The Dr. W. Dale Parker US Manned Space Program Memorabilia Collection

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Museum of Flight Archives
Creator - Compiler
Parker, Dr. W. Dale
Parker US Manned Space Program Memorabilia Collection
Date [inclusive]
30.0 Linear feet consiting of twenty-five bankers boxes and 4 large collections boxes and one mailing tube.
Abstract of the Parker US Manned Space Program Memorabilia
The Parker space memorabilia collection is a large collection of ephemera and artifacts collected by three members of the Parker family date between 1957 and 1989, beginning shortly after the launch of the Sputnik by the Soviet Union. Items relate to the Mecury, Gemini, Apollo, Apollo Soyuz, Skylab, Agena and Shuttle programs and are non-technical in nature. The collection is primarily materials created for the public and includes many photographs, publications, stamps, souvenir coins and other items of that nature.

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Biographical Information on the Parkers

Dr. W. Dale Parker (1925 – 2007)

Aerospace scientist and management specialist. Production engineer, personnel and public relations specialist, General Motors Corporation (1949-61); manufacturing engineer, General Dynamics/Astronautics (1961-64); aerospace scientist and management specialist in Gemini spacecraft production program, NASA (1964-69). He was a member of many societies, institutions and fraternal orders and served as a director or chairman for many regional clubs, campaigns and Committees. Dr. W. Dale Parker was born in Portsmouth, Va., April 13, 1925, a son of the late Otis and Eva Dempsey Parker. He died Sunday July 8, 2007, in Watauga, Texas.

Otis Jerome Parker (1918-1995) Aerospace engineer at NASA's Langley Research Center during Gemini, Apollo and Skylab programs. NASA technical publications regarding "jet shoes" and other matters.

Collections of personal and engineering documentation for both Dale and Otis Parker are held in the Archives of American Aerospace Exploration at the Virginia Tech Libraries Special Collections.

Lt. Col. "Jackie" Parker, USAF First female Air Force test pilot The adopted daughter of Dale & Boots Parker, Jackie Parker attended the University of Central Florida, majoring in mathematics and computer science. She graduated from college at age 17, the youngest graduate in the school's history. Jackie became an intern at NASA's Johnson Space Center, and was responsible for analysis of onboard computer systems. She was the youngest flight controller in NASA's history. After completing Officer Training School in 1980, she entered pilot training at Reese Air Force Base. She was Reese AFB's first T-38 instructor pilot and the first female graduate of the USAF Test Pilot School. Parker is the first woman in the United States to be assigned to an F-16 fighter squadron. Before setting out on a career of female firsts, Parker spent her earlier years being the youngest. This designation goes back to her birth as the youngest of five sisters. At age fourteen, she was the youngest student to attend the University of Central Florida and then, at seventeen, the youngest graduate. She took her bachelor's degree in computer science to NASA where she became the agency's youngest space flight controller. She was the Air Force's youngest instructor pilot for the T-38 and for the C-141. Parker has accumulated over 3,000 flying hours in over twenty-five types of aircraft, including the F-16, F-111, F-4, A-7, C-130, C-141, KC-135, T-38, OH-58, and UH-60. After KC-135 Aircraft Commander School at Castle AFB, California, she was assigned to the 4952nd Test Squadron of the 4950th Test Wing at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, where she was program manager and test pilot for the T-38 head-up display program. She was also program manager and test pilot for the testing of the C-27. She was elected as outstanding T-38 academic instructor at Reese five times. She received the Air Force Commendation Medal in 1985 and 1988 and the Meritorious Service Medal in 1993. She was one of two female F-16 pilots flying for "The Boys from Syracuse," the 138th Fighter Squadron of the 174th Fighter Wing of the New York ANG. Currently resides in Moss Bay, CA.

Beulah Farthing "Boots" Parker (1929 – 2008)

Management consultant and public relations executive. Married Dale Parker on Sept 13, 1968. Born Dec 25, 1929 in Boone NC. Died December 22, 2008 in Blowing Rock NC.

(Information compiled from an undated “Who’s who in the South & Southwest” found in the collection and online sources)

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Box 1

Folder 1 Man in Space bronze commemorative collector's edition coins: Mercury III,IV,VI,VII,VIII,IX; Gemini 3-12; Apollo 7-11 (1969); letter from Shell oil Company regarding the coins.

Folder 2 Newspaper clippings; Virginian -Pilot Sunday May 20,1973 re Naval shipyard museum; Virginian -Pilot Sunday March 31,1974" Medallion Designed by Parker”;” Space Souvenirs Exhibited in NC"; "Medallion Commemorates Astronaut Training Here"; "Museum Meet"

Folder 3 National Space Institute brochure;” Space for the Future" program from "an evening with Bob Hope in a Salute to Werner von Bruan";"Vital Issues" volume XXVI Number 4 "Space Exploration";NSI Newsletter Feb 1977; NSI brochure "Space: Our hope, our future"(2)

Folder 4 photos of the display of the Parker space artifacts, newspaper clipping Thursday Dec 27, 1973, order form for the commemorative medal” Astronaut Celestial Navigation Training"

Folder 5 NASA booklet "Short Glossary of Space Terms"

Folder 6 Biographical data on astronauts and NASA personnel

Folder 7 Atlas ICBM Fact Sheet General Dynamics

Folder 8 NASA Color portrait of Dale Parker, 2 black and white autographed photos of John Glenn

Folder 9 Gemini Program Awards Ceremony program Nov 23, 1966

Folder 10 NASA sticker, Apollo 10 Astronauts Scholarship Fund donation ticket, McDonnell Aircraft Corporation NASA button, North American Aviation badge for W.D. Parker, NASA Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Program badge

Folder 11 Apollo Soyuz Test Project Commemorative at medal and stand, Apollo XVII commemorative coin; General Dynamics/Astronautics 5th anniversary July 13, 1963 aluminum medallion; Apollo XIII commemorative medallion; Apollo XI commemorative medallion; Ohio's Aerospace pioneers Wilbur and Orville Wright, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong

Folder 12 Moorehead Planetarium Commemorative medallion, casting for Moorehead Planetarium Commemorative medallion; John Glenn 1st American to orbit the earth Commemorative medallion Feb 20, 1962; John Glenn Project Mercury orbital space flight Commemorative medallion; Moorehead Planetarium Commemorative medallion (bronze)

Folder 13 Apollo Soyuz napkin; Apollo XI Commemorative medallion; Apollo 14 team member sticker; General Dynamics/Astronautics 5th anniversary July 13, 1963; first weather satellite tie pin; mercury pin; Apollo tie pin; Gemini tie pin; atlas tie pin; Apollo 11 moon landing tie pin

Folder 14 Spinoff 1976 A bicentennial report NASA booklet; New Horizons NASA booklet

Folder 15 Medical Benefits From Space Research NASA booklet; General Dynamics News Wed Dec 19,1962; General Dynamics News Sat Jul 13,1963; NASA Activities Sept 1975; NASA Mission report Skylab; NASA booklet Pioneer Venus

Folder 16 photocopy of NASA "office of manned flight December 1965 Standard Abbreviations for manned space flight scheduling"; photocopy of NASA "John F Kennedy Space Center May 19, 1967 KSC Scheduling Abbreviations glossary";

Folder 17 Booklet- Military Standard Abbreviations for use on drawings and in technical-type publications May 1959; FO Inspection manual appendix B Abbreviations; unclassified Defense Documentation Center abbreviations

Folder 18 NASA Apollo Acronym list July 1966; Defense Documentation Center December 1965 Acronyms

Folder 19 NASA Dictionary of technical terms for aerospace use first edition 1965

Folder 20 Snoopy Patch

Folder 21 Cards for labeling exhibits of the Parker collection of space artifacts;Moorehead Planetarium Commemorative medallion; newspaper clipping regarding the space exhibits collection, informational booklet for Apollo Soyuz Art medal (see item 11 for the medal)

Folder 22 NASA Technology Utilization report 1974

Folder 23 NASA "office of manned flight November 10, 1964 Standard Abbreviations of terms used in milestone descriptions”;” office of manned flight January 1968 Standard Abbreviations for manned space flight scheduling"; office of manned space flight October 1966 "statement of work handbook"

Folder 24 NASA prints; views of Jupiter from pioneer (4); Apollo Soyuz Prime crew; earth views from Skylab

Folder 25 schematics of space shuttle (orbiter)

Folder 26 Apollo 16 Manned Flight Awareness program April 15, 1972; "On the Moon with Apollo 16, A guidebook to the Descartes Region"; Apollo 16 mission Summary, map of Holiday Inn Cocoa Beach Fla,"Welcome to the Launch of Apollo 16" activities agenda; mission highlights

Folder 27 "Today, Florida's Space Age Newspaper" Tuesday July 15, 1975 Headline "Apollo Weather: Clear"

Folder 28 Today, Florida's Space Age Newspaper Tuesday July 15, 1975 Apollo Soyuz; Rendezvous in Space

Folder 29 Today, Florida's Space Age Newspaper Tuesday July 27, 1971 Headline "Endeavour' Shipshape"

Folder 30 Life Magazine February 10, 1967 The Nation's Goodbye to Astronauts Grissom, White, Chaffee

Folder 31 Photo album featuring space related stamp collection and 'first day of issue' stamped postcards -- falling apart

Folder 32 Bowie knife

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Box 2

Folder 1 Republic of the Marshall Islands Space Shuttle Discovery $5 commemorative coin 1988

Folder 2 "one Small step…" 1971 Eisenhower dollar with frame and stand

Folder 3 Bound copy of "Hearing Before the Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences Unites States Senate" April 6, 1970

Folder 4 Paperback book "Skylab, A Guidebook" (NASA) 1973

Folder 5 booklet "Information for teachers (including classroom activities) Skylab student project" (NASA) 1972

Folder 6 Bound copy "Skylab Experiments" (NASA) August 1972

Folder 7 Bound copy "Applications of Aerospace Technology in Industry, Fire Safety" July 1971

Folder 8 Bound copy "Applications of Aerospace Technology in Industry, Lubrication" July 1971

Folder 9 Bound copy "Applications of Aerospace Technology in Industry, Plastics" July 1971

Folder 10 Bound copy "Applications of Aerospace Technology in Industry, Contamination Control" July 1971

Folder 11 Bound copy "Applications of Aerospace Technology in Industry, Patient Monitoring" July 1971

Folder 12 Bound copy "Applications of Aerospace Technology in Industry, Food Technology" July 1971

Folder 13 Bound copy "Applications of Aerospace Technology in Industry, Welding" July 1971

Folder 14 Bound copy "Applications of Aerospace Technology in Industry, Cryogenics" July 1971

Folder 15 Bound copy "Applications of Aerospace Technology in the Public Sector, " July 1971

Folder 16 Booklet "Skylab Mission Profile" Bendix Field Engineering Corporation May 7, 1973

Folder 17 Bound copy "Skylab News Reference Multiple Docking Adapter and Experiments" May 1973

