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The Museum of Flight’s main campus is the most interactive air and space experience you’ll find. Stepping into the Personal Courage Wing you will immediately be immersed in personal stories of courage as told through a collection of 28 fighter aircraft in a setting that will simply amaze you.

The T. Evans Wyckoff Memorial Bridge

Connecting the Museum’s main campus on the east side of East Marginal Way to its west campus, which includes the Library and Archives Building, Airpark and parking lots, the T. Evans Wyckoff Memorial Bridge was designed to adapt to the Museum’s future west side development.


William E. Boeing Red Barn

The Red Barn, with its warm wood tones and historic exhibits, reflects the romantic early days of aviation. The two-story barn is the historic birthplace of the Boeing Airplane Company.


William M. Allen Theater

The William M. Allen Theater also hosts exciting programs with the men and women who have made history and who continue to make history today!

The programming of the Theater includes 3-D films, public and education programs, and corporate events.