft

Chapter from Aerospace Proceedings on Britain's influence on World Aviation 1966

Packet full of GSS notes

Transparencies of charts and graphs

Pages on quieting the noise level of aircraft silencing noggels

Information on Pakistan airline and who to contact

Many magazine articles on varies things

Many newspaper clippings too

Long articles photocopied concerning turbulence

Paper: Andre A Baudat BioEgineering Flight, an hypothesis on bird flight mechanism and its possible application to aircraft, August 22, 1980

Articles from AIAA 8/2000

French report on visual hydrodynamics by Henri Werle 1971

Pamphlet: "How Decisions are made for aircraft programs 1982 Wright Bros. Lectureship in Aeronautics

Case study in Aircraft design 727 1978

Bound charts, data concerning 2D stall and fluid mechanics

Selected Financial Data on Boeing 1935-1959

Theoretical and Experimental contribution to the study of boundary layer control by blowing Dec. 1960

Misc chart data graphs

Fortune, September 1951, Boeing's Bombers

Yesterflight pamphlet, Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation, Vol. 3, #1, Spring 1978

AIAA 1982 Sources and Detection of Atmospheric Wind Shear

Large graph of Boeing analysis of flight recorder data NWA-N730 US Albany GA

Large graph of Boeing analysis of flight recorder data UAL-N7213U O'Neill, Neb

Data concerning 30 degree elliptical gate

Data concerning force summaries for Runs 12-260

Data concerning configuration summaries 20-260

Expense Reports and Contracts between Boeing and GSS early 80s

Wing notes and data and letter from US Patent Office

IAS Journal May 1941 Directional Stability and Vertical Surface Stalling

Paper: Davis Wing and the problem of airfoil design by Walter Vincenti

Data, limited according to letter on top about the PT-19 program 1977

Paper: Directional Stability and Vertical surface stalling 1941

Data on fluid foil and wing development

Paper: Notes on Upset, Dive recovery and Break up 1979

Report on United Airlines Flight 746 1963 by Capt. G T. Henderson Flight Manager for United

Paper: Aircraft Design Present and Future

Journal article Systematic Wing Section Development Journal of the Aeronautical Sciences Jan 1947

Journal article Hydrodynamic Longitudinal stability Journal of the Aeronautical Sciences Aug. 1950

Pictures of the interior of jet engine

Paper: Society of Flight test engineers, September 18, 1969

Paper: “How the Airplane Designer can Help the People in the Cockpit” April 26, 1967 (two versions)

Paper: Transports by GSS, September 17, 1959

Speech to Purdue Branch Institute of Aeronautical Sciences

Papers: Technology and State-of-the-Art for Manned Aircraft in Future Warfare April 17, 1968, Part 1 & 2

Paper: Systematic Wing Section Development by GSS

Speech at Corporate Management Meeting, August 25, 1966

Paper: Role of Research in Stimulating Industrial Research and Community Growth by GSS, May 15, 1964

Paper: Design for Reliability by GSS and Herbert Clayman 1957

Paper: Remarks at Opening of Wellwood E. Beall exhibit at Pacific Museum of Flight by GSS September 28, 1979

Paper: Continuing Education and Retraining January 6, 1965

Paper: to President Science Advisory Committee "Retraining" of Scientific and Technology Manpower, August 3, 1964

Paper: Education, Research and Community economic Health 1960

GSS Commencement Address to Marysville HS 1963

Paper: Aeronautical and astronautical engineering 1963

Paper: Man and Machine in Space August 7-8, 1961

Paper: "Technology and the Bright New World Ahead" October 25, 1973

Statement to the Senate government operations committee 1975

Paper: “Designing for noise reduction” 1975

Paper: “Some Performance Considerations of a Jet Transport Airplane” 1953

Luncheon Speech 1969 to Armed Forces Management Association "Flying Article Competitions Can Save Money"

Paper: Airframe Propulsion Compatibility Symposium 1969 Communication Between System Engineers

Paper: Next revolution in electronics, June 21, 1962

Paper: University/Govt/Industry relations to aeronautics

Paper: Background on 707 Jet 1953

Paper: Supersonic Transport 1971

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Container 28

Newspaper clippings

Copies of misc memos report of fuselage construction - copies of memo's written by Bendix

Party invitation to 85th birthday of HW Liepamann

Article: "Rotary wings at the beginning" from Flight journal, April 1999

National Academy of Engineering public directory list, March 17, 1999

Disposition of GSS files

Letter by GSS to fluid mechanics about importance of airflow

Article presentation at 16th Israel annual conference on aviation 1974

Boeing News 1997 sweep wings

Notebook: Study of atmospheric turbulence 1966

Notebook: Meteorological aspects of atmospheric turbulence 1966

Misc papers, photos, graphs very unorganized may have been together at one time, all hole punched - some subjects: Flow Separations, vortex lateral positions, lift annomolies, invention of the DC-9 supercritical airfoil

Stapled packet V-22 Flight test aerodynamic Refinements

Paper: Invention of the super critical air foil

Paper: 767 Denver Take off L/D Improvement

Paper in German

Misc newspaper articles

Series of articles by rev. Dale Turner, Seattle Times

Rough draft on flight control and integrity objective 1979

US air wake encounter scenario stapled packet

Pamphlet: Solid propellants for rockets and other jet propelled devices 1945

Binder on the 767

Folder on fatigue cracks

Folder complete bibliography

Folder titled wind tunnel pamphlet, eddie allen memorial labs, misc. notes B 52 info.