Folder 18 "NASA News" Donald l. Zylstra. various dates from 1971 and 1972; Technology Application Bulletin October 1971; News from North American Rockwell S-22-B (2 copies)

Folder 19 "Two Cents Worth" speech, attributed to Gordon Gray; Statement of Daniel J Harnett before the subcommittee on Aeronautics and space technology, House of Representatives; Dr. Russell D. O'Neal Science Fair April 17, 1972 "Science-Truth and Integrity"(speech); letter from Bendix to Dr. Parker enclosing information on Bendix; brochures ESD Engineering Society of Detroit, Dr. Russell D. O'Neal;NASA Dr. Thomas O. Paine statement before the Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences, Unites States Senate. April 6, 1970

Folder 20 brochure AIAA Presents Down to Earth Space Program Applications; brochure Space Benefits today and tomorrow (4 copies); brochure Space benefits and older citizens; booklet NASA Aerospace Technology and Hospital Systems, selected contributions; booklet Medical Benefits From Space Research, NASA contributions in the field of rehabilitation; booklet Satellites at Work, Space in the seventies (NASA); photocopy fact sheet "Space Applications" April 1972; excerpt from "Skyline" 1971 "Applying the tools of space technology to effectively manage the planet's resources" ; "Aerospace" publication, Spring 1971;brochure "Utilizing Space for all mankind" GE space division

Folder 21 American Legion Magazine Aug 1973 "The Space Shuttle; bumper sticker "looking out for our earth with the space shuttle transportation system" (2), brochure "Space shuttle…to achieve space benefits at low cost" McDonnell Douglas; NASA brochure "Space Shuttle"(2); booklet "Space shuttle…to achieve space benefits at low cost" McDonnell Douglas; NASA booklet "Space Shuttle"; brochure "Space Shuttle Investment in the future" Grumman; NASA publication "Space Shuttle" May 1972;"Aerospace" April 1972; "News from Rockwell international Space division" April 11, 1973

Folder 22 Space Shuttle fact sheet January 1975

Folder 23 Space Shuttle pamphlet from Rockwell International (2)

Folder 24 Space shuttle lithographs (3) "orbiter landing", "Orbiter Landing Approach", "Liftoff"

Folder 25 "Space Shuttle" booklet from NASA; "Space Shuttle Transportation System" July 1975 Rockwell International

Folder 26 NASA booklet "The six orbits of Sigma 7 Walter M. Schirra's Space Flight October 3, 1962";brochure "The Space Flight of Astronaut Shepard and the Freedom 7 May 5, 1961";lithograph "Mercury" McDonnell Douglas; General Dynamics Atlas-Mercury Fact sheet; newspaper insert Durham Morning Herald Sunday April 22, 1962 Features- "Celebrated Seven Have the Right Qualifications"

Folder 27 NASA fact sheets, astronaut bio's about the Gemini program

Folder 28 NASA official photos from Gemini

Folder 29 McDonnell Airscoop Special Gemini issue December 1966; article of Gemini 11 tether rope

Folder 30 photocopy "Mercury Journal" Revision 30 August 1966

Folder 31 6 litho prints of the space shuttle

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Box 3

Folder 1 Atom /Apollo brochure

Folder 2 Bound Copy "Results of the third United States Manned Orbital Space Flight October 3, 1962"

Folder 3 Bound copy "Mercury Project Summary Including results of the Fourth Manned Orbital Flight May 15 and 16, 1963

Folder 4 copy "Manned Space Flight Experiments and Symposium Gemini Missions III and IV" Oct 18-19, 1965

Folder 5 John F. Kennedy Space Center Apollo Applications Program Office Space Vehicle Office General Experiments AAP Missions 1 and 2

Folder 6 John F. Kennedy Space Center Apollo Applications Program Office Space Vehicle Office General Requirements AAP Missions 1 and 2

Folder 7 bound copy "Project Mercury A Chronology"

Folder 8 bound copy "Project Gemini A Chronology"

Folder 9 "Outer Space" placemat; Astronaut Chart poster; Apollo 12 NASA photos

Folder 10 NASA Skylab photos

Folder 11 Skylab brochures; Skylab reference and calendar; newspaper clipping "Skylab now at Canaveral"; McDonnell Douglas Spirit article;” Your Chrysler Skylab story”; Skylab poster

Folder 12 National Geographic Skylab booklet; photo of Skylab; photos from Skylab

Folder 13 Rockwell International launch packet of Apollo Soyuz includes patch crew photo, medallion

Folder 14 Apollo photo order forms; KSC Fact sheet 3 December 1968; NASA Lunar Receiving Lab Facility description; Flying Magazine, September 1970;Apollo related NASA fact sheets; map of Apollo tracking Network; lunar surface exploration poster; 3M company PR releases for various products; Grumman information on the Apollo 12 LM; Bendix portfolio of EASEP sketches; brochures of Apollo ALSEP folder of Bendix press releases; Life Magazine August 29, 1969 "A Major Report on the Moon Venture" By Norman Mailer (Also Woodstock)

Folder 15 brochure Lunar Flight Plan (2); brochure Apollo/Saturn; brochure Saturn V; KSC pamphlet Gateway to the Moon; KSC Apollo 11 issue The Astronaut Trail Magazine; IBM Apollo/Saturn Press information

Folder 16 Vinyl decals, Apollo Manned Spacecraft Series

Folder 17 11x14 glossy prints from Apollo 8 mission the earth, the moon, and earthrise

Folder 18 NASA Facts Apollo Soyuz Test Project

Folder 19 bumper sticker "1st Annual Moon Walk Festival July 16-20" (2);Apollo 11 souvenir portfolio; NASA Apollo 11 photos; "Man On The Moon" book by North American Rockwell

Folder 20 Bendix press release packet for Apollo XIII; Apollo XIII NASA photos; North American Rockwell press releases for Apollo 13; cards- Apollo 13 Spacecraft weights, Apollo 13 Mission Highlights; NASA Apollo 13 PR; NASA photos of Apollo 13 astronauts and flight operations

Folder 21 Apollo 11 9 historic 11x14 photos

Folder 22 Apollo 15 11x14 photos

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Box 4

Folder 1 NASA facts poster "Skylab Mission Plan"

Folder 2 Bendix booklet- Apollo 17 mission profile

Folder 3 Name tag for John F. Kennedy Space Center Lee R Scherer

Folder 4 negatives of ASTP photos

Folder 5 ASTP brochures; Spaceport News July 24, 1975, July 14, 1975, Aug 7, 1975

Folder 6 (2) American Way Magazine June 1975 Astronaut Tom Staford

Folder 7 color photo packet Apollo/Soyuz

Folder 8 ASTP film 16 mm silent with Rockwell International narration hard copy

Folder 9 ASTP brochure (6) Rockwell International

Folder 10 ASTP fact sheet; ASTP mission profile (3); Rockwell Apollo Soyuz pamphlet

Folder 11 Boeing pamphlet "the Lunar Orbiter/ a radio controlled camera; Boeing pamphlet "You and Space"; Luna Orbiter photographs earth and moon" pamphlet; Boeing and the Moon Rocket" report on the committee on science and astronautics US House of Representatives- For the Benefit of All Mankind, a Survey of the Practical Returns From Space Investment"; Aerospace PR the Boeing Company- Saturn V, Mariner/Venus Mercury '73, Space Shuttle, Manned Orbital Telescope, Lunar Roving Vehicle; photos of the LRV, satellite

Folder 12 Apollo 15 Mission Assigments; Bendix press releases for Apollo 15;packet of publicity photos from Apollo 15; Apollo 15 cardstock photos; Apollo 15 postcard

Folder 13 Apollo 14 photo packet; Apollo 14 postcard

Folder 14 brochure Apollo 10 the lunar module in lunar orbit; Apollo 10 photo of the moon's surface; Apollo 10 pamphlet- Kiwanis club of Titusville Fla; Apollo 10 postcard, Apollo 10 photo packet

Folder 15 Apollo 9 photo packet

Folder 16 Apollo 8 photo packet; NASA brochure "Apollo 8 Man Around the Moon; North American Rockwell reprint of the Washington Post headline” Apollo 8 Heads Back to Earth After Circling the Moon 10 Times"

Folder 17 Apollo 7 astronaut photo, rocket photo

Folder 18 NASA Facts poster- the Jupiter Pioneers; photos of Jupiter from pioneer (NASA)

Folder 19 brochure Communication Satellites; NASA brochure erts; Martin Marietta why explore the planets; planetary exploration Space in the Seventies; Earth Orbital Science Space in the Seventies; American in Space/The first Decade Putting Satellites To Work; ;American in Space/The first Decade Exploring the Moon and Planets; brochure Space Benefits today and tomorrow; various Ranger, Pioneer, Mariner photos; brochure Viking 75 Project; NASA facts Biosatellites; Martin Marietta Planetary Science, and Earth Orbital Science; Russell D O'Neal Speeches The Earth Resources Technology Satellite and Industry's Role in Environmental Research and Development

Folder 20 NASA Facts poster Skylab; Skylab photos; Skylab brochure

Folder 21 Skylab poster; Skylab team member stickers; Skylab manned flight awareness decals; Skylab I Conrad-Kerwi Weitz decals; Skylab photo packet; Skylab photo packet; Skylab 8.5x11 cardstock posters; Skylab astronauts brochure; Skylab decals

Folder 22 Gemini XII photocopy of revision 30 August 1966

Folder 23 11x14 prints from various Apollo, one autographed by McDivett

Folder 24 print of a painting of an astronaut planting the American flag on the moon; NASA Facts Saturn V; various photos of Apollo, including glossy 8.5x11 photos of various lunar experiments;

Folder 25 NASA 11x14 photos (cardstock) of Apollo 11;

Folder 26 NASA 11x14 photos (cardstock) of crews of Apollo 8, 9, 10, 11;

Folder 27 various NASA photos of Apollo Soyuz and crew

Folder 28 NASA 11x14 photos (cardstock) of Apollo 11;

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Box 5

Folder 1 Apollo 11 commemorative matchbook in case

Folder 2 Apollo XII commemorative matchbook in case

Folder 3 Houston Post Monday Jan 30, 1967 - Apollo 1 fire

Folder 4 Scrapbook- Apollo 7 newspaper clippings

Folder 5 NASA EP-100 booklet "Apollo"

Folder 6 Large woven patch "Mercury"

Folder 7 book, paperbound. NASA. "The Apollo Spacecraft Chronology"

Folder 8 folder from the National Space Institute 1st annual board of governors meeting July 15, 1975

Folder 9 Newsletter "Spaceport News" various dates 1972 and 1973; Coin News Sept 13, 1972 headline "Florida Dealers Purchase First American Coin Taken Into Space”; Today keepsake edition July 1969"Man's odyssey to the moon”; Virginian-Pilot article Sept 17, 1972 "15 Astronauts Received $2,500 Each for 500 Signatures"; Grit opinion column June 29, 1975 "NASA Plan to Colonize Mars Not Just Science Fiction Tale"

Folder 10 "Rear Adm hat designed by W Parker for Al Shepard when expected for opening of exhibit Oct 1972. He could not attend so hat put into collection."

Folder 11 booklet "Man in Space"; NASA booklet "One…Two…Three…And the Moon! America's Manned Space Flight Program";(2) NASA booklet "space…the new frontier"; NASA booklet "Manned Space Flight Team"; NASA booklet America in Space/The first Decade "Man In Space"; NASA booklet America in Space/The first Decade "Aeronautics"; NASA booklet America in Space/The first Decade "Spacecraft Tracking"; NASA booklet America in Space/The first Decade "NASA Spacecraft"; NASA booklet America in Space/The first Decade "Linking Man and Spacecraft"; NASA booklet "This is NASA"; NASA booklet "space: the new frontier"; NASA booklet "50 years of aeronautical research"; booklet (IBM) "suddenly, tomorrow came"

Folder 12 poster NASA Facts "NASA AERONAUTICS"

Folder 13 pamphlets: general dynamics "space primer", NASA directory of services for the public, Manned Space Flight Programs of the United States, NASA film list, NASA, improving our environment, NASA aeronautics; booklet "SPACE Missiles, The Moon, NASA, and Satellites"; publicity photos of astronaut corps (Apollo); publicity photo of astronauts, rockets; NASA fact sheet #290 "Astronaut Training”; Finance April 1972 "Toward Corporate Continuity in Space: The case for NASA's future"; NASA Activities Sept 15, 1973 and July 15 1973;(2) NASA facts Vol ii, No. 3; NASA Educational programs Public Affairs Office Manned Spacecraft Center: NASA educational brief- Food for Space Flight; Energy of Orbiting Spacecraft", "Weightlessness" and the circulatory system; letter from NASA and list of educational publications

Folder 14 Apollo 17 10 color photographs; Apollo 17 launch certificate photo; card -Apollo 17 Mission Events;(2) brochure Apollo 17;Spaceport News November 30,1972 ; booklet "Apollo 17 Mission Profile" ; booklet "On the moon with Apollo 17 A Guidebook to Taurus-Littrow"; folder of Bendix press releases re Apollo 17;North American Rockwell folder containing Apollo 17 launch information, photos; travel brochure from England to Florida for the Apollo 17 launch; folder "Welcome to Apollo 17"

Folder 15 various NASA publicity photos for Apollo/Apollo/Soyuz; Apollo 16 postcard; booklet "On the moon with Apollo 16 A guidebook to the Descartes Region” packet of publicity photos from Apollo 16; packet from Grumman about Apollo 16(2);North American Rockwell Apollo 16 launch folder

Folder 16 Houston Chronicle Jan 28, 1967 headline "3 Apollo Astronauts Meet Death Sealed in Blazing Space Capsule”; Life Magazine Feb 3, 1967 "The Three Astronauts"

Folder 17 Mercury Journal; NASA Project Mercury Familiarization Manual" 1 December 1962

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Box 6

Folder 1 Space Blanket

Folder 2 Project Mercury Sigma 7 medallion

Folder 3 Fall 1999 Space Memorabilia Auction paperbound book

Folder 4 NASA paperbound book December 1972 Kennedy Space Center Story

Folder 5 VHS tape: Parker Space Collection 12/4/94

Folder 6 VHS tape: Parker Space Collection 1895

Folder 7 Apollo Manned Flight Awareness button

Folder 8 Today Newspaper Tuesday July 15, 1975 ASTP launch day

Folder 9 Kennedy Space Center fact book; Kennedy Space Center Tour brochure; NASA visitor center (Langley) brochure; Aeronautical Personalities brochure from NASA LRC;NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Film Catalog; NASA Mission Control Center brochure; NASA Manned Space Center booklet(4); NASA facts -NASA flight research center; list of NASA facilities (1973); John F. Kennedy Space Center folder including brochures on Apollo, space shuttle, LRV, space suit, map, NASA facts-journey to the moon

Folder 10 Martin Marietta Denver division pamphlet; Martin Marietta Manned Space Programs pamphlet; IBM pamphlet Computers in action: Ten days that made space history; General Dynamics Astronautic History pamphlet; Martin Marietta The Immediate and Beyond pamphlet; North American Rockwell pamphlet :A Summary; RCA News folder including Apollo 12 press releases, Apollo 12 mission analyzer- Guidance and Navigation; Apollo 14 napkins

Folder 11 NASA activities newsletter March - December 1970

Folder 12 NASA activities newsletter January - October 1971

Folder 13 NASA activities newsletter January - December 1972

Folder 14 NASA activities newsletter January - December 1973

Folder 15 NASA activities newsletter January - December 1974

Folder 16 NASA activities newsletter January - March 1975

Folder 17 packet of postcards from John F. Kennedy Space Center in FLA; Apollo 11 napkins (2); pamphlet Information for Guests foe Skylab $ launch, Skylab 4 Causeway site sedan and station wagon permit; bumper sticker 1st Annual Moon Walk Festival July 16-20; (2) Christmas cards with Genesis 1:1-10 and a photo of the earthrise; Bendix decal (1 big 1 small); Skylab team member decal; General Dynamics Space Passport with visas and stamps in vinyl wallet; Turtles membership for Wally Schirra; Moonwalk festival agenda; Kennedy Space Center brochure in German; Florida attractions brochure; invitation to Space-the open door to the challenge of change Tuesday Oct 3, 1972; Florida tourist brochures; Christmas card with the earth as seen from Apollo 8;Apollo commemorative plate

Folder 18 Nassau Bay telephone directory Sept 1966; Manned Space Center telephone directory Jan 1966;KSC telephone directory Feb 1968;Manned spacecraft center telephone directory Jan 1968;florida's space coast tourist publication April 1970;KSC telephone directory July 1968;directory-manufacturing and related industries Brevard Co Fla; Florida’s space coast tourist publication Jan 1971;florida's space coast tourist publication July 1971;letters to the Friends of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum; experiments master schedule and personnel directory July25, 1966;booklet- the first annual festival of the Ten days to Rendezvous June 10-19, 1966;florida's space coast tourist publication volume 5 number 6;KSC telephone directory July 1968, info on the Human Relations Committee

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Box 7

Folder 1 belt buckle gold colored, Indian in headdress

Folder 2 Gemini II paperweight

Folder 3 Apollo 11 medallion

Folder 4 Moorehead Planetarium Commemorative medallion,

Folder 5 Apollo 11 commemorative medallion in bound booklet- in box

Folder 6 Apollo-Soyuz Project commemorative medallion in display box

Folder 7 States of the Union Mini coin set in display box

Folder 8 brochure Chrysler's ballistic missile and space activities First 20 Years (many copies)

Folder 9 mini coin containing silver that Al Shepard took to the moon on Apollo 14; explanation article

Folder 10 Bendix Zero G connector

Folder 11 envelope containing matchbooks from various locations

Folder 12 envelope containing commemorative matchbooks from Apollo 7,8,9,10, 1969 Man Walks on the Moon, Apollo 13,14,15,16,17

Folder 13 GD 5th anniversary open house coin (4); Titusville Centennial coin; NASA Apollo medallion; Apollo 15 medallion in plastic case

Folder 14 Skylab commemorative coins in plastic display boxes (6)

Folder 15 in sealed envelope-first medal issues by galaxy mint at Kennedy space center to continue it's 'space firsts' series; in sealed envelope- "extremely rare mintage" "dies were destroyed by accident when press double cycles on collar

Folder 16 tie clasps and pins: astronaut, Skylab, GD "first souvenir pin mad for the space frog", space capsules (4)

Folder 17 gold 1972 Eisenhower dollar; moon money coin; Apollo 11 wooden coin

Folder 18 commemorative coins Neil Armstrong first man on the moon; Valentina Tereshkova first woman in space

Folder 19 commemorative pewter charm set Apollo 11 in plastic box; commemorative pewter charm Apollo 11 in plastic box

Folder 20 commemorative pewter charm set Skylab 1, 2, 3 in plastic boxes; Skylab charm in plastic box

Folder 21 John Glenn coin; sputnik coin, first space rendezvous Nicolayev-Popovich, first US satellite Explorer 1,first manned orbital space flight Gagarin; project mercury Alan Shepard; Skylab 1, Skylab 3;coins: Skylab 1,2; Skylab 1,2,3

Folder 22 patches: Skylab 1,2,3; Apollo 1, 7,8,9,10,11,13,14,15,16,17; snoopy Apollo 10

Folder 23 brochures: opportunities in space exploration in the future; X-24B; Titan III; Titan III-B; Titan III-D; Titan missions and payload; Atlas; The LCS; Launch Vehicles; booklet- this is your Chrysler Saturn story; GD Atlas ICBM fact sheet; GD Centaur fact sheet; photos and press releases of the titans, agenas, Gemini; Aviation Week May 29,1972

Folder 24 Project Viking Mission to Mars patch

Folder 25 Kennedy Space Center pennant

Folder 26 13 original states coin collection; bronze Franklin Mint presidential coins; man in space bronze coin collection

Folder 27 Centaur second stage manufacturing plan (2), centaur manufacturing brochure

Folder 28 Apollo 8 commemorative medallions in cover

Folder 29 50 states solid bronze collector's coin set

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Box 8

Folder 1 paperbound book Convair division of General Dynamics, 50th anniversary

Folder 2 Gemini Program Launch Systems final report

Folder 3 Summary of Gemini Extravehicular activity

Folder 4 Bound book The Apollo Spacecraft Chronology vol 1

Folder 5 commemorative medal in display box 10th anniversary America in Space

Folder 6 Apollo Series medals on plastic display box (4)

Folder 7 Large pewter medal, Apollo 11 felt backing

Folder 8 Large Bronze medal Apollo 11

Folder 9 Large Bronze medal Apollo 12

Folder 10 Large Bronze medal Apollo 13

Folder 11 Large Bronze medal Apollo 14

Folder 12 Large Bronze medal Apollo 15

Folder 13 Large Bronze medal Apollo 16

Folder 14 Large Bronze medal Apollo 17

Folder 15 small blue book with Russian space related stamps

Folder 16 Apollo medals in frame, labeled "European"

Folder 17 Gemini Series medals in plastic display frame

Folder 18 Space Mission Emblems in display box

Folder 19 Mercury medals in plastic frame shaped like a Mercury capsule

Folder 20 Gemini medals in plastic frame shaped like a Gemini capsule

Folder 21 Apollo medals in plastic frame shaped like an Apollo spacecraft

Folder 22 Project Mercury medals

Folder 23 First Step on the moon eyewitness medal

Folder 24 Gemini paperweight

Folder 25 wood mounted plaque, Apollo 15

Folder 26 wood mounted plaque, copy of plaque left on the moon by Apollo 11

Folder 27 cancelled air mail envelopes (and stamps) from Russia addressed to Dr Parker