Folder titled "Effect of design cruise mach number" of graphs, jet engine performance, Pakistan itinerary for GSS and family dated October, 1962

Folder of photos of non Boeing aircraft and personal photos

Stapled packet static and dynamic testing of a 1/25th scale model 360 chopper flotation gear system 1981

Light blue Notebook Boeing and competitor’s aircraft a performance and economic comparison 1972

Boeing & competitor's aircraft - A Performance & Econonic Comparision 1971

Green Binder collection of journal articles from air nautical sciences 1950-51

Green Binder aerodynamic theory

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Container 29

Color poster of B-29 and test pilot Eddie Allen

Navy blue Binder of slides; graphs, planes, test flights

Navy blue Binder with diagrams and info on vortexes and fluid mechanics. Slides of vortexes, fluid motion, and currents over planes in wind tunnel

Red binder; copy of autobiography of Otto Schairer, bio sketch of GSS, and indexed autobio of GSS

Navy blue binder with GSS bio sketches, bio info, education, foreign countries visited, papers written by GSS

Purple binder; more bio info, charts, engineering articles, more autobio info

Navy blue Binder of handwritten stuff (can't read it) and printed papers on Stalling

Black binder; inflow, handling characteristics, "an aerodynamycist encounters fluid mechanics, plus more bio of GSS

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Library Books

Two books '50 Jahre Turbostrahlflug' 1989

Book 'Publications in Aeronautical Science' 1955

Book 'Aviation in Transition? Aircraft to be of different type?' by Grover Loening, May 21, 1969

Book 'Mathematical Methods in Engineering' by Karman and Boit 1940

Book 'The Iliad of Homer'

Book 'Von Gleitflug Zum Segelflug' by von Gustav Lilienthal 1923

Book 'Principles of Physics series: 'Mechanics' by Keith R. Symon January, 1957

Book 'Mathematics of Statistics' Part One by John F. Kenney September 1948

Book 'Airplane Performance, Stability, and Control' by Courtland D. Perkins and Robert E. Hage 1949

Book 'Of Flight and Life' by Charles A. Lindbergh 1948

Book 'John A. Brashear; An Autobiography' Edited by Lucian Scaife, C.E.,PhB 1924

Book 'Wide-Body: The Triumph of the 747', by Clive Irving First Edition 1993

Book 'Superfortress: The B-29 and American Air Power', by General Curtis E. LeMay and Bill Yenne 1988

Book 'Airplane Structures' by Alfred S. Niles andJoseph S. Newell 1929

Book 'The Wind and Beyond: Theodore von Karman Pioneer in Aviation and Pathfinder in Space' by Theodore von Karman with Lee D\Edson First Edition 1967

Book 'Not much of an Engineer' Sir Stanley Hooker, an autobiography Assisted by Bill Gunston 1984

Book 'Vision: The Story of Boeing', by Harold Mansfield 1966

Book 'The Challenge', by Harold Mansfield (The Tumultuous Story Behind America's Forts and Jets, First Impression, May 1958

Book 'Listen to Leaders in Engineering' Albert Love and James Saxon Childers, Editors 1965

Book 'Boeing The First Century', by Eugene E. Bauer 2000

Book 'The USAF Scientific Advisory Board: Its First Twenty Years 1944-1964' by Thomas A. Sturm, February 1967

Book 'Thermodynamics' by J.E. Emswiler, Revised by F.L. Schwartz, Firth Edition, Second Impression 1943

Book 'General Chemistry: An Elementary Survey' by Horace C. Deming, Third Edition 1930

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George Schairer Engineering Design Letter

Eight notebook pages detailing German WWII swept wing design information

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George Schairer Engineering Collection

The file cabinets and boxes are as they were when they arrived from Mr. Schairer. Two Seattle University student interns created the index of the materials.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

 Museum of Flight Archives

9404 East Marginal Way South
Seattle, WA

George Schairer Collection

Files and Cabinets are stored in the back in the passway for bay 43. The letter is stored in the safe.

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Controlled Access Headings


  • Archival Ephemera
  • Book -- Published Material
  • Photographs
  • Portrait
  • Publications - Serial


  • Airplane Design
  • Brochures
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