Folder 28 cancelled envelopes from various Apollo flights, bicentennial

Folder 29 ASTP medals 1 silver, 2 bronze

Folder 30 brochure about gold ASTP medals

Folder 31 Bronze medals of Apollo Soyuz with paperwork and stand

Folder 32 cancelled envelope from Skylab III, ASTP

Folder 33 ASTP medals

Folder 34 ASTP crew patches (2)

Folder 35 cancelled envelope from Skylab III

Folder 36 Bronze medals of Skylab 1, 2, 3 with paperwork and stand

Folder 37 copy Description of Apollo 11 Certificate of Appreciation and Medallion"

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Box 9

Folder 1 paperbound book "This New Ocean: A History of Project Mercury" (2)

Folder 2 NASA paperbound book Results of the First United States Manned Orbital Space Flight Feb 20, 1962

Folder 3 NASA paperbound book Results of the Second United States Manned Orbital Space Flight May 24, 1962

Folder 4 Gemini Spacecraft Number 12 Performance/Configuration Specifications July 1965

Folder 5 Bound book "Earth Photographs from Gemini III, IV, V " NASA

Folder 6 3 ring binder with photos of NASA spacecraft, astronauts

Folder 7 3 ring binder with photos of NASA spacecraft, astronauts

Folder 8 3 ring binder with photos of NASA spacecraft, astronauts

Folder 9 folder containing autographed (copy) of photo of Mercury Astronauts

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Box 10

Folder 1 3 ring binder 8x10 photos and news clippings of various NASA programs, astronauts, people

Folder 2 3 ring binder 8x10 photos of various NASA programs, astronauts, people

Folder 3 3 ring binder 8x10 photos of various NASA programs, astronauts, people

Folder 4 3 ring binder 8x10 photos of various NASA programs, astronauts, people

Folder 5 3 ring binder 8x10 photos of various NASA programs, astronauts, people

Folder 6 3 ring binder 8x10 photos of various NASA programs, astronauts, people

Folder 7 3 ring binder 8x10 photos of various NASA programs, astronauts, people

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Box 12

Folder 1 white sweatshirt (size M) with printing: In Memory Challenger "Go with throttle up!"

Folder 2 membership brochure for Smithsonian Air & Space museum

Folder 3 fisher space pen in cardboard display box with Apollo 11 patch "10th Anniversary Man's First Landing On the Moon"

Folder 4 fisher space pen with logo from National Space Institute

Folder 5 videotape- Super bowl halftime memory of Christie McCauliffe, shuttle-the real stuff, Courage and Passion Edwards AFB test, Shuttle disaster original news

Folder 6 paperbound book ACTA Astronautica, Peaceful Space and Global Problems of Mankind

Folder 7 paperbound book (periodical) Spinoff 1986 NASA

Folder 8 TV Guide article "The Challenger Tragedy: It exposed TV's failure- as well as NASA's", Article from Horizons Magazine "A year later, a space agency is still racked"

Folder 9 photo 8x10

Folder 10 letter to Dale Parker from Senator Jake Garn regarding a referral to the Smithsonian for Mr. Parker's collection

Folder 11 price list from Spaceport USA for available items (hats, T shirts, etc); pricelist from Rockwell Intl Space Transport division (shirts, photos, etc); list of documents available from US printing office (5); list of new books available from US printing office; list of books available from US Government printing office

Folder 12 spiral bound copy of "The United States Manned Space Program the Parker's Collection of Space Artifacts and Memorabilia Inventory 1957-1989"; videotape entitled "Space collection"

Folder 13 baseball cap style hat with scrambled eggs on the brim and the words "Go with throttle up!"

Folder 14 listing from Who's Who of American Women for Boots Parker; listing from Who's Who in the South and Southwest for Boots Parker; listing from Who's Who in the South and Southwest for Dale Parker; photo of Mr. and Mrs. Parker; brochure for Dale Parker, lecturer; brochure for Dale Parker, Independent candidate for Governor of Fla; photocopy of article about Parker exhibit; biographical info for Jacqueline Susan Parker; 8x10 photo of Mr. Parker; white house memo pad pages, Bair house memo pad page, snapshots of visit to the white house, including a photo of Amy Carter signed by Amy

Folder 15 copy of board, copyright info, and instructions for playing "Space Technology Trivia" game

Folder 16 Spaceport News Vol 26 No 3 Jan 30, 1987, Vol 26 No 4 Feb 13, 1987

Folder 17 Jan 1987 issue if Aerospace America

Folder 18 paperbound copy "The Space Program Quiz & Fact Book" by Timothy Benford and Brian Wilkes

Folder 19 glossy publicity photos "The Space Shuttle Collection" 8x10

Folder 20 paperbound book "Apollo Soyuz" by Walter Froelich

Folder 21 NASA pamphlet "Teacher in Space Project"

Folder 22 paperbound report Astronauts and Cosmonauts Biographical and Statistical Data Revised June 28, 1985

Folder 23 paperbound book "The National Space Program From the Fifties into the Eighties" Cass Schichtle

Folder 24 Challenger Sticker 51-E Bobko, Williams, Seddon, Griggs, Hoffman, Baudry, Garn

Folder 25 Challenger Sticker Truly, Brandensten, Gardner, Bluford, Thornton

Folder 26 Shuttle sticker Gibson, Bolden, Nelson, Hawley, Chang-Diaz, Cenker, Nelson

Folder 27 Shuttle sticker- Columbia- Spacelab 1

Folder 28 Shuttle Sticker Engle, Covey, Lounge, Fisher, VanHoften

Folder 29 Shuttle sticker Hilmers, Grabe, Bobko, Stewart, Pailes

Folder 30 Shuttle Discovery sticker Hartsfield, Coats, Mullane, Hawley, Resnik, Walker

Folder 31 Shuttle sticker Hart, Van Hoften, Nelson, Crippen, Scobee

Folder 32 Shuttle sticker McNair, Onizuka, Resnik, Scobee, Smith, McAuliffe, Jarvis

Folder 33 Shuttle sticker Allen, Fisher, Gardner, Hauck, Walker

Folder 34 Shuttle sticker Crippen, Sullivan, Leestma, Ride, McBride, Garneau, Scully, Power

Folder 35 Shuttle sticker Brandenstein, Creighton, Nagel, Fabian, Lucid, Jarvis, Walker

Folder 36 Sticker Spacelab 3

Folder 37 Sticker, triangular "Space Shuttle"

Folder 38 Shuttle sticker Brandenstein, Creighton, Nagel, Fabian, Lucid, Jarvis, Walker

Folder 39 Shuttle sticker Mattingly, Shriver, Onizuka, Buchli, Payton

Folder 40 8x10 publicity photos of space shuttle

Folder 41 photo of Crew of Space shuttle Mission 51-L

Folder 42 Sticker Spacelab D1

Folder 43 sticker Spacelab Mission 1

Folder 44 sticker Spacelab Mission 2

Folder 45 sticker "Teacher in Space" NASA

Folder 46 sticker "Voyager"

Folder 47 Space shuttle Challenger sticker Crippen, Fabian, Hack, Ride, Thagard

Folder 48 Space shuttle Challenger sticker Brand, Gibson, McCandless, McNair, Stewart

Folder 49 Space shuttle sticker Shaw, O'Connor, Cleave, Ross, Spring, Walker, Neri

Folder 50 medallion Project Mercury John Glenn Jr 1st American to orbit the earth, in plastic display box

Folder 51 medallion Project Mercury Orbital space flight John Glenn Jr, in plastic display box

Folder 52 brochures Lyndon Johnson Space Center Visitor Program; Shuttle Mission Simulator; Spaceport News Feb 27, 1987 Vol 26 No 5; NASA Facts Mission Control Center

Folder 53 catalogs from Rick's Models

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Box 13

Folder 1 NASA JFK Space Center folder containing a welcome letter and info regarding Apollo 10 launch, KSC brochures, Titusville brochure, NASA directory of services for the public, Medical benefits from Space research brochure

Folder 2 NASA LBJ Space Center newspaper "Roundup" various issues from 1978-1980

Folder 3 Game "The Game of Space"

Folder 4 Missiles and Rockets The Missile/Space Weekly, first Annual NASA issue (no date)

Folder 5 6 8x10 photos "jet shoes"

Folder 6 National Geographic publication "Skylab"

Folder 7 Space World Magazine December 1966

Folder 8 "The Dream is Alive" 12 mini pictures of the space shuttle and crews

Folder 9 "The Dream is Alive" 12 postcard size pictures of the space shuttle and crews

Folder 10 pocket book sized paperback book "Space: The Final Exam The NASA and Astronomy Trivia book" by Ann Marie and Joe Zalman

Folder 11 catalog of space patches from Mercury to the Space Shuttle

Folder 12 Newsletter "NASA Activities" July 1978, Sept 1978, Jan-July 1979m Nov 1979

Folder 13 schematics of space shuttle (orbiter) figure 2-14 orbiter maneuvering system

Folder 14 medallion in plastic display box "The new era of space exploration" 51L Challenger Jan 28, 1986 with crew names

Folder 15 sticker "space station"

Folder 16 program from Space for the Future, an evening with Bob Hope in a salute to Dr. Wernher von Braun

Folder 17 brochure The National Space Institute "Space: Our Hope Our Future"

Folder 18 newsletter from the National Space Institute March 1977- May 1977

Folder 19 Virginia Tech News Aerospace Archives opens at Virginia Tech, April 11, 1986

Folder 20 floppy 33 1/3 rpm recording "The General Dynamics Astronautics Story" July 13, 1963

Folder 21 Southwestern Bell Apollo Zone phone directory (Area code 713) June 1966, July 1965, Nassau Bay Telephone Co Telephone directory (Area code 713) September 1965

Folder 22 badge from JFK Space Center fifth anniversary Apollo 11 July 16, 1974

Folder 23 cancelled envelopes first day issue Skylab (3)

Folder 24 July 1969 What to Do and See Cape Kennedy; Royal Oaks Golf and Country Club "Oak Leaves" September 1968; Florida's Space Coast tourist brochure Vol 7 No 12

Folder 25 badge from McDonnell DW Parker 13 Mar 1968, Morehead Planetarium medallion in plastic display box

Folder 26 brochures (3) from the Morehead Planetarium

Folder 27 newspaper "Today Florida's Space Age Newspaper" Fri Nov 10, 1967 headline "What a day we had in Space! Moon within reach for 1969"; photocopy of article on Parker exhibit opening; "Today" business section Dec 13m 1972 "Brevard has Space Age Mint"

Folder 28 brochure from SST Center aviation exhibit; AST-F vehicle permit

Folder 29 info from Transolar Travel Ltd, Cheshire regarding a trip to Soviet Space Exhibition- Moscow, special excursion to the Soviet Union departing 4th March 1973

Folder 30 Camping Illustrated July 1963 "Camping in the Space Age"

Folder 31 various schematics for shuttle

Folder 32 Radiation Incorporated map of Cape Kennedy and environs

Folder 33 NASA paperbound book "Space Shuttle"

Folder 34 NASA News press kit, Columbia flight California to Florida

Folder 35 Astronauts Fact Sheet Oct 1976

Folder 36 signed photo of senators presented to Dale Parker

Folder 37 Spaceport News July 16, 1974, June 10, 1983; NASA Activities August 1977; General Dynamics News Dec 5, 1962, Dec 19, 1962 (3), October 2, 1963; General Dynamics Convairiety Wed June 7, 1961, July 5, 1961,

Folder 38 newsletter from the National Space Institute July, Aug 1977; NASA Facts Sept 1976; NASA News June 17, 1977; NASA Newsline April 1979; Rockwell News Aug 13, 1979; Langley Researcher Souvenir issue Apollo 11; The Missileer July 2, 1976 Folder 39 General Dynamics vinyl covered memo pad; brochure for JFK Space Center drive thru tours; telephone directory Nassau Bay Telephone Co (Area code 713) September 1966

Folder 40 8x10 photo of Mr. Parker; memo from Edward B. Huston Aug 10, 1979 regarding meeting Dr Judith Resnik

Folder 41 biographical data form NASA of Robert R. Gilruth; technical data of shuttle

Folder 42 newspaper Sentinel Star Orlando Fla June 18, 1977 headline Von Braun, the dreamer 1912-1977

Folder 43 photo of Dr von Braun; slide of Morehead planetarium director A.F. Jenzano with Alan Shepard

Folder 44 SEE the spacecoast, tourist publication Mar 15- Apr 15, 1987; Spaceport News April 24, 1981, March 13, 1987- June 5, 1987

Folder 45 medallions in sealed envelope- envelope states medallion minted by General Dynamics, 100 made, die destroyed. 1962 open house Dale Parker in charge

Folder 46 Saturday Evening Post publication "The United States Presidents"

Folder 47 badge from JFK Space Center fifth anniversary Apollo 11 July 16, 1974; Apollo 10 scholarship fund donation stub; badge from National Space Institute 1977 Annual meeting; invitation to the final Gemini Rendezvous dance and champagne breakfast Dec 2, 1966; program from the final Gemini Rendezvous

Folder 48 holographic postcard of the lunar module and the service and command module in space, church bulletin from Thursday service, April 16, 1970 noted inside "our expressions of hope and confidence in what God can do for James A. Lovell, Jr., Fred W. Haise, Jr., and Jack L. Swigert"; news article "Astronauts test their tempers; page from Spaceport News June 27, 1974

Folder 49 news clipping Sun April 8, 1962 San Diego Union "Centaur Rocket like this on Pad" with photo; photocopy of letter about Dr von Braun from President Jimmy Carter; letter from John J Rhoads to Hugh Downs with regrets and best wishes to Dr von Braun; letter from Jim Wright to Hugh Downs with regrets and best wishes to Dr von Braun; letter from Tip O'Neill to Hugh Downs with regrets and best wishes to Dr von Braun; letter from Robert Byrd to Hugh Downs with regrets and best wishes to Dr von Braun; technical notes from Dale Parker (?); General Dynamics Fact Sheets- Centaur, Atlas-Mercury, Astronautics

Folder 50 thank you letter from Deke Slayton to Dr Parker for his concerns during Deke's hospitalization;2 articles on man's role in space; food page from "Today". Article on Rita Rapp "She feeds astronauts"

Folder 51 brochure USAF Atlas.Free World's fisrt ICBM; Centaur Primer; NSI newsletter Nov/Dec 1975; General Dynamics/Astronautics memo to Dr Parker 26 April 1962

Folder 52 Kennedy Space Center brochure in Spanish; map of Titusville, Fla; news clipping Astronauts Present Award to Jenzano Sun April 7, 1974;map of ATS-F launch; brochure from the Freedom Center hotel; July 1, 1969 "Aerospace Research and Development in US Government"; Nassau bay swim club judging committee

Folder 53 free TV directory from Brevard County week of May 11-17, 1968

Folder 54 brochure for the Young Astronaut Program

Folder 55 info for launch guests for the Apollo Soyuz Test Project; newspaper Gemini teamwork in action Dec 23, 1966

Folder 56 paperbound book Guinness Space Flight The Records

Folder 57 videocassette Space Flight History

Folder 58 Spaceport News, various issues 1987; Spacewatch June 1987; surplus sales agreement with Rockwell; article from Horizon's on Man's inevitable trip to Mars

Folder 59 Shuttle sticker Mattingly, Shriver, Onizuka, Buchli, Payton

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Box 14

Folder 1 NASA booklet: Space Shuttle The Journey continues

Folder 2 binder: The milestones of space exploration $50 Silver Proof Coins

Folder 3 moon rock replica

Folder 4 Spaceport News various dates in 1987, 1988

Folder 5 Space Shuttle Discovery Commemorative coin, cover, in case, and ordering info

Folder 6 Space Shuttle commemorative coin from the Republic of the Marshall Islands (2), brochure for Milestones of Space Exploration coin collection

Folder 7 Space World Magazine Jan- June 1988

Folder 8 Space World Magazine July-Nov 1988

Folder 9 Medallion collection -Pathfinders in Psychiatry Benjamin Rush, Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, Karen Horney, Adolph Meyer, Jean-Martin Charcot

Folder 10 NASA Alumni League information

Folder 11 Article from Horizons "The Edge of Infinity”; ordering information from the Republic of Marshall Islands Coin Fulfillment center

Folder 12 Magazine "NASA Tech Briefs" October 1988

Folder 13 Magazine (book) NASA Spinoff 1988

Folder 14 booklet NASA Leadership and America's Future in Space

Folder 15 pamphlet NASA Highlights 1986-1988

Folder 16 brochure for National Air and Space Videodisc, newsletter from International Women's Air and Space Museum 1987, brochure from the Morehead Planetarium, NASA publications info

Folder 17 Wally Shirra Turtle Pin; Space Shuttle tie pin; NASA tie pin; charm bracelet with moon/astronaut/spacecraft charms; Space Shuttle charm

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Box 15

Folder 1 Parker Collection Inventory

Folder 2 Republic of Marshall Islands Coins. First 5 in original packaging 6-24 in unopened envelope from the mint

Folder 3 matted and mounted stamps and coin commemorating Yuri Gagarin

Folder 4 space shuttle decals (in packaging)

Folder 5 Life Magazine February 10, 1967 The Nation's Goodbye to Astronauts Grissom, White, Chaffee

Folder 6 Mensa Bulletin Jan-Aug 1991

Folder 7 Ad Astra Magazine March-October, December 1990

Folder 8 NASA Tech Briefs Magazine March- December 1990, January-July 1991

Folder 9 1979 Dollar souvenir set

Folder 10 1980 Dollar souvenir set

Folder 11 Subject Bibliography US Gov Printing office superintendent of documents Sept 20, 1990

Folder 12 small raggedy ann doll autographed by Amy Carter

Folder 13 Astronaut Ice Cream freeze dried

Folder 14 us airmail stamps .45, (4)

Folder 15 letter to Dale Parker from George Bush (Sr) Jan 22, 1990; letter from Dale Parker to the original astronauts; list of collections at Virginia polytech

Folder 16 space shuttle STS-38 decal

Folder 17 brochures (2) from US Astronaut Hall of Fame; brochure (3) from Kennedy Center's Spaceport USA; catalog from Spaceport USA

Folder 18 confirmation of the order for first man in space commemorative collectibles (see item #3, box 15)

Folder 19 first man in space commemorative coins (2) in jewelry case

Folder 20 letter to Dale Parker from George Bush (Sr) Jan 22, 1990; invitation to Mercury 7 Foundation event; program from Mercury 7 Foundation event May 3, 1991

Folder 21 Crew Patches from Shuttle flights, still in envelope- STS-31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41

Folder 22 NASA booklet "The Best We Can Be"

Folder 23 Mensa Bulletin Dec 1990 (2)

Folder 24 Spaceport News, various dates 1990-1991

Folder 25 Book "My Space Adventure"

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Box 16

Folder 1 Series 1 Collector's edition Spaceshots Trading Cards in box

Folder 2 Series 2 Collector's edition Spaceshots Trading Cards in box

Folder 3 Winter 1995 Space Memorabilia Auction and reference catalogue

Folder 4 1995 Novagraphics Space Art Gallery Catalogue (2)

Folder 5 NASA Space Shuttle Adventure educational coloring book

Folder 6 Spaceport USA 1993 Calendar

Folder 7 Album "Cosmonauts of the USSR

Folder 8 NASA Tech Briefs Magazine August 1991- July 1992

Folder 9 Spaceport News, various dates 1991-1992

Folder 10 Soviet Life Magazine Feb-Apr 1991, Jun-Dec 1991

Folder 11 Ad Astra Magazine Jan 1991-Jun 1992

Folder 12 Shuttle Vision envelope with .29 cancelled stamp (space) 1992

Folder 13 US Space camp brochure

Folder 14 Magazine Final Frontiers May/June 1992, July/August `992

Folder 15 Mensa Bulletin Jan-Aug 1991

Folder 16 US Naval Institute Proceedings Magazine Nov 1990-Mar 1991, May-Jun, Aug-Oct 1991

Folder 17 Fall 1991 Naval institute press catalogue of books

Folder 18 catalogue of US, Russia space collectibles

Folder 19 brochure from US Space Foundation Eighth National Space Symposium 1992

Folder 20 Fall 1999 Space Memorabilia Auction list of prices

Folder 21 2025 Life in the 21st Century Geography 101 by Dr W. Dale Parker- 2 spiral bound books

Folder 22 Videotape of Space Collection Tape 1

Folder 23 Videotape of Space Collection Edited version

Folder 24 Videotape of Space Collection Tape 1

Folder 25 Videotape of Space Collection Tape

Folder 26 Videotape "Other Side of the Moon", "Challenger Movie and Disaster"

Folder 27 Videotape "NASA the 25th Year"

Folder 28 Videotape National Geographic "For All Mankind"

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Box 17

Folder 1 Skylab commemorative Lucite pyramid

Folder 2 Franklin Mint collectors cleaning kit

Folder 3 Apollo 11 20th anniversary commemorative coin in box; shuttle commemorative coins in box (29)

Folder 4 space shuttle decals (in packaging)

Folder 5 Apollo 11 20th anniversary poster; Ad Astra Jun-Aug 1989

Folder 6 NASA Tech Briefs June, July 1989

Folder 7 Book "The Astronauts The first 25 years of manned space flight" by Bill Yenne

Folder 8 Scott 1989 standard postage stamp catalogue

Folder 9 USSR Space Flyers Wheel

Folder 10 Booklet- tribute to Dr. Wernher von Braun; Sheriff’s Star, May 1977; Newsletter of the National Space Institute Sept 1977

Folder 11 United Airlines collector's edition print of the Boeing 247-D; Print of the screaming eagle E Pluribus Unum, reproduction of painting of the Battle of Midway 1942 (2); letter to the executive air traveler from United regarding the 247-D

Folder 12 Article from the Orlando Sentinel Aug 22, 1982 about Randall Knives; owner's manual for a Randall Knife

Folder 13 Russian stamps, memo from stamp dealer

Folder 14 General Dynamics Space Passport; photocopy of article about the opening of the Parker Exhibit in Portsmouth

Folder 15 booklet Milestones of Space Exploration coin collection

Folder 16 letter from Dr Parker to Jerome Rosenburg, NASA Alumni league; booklet Issues in NASA Program and Project Management

Folder 17 Space shuttle decals (4)

Folder 18 Space Shuttle covers

Folder 19 Article from TV Guide about the Challenger Disaster; brochure for the Challenger Center; subscription card for Dayton Magazine; order form for space art prints

Folder 20 wooden commemorative plaque containing polystyrene spheres made in space aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger April 1983

Folder 21 brochures about coins and medals; US Printing Office list of space related publications 19, 1987, Jan 7, 1988; Jan 19, 1988, Dec 8, 1988; Order Form (2); catalogue from NASA Dryden Flight Research Facility Exchange Council Gift Shop 1989;Space Shopping Catalog

Folder 22 button "America's Pride: The Journey Continues; program for the 32nd symposium and banquet for the Society of Experimental Test Pilots Oct 1988;article from Philip Morris Magazine "Outer Space Bound" Jan/Feb 1989

Folder 23 Ad Astra Magazine April, May 1989; Spaceworld Magazine Dec 1988

Folder 24 NASA Tech Briefs Magazine May 1989

Folder 25 NASA Tech Briefs Magazine November 1988- April 1989

Folder 26 Spaceport News various dates in 1989

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Box 18

Folder 1 Ad Astra Magazine Nov 1989

Folder 2 Book: Orders of Magnitude A History of the NACA and NASA, 1915-1990

Folder 3 NASA Tech Briefs Nov 1989 - Feb 1990

Folder 4 NASA Spinoff Magazine 1987, 1988, 1991

Folder 5 Booklet- The First Lunar Landing As Told By The Astronauts 20th Anniversary

Folder 6 Folder from Intelsat

Folder 7 booklet- Atlas 1: Encountering Planet Earth

Folder 8 booklet- Space Flight The First 30 Years

Folder 9 booklet- Building the Space Shuttle Redesigned Solid Rocket Motor (America's Reusable Propulsion System for Space Transportation)

Folder 10 booklet- 10 A Decade On Board America's Space Shuttle 1981-1991

Folder 11 booklet- NASA

Folder 12 booklet- America's Spaceport John F. Kennedy Space Center

Folder 13 booklet- Space Shuttle Mission Chronology 1981-1991

Folder 14 booklet- 69 Months in Space: A History of the First LDEF (Long Duration Exposure Facility)

Folder 15 booklet- Space Telescope

Folder 16 file folder entitled Viking: pamphlet- Viking and the search for life on Mars; booklet- Mars: The Viking Discoveries; poster- Mars Exploration; magazine articles about Mars and Viking

Folder 17 brochure for stamps- Reaching for the Cosmos; brochure- Space Shuttle For Down to Earth Benefits; Spaceport News- November17, 1989, December 1, 22, 1989; NASA photos- the Long Duration Exposure Facility, Crew of Shuttle Mission STS-49, Space Shuttle Launch (Discovery 1988)

Folder 18 Science Service information

Folder 19 NASA Tech Briefs Aug 1989 - Oct 1989

Folder 20 Spaceport News dates in 1989, 1990

Folder 21 Space Technology and Trivia board and game pieces; Space The Final Exam book

Folder 22 Ad Astra Magazine Sep, Oct, Dec 1989, Jan, Feb 1990

Folder 23 Book: Orders of Magnitude A History of the NACA and NASA, 1915-1990

Folder 24 Smithsonian Air & Space Catalogue fall 1989

Folder 25 NASA Alumni League Newsletter June 1989

Folder 26 Insight on the News Nov 27, 1989 (2)

Folder 27 brochure for 25 Years The Complete NASA Manned Spaceflight Collection Collector's Edition Cloisonné Pin Catalog; catalog updates; list of official NASA films on VHS

Folder 28 brochure for stamps- America's Salute to Space Exploration

Folder 29 brochure-discover America holiday video library; Spaceport News Oct 23, 1992, NASA photo- Crew of Space Shuttle 51-L (22); brochure for United States Space Camp

Folder 30 booklet- NASA Pocket Statistics; NASA photo- sounding rockets; pamphlet- Wallops A Guide to the Facility; National Geographic’s list of Space related articles; sealed envelope from JFK Space Center to Dr Dale Parker; letter from Dr Parker to Wallops

Folder 31 folder and information from JPL

Folder 32 NASA Core Catalog 1992; NASA Tech Briefs Aug, Sep 1992; Spaceport News July 31, Aug 14, 28 1992; Astronomy related catalogs; NASA brochures

Folder 33 sealed in envelope- envelope reads Space Pens one from KSC, the other from Paul Fisher

Folder 34 current JPL flight Projects; NTIS catalog; various catalogs

Folder 35 NASA Facts- How we get pictures from space; NASA Fact Sheet Hubble Space Telescope Performance Report; NASA Information Summaries-Living and Working on the New Frontier, Our Solar System at a Glance, What's New in NASA Aeronautics?, Astronaut Selection and Training, Major NASA Launches, Wardrobe for Space; Source List, Astronaut Fact Book, Countdown! NASA Launch Vehicles and Facilities

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Box 19

Folder 1 VHS Tape: Gemini HQ-160; JSC-339; 346; 341; 339; 326; 307; 277; 275; 265

Folder 2 Marshall Space Flight Center Film and Video List

Folder 3 Production Scene List Locator NASA/JSC- Media Svc Corp- VJSC 1205, VJSC-1210, VJSC-1220, VJSC-1235, VJSC-1241, VJSC-1242, VJSC-1251

Folder 4 VHS Tape: Nightline Shuttle Disaster 1/28/86; Down Hill Racer; Shuttle Disaster CNN 2/1/86

Folder 5 VHS Tape: That’s Entertainment; Shuttle News- Disaster

Folder 6 VHS Tape: Elvis in Hawaii; But not for Me; Shuttle Disaster Peter Jennings

Folder 7 VHS Tape:CMP-178 Pt 1 Birth of NASA Pt 2 The Moon a Goal; JSC-127 Aurora 7; JSC-498 Flt of Apollo7; VJSC-1100 Dare To Dream

Folder 8 VHS Tape:VCL1111 Earth Views from Shuttle: HQ-194 Eagle Has Landed; Mercury-Exploration of Planet; Mercury/Gemini/Apollo

Folder 9 VHS Tape: Jackie Parker 1st female test pilot USAF 28 Oct 1988 Edwards AFB

Folder 10 NASA Film/Video Catalog Nov 1989 Johnson Space Center, supplements

Folder 11 VHS Tape: JSC-131 Flt of Sigma 7; CMP-319 Apollo 11 Gala Event (speeches); JSC-347 1st 5 min see JSC-747 (19-12)

Folder 12 VHS Tape: JSC-747 Legacy of Skylab; CMP-131 25 yrs of Progress pt 7, 8; Moon Landing; JSC-315 Fly me to the moon

Folder 13 VHS Tape: JSC-315 Fly me to the moon and back; HQ-219 Man's reach should exceed reach; HQ-214 New View of Space; JSC-097 Freedom 7

Folder 14 VHS Tape: JSC-682 Mission of Apollo/Soyuz; CMP-053 New View of Earth; JSC-651Skylab-Space Stn; JSC-623 Skylab 1st 40 days

Folder 15 VHS Tape: SC-627 Skylab-The 2nd Manned Flight; HQ-229 Time of Apollo; JSC-603 Apollo 17 Shoulder of Outer Space; JSC-580 Apollo 16

Folder 16 VHS Tape: JSC-572 Apollo 15 In the Mountains; JSC-563 Apollo 14 Mission to; JSC-548 Apollo 13 Houston, We Have A Problem; JSC-536 Apollo 12 Pinpoint for

Folder 17 VHS Tape: JSC-527 Apollo 11 for All Mankind; JSC-519 Apollo to sort out; JSC-509 Apollo 9 3 to make; JSC-500 Apollo 8 For TLI

Folder 18 VHS Tape: CMP-397 Apollo 8 Debrief-History; JSC-498 Apollo 7 Flight; HQ-301 Space for Women; HQ-296 Where Dreams Come True

Folder 19 VHS Tape: JSC-724 Stepping Stones to the Future; HQ-226 Who’s Out There; HQ-290 Weather Watchers; JSC-818 Space Shuttle Columbia

Folder 20 VHS Tape: JSC-819 STS-2 Post Flt Press Conf; JSC-959 STS-2 Post Flt Press Conf; JSC-822 STS-3 Post Flt Press Conf; JSC-825 STS-4 Post Flt Press Conf

Folder 21 VHS Tape: JSC-828 STS-5 Post Flt Press Conf; JSC-831 STS-6 Post Flt Press Conf; JSC-832 STS-7 Post Flt Press Conf; JSC-833 STS-8 Post Flt Press Conf

Folder 22 VHS Tape: JSC-848 STS-9 Post Flt Press Conf; JSC-849 41B Post Flt Press Conf; JSC-850 41C Post Flt Press Conf

Folder 23 VHS Tape: JSC-850 41C Post Flt Press Conf; JSC-41G Mission Report; JSC-862 51a Post Flt Press Conf; JSC-866 51b Post Flt Press Conf

Folder 24 VHS Tape: JSC-870 51D Post Flt Press Conf; JSC-874 51G Post Flt Press Conf; JSC-876 51I Post Flt Press Conf; JSC-895 61B Post Flt Press Conf; JSC-897 61C Post Flt Press Conf

Folder 25 VHS Tape: Elementary Education 6 films

Folder 26 VHS Tape: MSFC-482 Mid/high educ.: Dreams a reality; Spacelab V2; Servicing S/c @ S/Sta; Hubble Telescope; Universe

Folder 27 VHS Tape: HQ-327 Voyager; HQ-283 Planet Mars; HQ-74 The World Was There; HQ-243 Jupiter Odyssey

Folder 28 VHS Tape: AAV-1171 Halley's Comet (Pioneer); HQ-301 Space for Women; HQ-116 Space Navigation; HQ-9 Mastery of Space

Folder 29 VHS Tape: MSFC-339; Rover S/C on wheels; satellite surveillance and launch of sputnik 1957 USSR; non NASA launch sputnik

Folder 30 VHS Tape: CL-1242 Earth Views 1 of 3 plus list; CMP-212 Space-Oceans-Earth

Folder 31 VHS Tape: CMP-346 Voy. Science; CMP-338 STS-31 Hubble; CMP-360 Basics; CMP-352 S/Suit; CMP-398 EVA; ASR-259 Endeavor; CMP-403 S/Stn Freedom;

Folder 32 VHS Tape: VJSC-1251 STS-45 Mission Highlights

Folder 33 VHS Tape: VJSC-1241 STS-45 Highlights

Folder 34 VHS Tape: VJSC-1210 STS-37; VJSC-1220 STS-40

Folder 35 VHS Tape: VJSC-1241 STS-44 Mission Highlights; JSC-1195 STS-41 Crew Pre Clip

Folder 36 VHS Tape: VJSC-1246 2 parts Mission Highlights STS-42; CMP-404 Together Towards Tomorrow

Folder 37 VHS Tape: The Unexpected Universe; JSC-1194 1990 Astronaut Candidates; Shuttle System Trainer;

Folder 38 VHS Tape: VSJC 1241 STS-44 Mission highlights Part 2 of 2

Folder 39 VHS Tape: Jackie Parker 1st Female Test Pilot Edwards AFB

Folder 40 VHS Tape: USAF film of Jackie Parker and the Job of a Woman Test Pilot in USAF

Folder 41 VHS Tape: HD-V-234 Our Solar System; JCMP-183 25 Years of Progress

Folder 42 VHS Tape: HQ-224 Blue Planet; HQ-220 Universe; MSFC Skylab-Mission Made Possible; To the Moon and Beyond

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Box 20

Folder 1 Teacher in Space woven patch

Folder 2 Space Shots series 3 International edition Cards

Folder 3 plastic space shuttle

Folder 4 Kennedy Space Center travel mug

Folder 5 Kennedy Space Center pennant

Folder 6 NASA Tech Briefs Oct 1992

Folder 7 Novagraphics Space Art Galleries

Folder 8 National Air and Space Museum Folder

Folder 9 VHS Tape: JSC-893 61A Post Press Conf

Folder 10 VHS Tape: CMP-287 Shuttle demo for deaf; JSC-1047 Lessons Learned in Space; JSC-1031 61C S/C Tour and VIP phone call; JSC-818 S/C Columbia 2nd flight

Folder 11 VHS Tape: JSC-821 STS-3 one step closer; JSC-814 A remarkable machine; JSC-830 We Deliver

Folder 12 VHS Tape: CMP-300 Living & working in space; CMP-299 Weightlessness; non NASA Mission to planet earth

Folder 13 commemorative medallions: space shuttle, space exploration; Columbia anniversary; desert storm

Folder 14 commemorative medallions in plastic display boxes- STS Series- 5 display boxes

Folder 15 airmail letters from Soviet Union, stamps and letters (8)

Folder 16 2 books and a letter from Soviet Union in wrapper with stamps

Folder 17 genuine Skylab fragment cards (2)

Folder 18 film/video catalog and shipping schedule MSFC

Folder 19 autographed photo and letter from Jake Garn

Folder 20 crew decal STS-43

Folder 21 STS-50 ground track chart; NASA cardstock photos; NASA information summaries- our solar system at a glance, source list; NASA educational briefs; telescope primer; NASA Educational Horizons; NASA Educational topics; booklet-NASA Aerospace Systems Directorate; booklet- Spacelab J; NASA Spinoff 1991

Folder 22 JPL information

Folder 23 NASA Space Collection shuttle photos Folder 24 Johnny Weissmuller autographed postcard from Caesars’ Palace; Apollo 11 envelope with Apollo 8 stamp (un-cancelled)

Folder 25 Soviet Union stamps and envelopes (10);black and white photos- Moscow Museum of Space, Herman Titoo Cosmonaut No 2 photo take in Syria 1988 (stated on back of photo), soviet rocket; Soyuz Apollo Moscow

Folder 26 Christmas greetings from the Schweickarts

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Box 21

Folder 1 sealed in envelope- envelope reads: 3 Landsat booklets

Folder 2 sealed in envelope- envelope reads: 4 Spaceport News

Folder 3 sealed in envelope- envelope reads: Misc correspondence

Folder 4 sealed envelope from Flight Systems Rocketry to Universal Space Assn Dr. W. Dale Parker

Folder 5 information on the Indian Space Program

Folder 6 sealed in envelope- envelope reads: 3 8 x 10 NASA photos VPL Magellan Mission

Folder 7 7 photos 5 x 7 - various ESA (European Space Agency)

Folder 8 14 photos 8 x 10 - various ESA (European Space Agency)

Folder 9 11 8 x 10 photos NASA, in cardboard stiffener

Folder 10 informational folder of EOSAT Earth Observation Satellite Company

Folder 11 brochure- ers-1 European Remote Sensing Satellite

Folder 12 EAS Annual Report 1991

Folder 13 NASA booklet- The Best We Can Be

Folder 14 Newsletter- ESA- IML-1 (international microgravity laboratory mission); August 1992, September 1992

Folder 15 brochure- European Space…for exclusively peaceful purposes

Folder 16 ESA poster Columbus

Folder 17 ESA poster Hermes

Folder 18 ESA poster Araine 5

Folder 19 ESA Candidate Astronaut brief biography

Folder 20 ESA poster Infrared Space Observatory

Folder 21 Zenith Books catalog

Folder 22 print out list of videos available from Media Services Corporation

Folder 23 NASA Tech Briefs Nov, Dec 1992, Jan 1993

Folder 24 AD Astra Nov/Dec 1992

Folder 25 booklet- The Resources of Space by Hugh Downs

Folder 26 booklet- Space Station: A Research Laboratory in Space

Folder 27 booklet- UK Space Activities 1991/92

Folder 28 booklet- Britain in Space

Folder 29 poster- The European Space Agency

Folder 30 commemorative coin Spacelab in plastic display

Folder 31 book- First Among Equals- The Selection of NASA Space Science Experiments

Folder 32 book- Europe: Stepping Stones to Space by Beatrice Lacoste

Folder 33 booklet- Spacesuit Guidebook

Folder 34 poster- NASA Spacelab and orbiter

Folder 35 book- Space Technology

Folder 36 pamphlet- America at the Threshold America's Space Exploration Initiative

Folder 37 booklet- To Uranus and Beyond

Folder 38 booklet- Space Shuttle The renewed promise

Folder 39 The Charlotte Observer Sunday Nov 15, 1992

Folder 40 VHS Tape: The Heat Within the Earth

Folder 41 VHS Tape: HQ 233 hurricane Below; HQ-247 Pollution; HQ-V246 Tornado Below; HQ-V264 Mars and Beyond; MSFC-V349 Science in Orbit

Folder 42 VHS Tape: VSJC-922 61B Highlights EVA; Men in Space

Folder 43 VHS Tape: VCL-1074 51-A Mission Highlights; VSJC-888 51-F Mission Highlights

Folder 44 VHS Tape: VLC-1054 41-D Highlights; VJSC-890 51-I Mission Highlights

Folder 45 VHS Tape: VCL-1040 41-C Mission Highlights; VJSC-884 51-D Mission Highlights

Folder 46 VHS Tape: VJSC-885 51-B Mission Highlights; VCL-1070 41-D Mission Highlights

Folder 47 VHS Tape: CMP-284 Apollo 11 20th Anniv Press Conf; JSC-1116 Apollo presentation to Astrodome; Earth Passes from low orbit

Folder 48 VHS Tape: HQ-188 Apollo 8 Debrief; HQ-189 Apollo 9; CMP-305 Launch Vehicle Preparation; JSC-557 Golden Days of Flight; CMP-160 Stride Towards the Future

Folder 49 VHS Tape: HQV-270 Question of Life; HQV-288 A House NASA Built; HQ-267 America's W; HQ-178 A New Look at Old Planet

Folder 50 VHS Tape: Hurricane Non NASA; HQ-283; HQ-082; HQ-265; HQ-245

Folder 51 VHS Tape: HQ-079; CMP-055; HQ-148; CMP-034; VJSC-1082; CMP-238; HQV-190

Folder 52 VHS Tape

Folder 53 VHS Tape: VJSC-923 61-A Mission Highlights; VJSC-887 51-G Mission Highlights

Folder 54 VHS Tape: HQ-131-A Living in Space; HQ-131-B Living in Space; HQ-131-C Living in Space; HQ-248,249,230

Folder 55 VHS Tape: HQ-318 Space Shuttle; JSC-897 61-C Post press conf; HQ-209 The Moon, Old and New; MSFC Astrosimilies

Folder 56 VHS Tape: VJSC-1127 STS-34 Mission Highlights

Folder 57 VHS Tape: VCL-1034 41-B Highlights; VCL-1031 STS-9; VCL-STS-7; VCL-1012 STS-8;

Folder 58 VHS Tape: HQ-239 4 rooms earth view; HQ-274 Survival; JSC-1113 STS-30 Post Flit press conf

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Box 22

Folder 1 lists of BRF, CMP titles available in the film/video distribution library, lists of NASA photos

Folder 2 VHS Tape: 23-9 "videos by number see index by NASA"

Folder 3 VHS Tape: 23-10

Folder 4 VHS Tape: 23-11

Folder 5 VHS Tape: 23-14

Folder 6 VHS Tape: 23-15

Folder 7 VHS Tape: 23-16

Folder 8 VHS Tape: 23-17

Folder 9 VHS Tape: 23-18

Folder 10 NASA 3x5 photo transparencies. Subjects include Mercury, Apollo and shuttle astronauts, space photos, rockets and lunar equipment

Folder 11 Spaceport News various dates, 1993

Folder 12 KSC gifts and collectibles catalogue

Folder 13 Marshall Space Flight Center Film and Video List

Folder 14 1993 catalogue of Estes industries model flying rockets

Folder 15 envelope entitled newspaper clippings with clippings about the Izaak Walton League

Folder 16 NASA photography index NP-104. Bound.

Folder 17 EDF newsletter July 1993

Folder 18 Ad Astra magazine Jan-Aug 1993

Folder 19 Mensa bulletin April 1993

Folder 20 NASA Tech Briefs Feb-July 1993

Folder 21 6 8x10 photos of space/equipment from Gemini. NASA stock photos

Folder 22 catalogue- 1993 Space Auction

Folder 23 letter and stamps from Byelorussia

Folder 24 1997 space memorabilia auction lists

Folder 25 2 newspaper grade photo clippings- Russian Cosmonauts??

Folder 26 NASA cardstock photos of planets

Folder 27 Eosat spring 1993

Folder 28 Estes Model Rocket News spring 1993

Folder 29 Novagraphics Space Art Galleries catalogue

Folder 30 National Science Foundation Application Guide for Grants for Research and Education in Science and Engineering

Folder 31 National Science Foundation Program Announcement for Materials Development, Research, and Informal Science Education

Folder 32 brochure for Canadian Space Station Program

Folder 33 folder of brochures and information regarding the Canadian Space Agency

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Box 23

Folder 1 Spring 1994 space memorabilia auction and reference catalogue

Folder 2 Fall 1993 space memorabilia auction and reference catalogue

Folder 3 Spring 1998 space memorabilia auction and reference catalogue

Folder 4 NASA Educational Horizons 1993 and 1994 issues

Folder 5 Spaceport News various dates in 1994

Folder 6 photo album containing foreign and Russian Space Stamps, photos and clippings of cosmonauts

Folder 7 photo album containing US Space Stamps

Folder 8 photo album containing foreign Space Stamps

Folder 9 Novagraphics Space Art Galleries catalogues (2)

Folder 10 Eosat summer 1993

Folder 11 Ad Astra magazine Sept 1993-Feb 1994, Jul/Aug 1994

Folder 12 Code One Magazine (Lockheed Fort Worth) Jul 1993, Jan 1995

Folder 13 NASA Tech Briefs Aug 1993- Feb 1994

Folder 14 Space Times March 1994- Aug 1994

Folder 15 VHS Tape: 24-1 "See Inventory Index"

Folder 16 VHS Tape: 24-2 "See Inventory Index"

Folder 17 VHS Tape: 24-3 "See Inventory Index"

Folder 18 VHS Tape: 24-4 "See Inventory Index"

Folder 19 VHS Tape: 24-5 "See Inventory Index"

Folder 20 VHS Tape: 1994 Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11 (24-6)

Folder 21 VHS Tape: 24-7 The Moon Shot Complete Personal History of the Space Program

Folder 22 Greeting Cards with space related artwork

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Box 24

Folder 1 Plaque: Gordon Cooper Day California presented June 30 1990

Folder 2 Plaque: award of appreciation from Oklahoma to Gordon Cooper

Folder 3 Plaque: Yates Senior High School Newsmaker of the Year award 1965 Gordon Cooper

Folder 4 Plaque: award of appreciation from Oklahoma Aviation Museum to Gordon Cooper

Folder 5 catalogue- 1996 Space Memorabilia Auction

Folder 6 catalogue- 1995 Space Art Auction

Folder 7 book- Russian Tales

Folder 8 book- Russian title, in Russian

Folder 9 Plaque: Presented to Gordon Cooper on his entrance to the AAONMS at Bahia Temple, Jan 29, 1963

Folder 10 Space Exploration and Trivia Game

Folder 11 Space Exploration and Trivia Game

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Box 25

Folder 1 album "3545 Russian Space Stamps"

Folder 2 folder containing first day of issue 20th anniversary 2.40 space stamp

Folder 3 7 Franklin mint mini coins: Apollo 15, Skylab 1,2,3, mission to mars, Apollo 17,first step on the moon

Folder 4 folder containing Apollo-Soyuz medallion (3), pioneers of space and rocketry medallion, and "one small step.." medallion

Folder 5 envelope containing Russian cosmonaut memorabilia including Russian uniform chevrons, a book about space stamps, photos of cosmonauts, other photos

Folder 6 Space Exploration and Trivia Game

Folder 7 Danbury mint Men in Space series first edition bronze proof set- 21 coins

Folder 8 shipping box, sealed, from Hardee's Food systems. Handwritten on the outside of the box is "Apollo 13 Hardee Promotion August 1995 Shuttle + memorabilia"

Folder 9 Fall 1995 space memorabilia auction and reference catalogue

Folder 10 Fall 1996 space memorabilia auction and reference catalogue

Folder 11 Fall 1998 space memorabilia auction and reference catalogue

Folder 12 Spring 1999 space memorabilia auction and reference catalogue

Folder 13 Schrader commemorative knife with "the eagle has landed" scrimshaw on the handle

Folder 14 Soviet Life magazine Dec 1990

Folder 15 Collection of Space Artifacts and Memorabilia Inventory. Handwritten on cover "Old. Next to last inventory"

Folder 16 folder containing Apollo 14 artifacts- astronaut info, stamp covers, bumper stickers, patch, stickers and button, Apollo 14 Christmas card, photos

Folder 17 Apollo 14 launch party placemat with signatures

Folder 18 Mercury Seven Foundation 30th anniversary of the flight of Alan Shepard dinner program and tickets

Folder 19 Apollo-Soyuz and Mir -Shuttle commemorative medallions

Folder 20 Apollo 11 30th anniversary celebration invitation

Folder 21 Ad Astra Sept/Oct 1999

Folder 22 photocopy of article from Asheville Citizen-Times about Mars Hill College President Max Lennon Oct 18, 1996

Folder 23 envelope of Russian space stamps

Folder 24 envelope with shuttle and US space age stamp

Folder 25 brochure about Dale Parker

Folder 26 Netherlands commemorative medallion and philatelic cover

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Box 26

Folder 1 hardhat with Douglas emblem "G.T. Jones" Folder 2 hardhat with McDonnell Douglas emblem "G.T. Jones" Folder 3 hardhat with ear protection "EO5 Jones" Folder 4 hardhat with Douglas emblem "G.T. Jones"

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Box 27

Folder 1 VHS Tape "Moon Shot" Folder 2 book in russian about Yuri Gagarin (?) Folder 3 book - Moon Shot by Shepard, Slayton, Barbree and Benedict Folder 4 Spring 1997 space memorabilia auction and reference catalogue Folder 5 patch- Apollo 1 Folder 6 patch- Apollo 1 Folder 7 patch- Apollo 11 Folder 8 patch- Apollo 14 Folder 9 Apollo covers Folder 10 Letters to Dale Parker from Belarus, w stamps

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Box 28

Folder 1 3 (of 4) beverage glasses Apollo 14 commemorative

Folder 2 cassette tapes (3) of Dale Parker interview/collection

Folder 3 VHS Tape Apollo XIII 30th Anniversary Special

Folder 4 Challenger Space manufactured microspheres

Folder 5 8x10 NASA photos of Deke Slayton- headshots, ASTP, and with the Apollo 13 CO2 'mailbox'; color photo of the Mercury 7 Astronauts during a "Look" Magazine photo shoot

Folder 6 ASTP lithos

Folder 7 NASA lithos - signed copy of "Prime Crew of Fifth Manned Apollo Mission" (Apollo 11); signed copy of "Skylab Prime Crews", and copy of signed group of astronauts (Apollo)

Folder 8 Apollo 15 lunar flown graphite- (an X made with a pencil that was flown to and landed on the moon)

Folder 9 brochures from US Space Walk of Fame

Folder 10 brochure - Cape Canaveral 500 Years of History 50 Years of Rocketry

Folder 11 photocopy of article- The University of Tennessee Space Institute "Management Philosophies as Applied to Major NASA Programs"

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Box 29

Folder 1 book - Relics of the Space Race by Russell Still Folder 2 poster- 1973 the year of Skylab Folder 3 poster- Space Station- the next logical step Folder 4 NASA Spinoff Magazine 1982

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Box 30

Folder 1 poster- planets

Folder 2 poster- Skylab

Folder 3 poster- still in package shuttle (?)

Folder 4 poster- still in package shuttle (?)

Folder 5 framed photo of moon rock inscribed "To Dale with best wishes. Michael Collins"

Folder 6 Apollo 12 button; Apollo 13 button; Skylab 1 decal; Apollo 1 patch; Apollo 13 patch; Apollo 15 patch; Shuttle Enterprise "Approach and Landing Test" patch; Space Shuttle patch; Apollo and Skylab covers; 1992 29 c space stamps

Folder 7 poster - NASA facts, comparing the planets

Folder 8 oversized booklet- Apollo

Folder 9 large stamp album (no stamps) entitle "I Protagonisti Dello Spazio"

Folder 10 box with Grumman tape including 2 large framed pictures- artist conception of a space telescope artist Ron Hill; photo of the LM-2 (at the Smithsonian?)

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Box 31

Folder 1 wood box with velvet display for the Milestones of Space Exploration coins. Coins not in box

Folder 2 large size model (unassembled in box) - Challenger and booster rockets

Folder 3 Return to Space jigsaw puzzle unopened

Folder 4 wood and plastic scale model of Challenger and booster rockets

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Box 32

Folder 1 poster- NASA Facts Apollo -Soyuz Test Project

Folder 2 large poster "Space Exhibit Collection of Dr & Mrs. W. Dale Parker"

Folder 3 large matted and framed photo of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. Signed to Dale Best of luck by Rusty Schweickart and Walt Cunningham

Folder 4 large matted and framed photo of EVA "Best Wishes to Dale Parker” signed by James McDivitt and Ed White

Folder 5 large matted and framed photo (Johnson Space Center??) "To Dale Parker with warmest regards" signed by Al Shepard and Scott Carpenter

Folder 6 poster print - Skylab

Folder 7 poster print- artist drawing of Apollo 11 and astronauts

Folder 8 large envelope containing Skylab poster prints. It is labeled GD Boosters, Atlas Launch vehicles

Folder 9 poster size reprint of front page of Virginian-Pilot July 21, 1969 "Man Walks on Moon; Leap for Mankind"

Folder 10 poster size reprint of front page of Virginian-Pilot December 18, 1903 "Flying machine soars 3 miles in teeth of high wind over sand hills and waves at Kitty Hawk on Carolina Coast

Folder 11 poster print of Gemini; photo Gemini 7/6 rendezvous; rendezvous and docking maneuvers Gemini/Agena

Folder 12 posters (3) 1973 the year of Skylab

Folder 13 very large decal "freja"; sealed envelope labeled 5 booklets and a first day cover Switzerland 5-15-91 3 space stamps on envelope

Folder 14 12 lithos of NASA manned flight paintings

Folder 15 mounted and framed collection of Apollo patches

Folder 16 large NASA photo of earth from Apollo 17 (4) Space Shuttle collection

Folder 17 large NASA photo of earth from Apollo 17 Space Shuttle collection, cardboard colorful cutouts for bulletin board

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Box 33

Folder 1 mounted and framed collection of Gemini patches

Folder 2 mounted and framed collection of Skylab patches

Folder 3 mounted and framed collection of Mercury patches

Folder 4 framed picture of Gemini capsule "To Dale Best Regards" signed by Tom Staford and Wally Schirra

Folder 5 cardboard tube containing posters from Apollo 7-11

Folder 6 photo of Agena launch signed by Dick Gordon

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Box 34

Folder 1 box containing wood stand inscribed Charles Conrad; plastic LM model

Folder 2 VHS Tape - Space Collection

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Box 35 (Poster Tube)

2 Russian posters of astronauts and cosmonauts from around the world (text in Russian) - rolled in blue cardboard tube

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

 Museum of Flight Archives

9404 East Marginal Way South
Seattle, WA

Custodial History.

The collection was purchased from the Parkers by a member of the museum's board and loaned to the museum in 2004. The owner of the collection is slowly donating parts of the collection at a time so the collection is currently still stored in its original shipping containers. Once the whole collection has been donated it will be rehoused.

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