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We now offer online tickets for general admission and special programs.

Discounted tickets for AAA, Boeing Employees, & Active Military available at the Museum Admissions desk.

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Museum Memberships for Boeing Employees

Boeing Employees who wish to become members of The Museum of Flight may choose to do so through a monthly payroll deduction.

The Boeing Employee must have their BEMS ID number and password to log onto Boeing TotalAccess, My Boeing Express. The Museum of Flight membership page is under the Pay and Incentives/Deductions:

Membership Level  Deduction What you get



Two membership cards



Two membership cards and 4 one-time guest passes



Two membership cards and 8 one-time guest passes
Flight Leader



Two membership cards and 8 one-time guest passes



Two membership cards and 12 one-time guest passes
Barnstormer Gold



Two membership cards and 16 one-time guest passes

Benefits increase with each level of membership and you help support the mission of The Museum of Flight with every dollar.

Retirees and contract workers must pay dues annually for membership. This can be done at the Museum or by calling the Membership Office 206.764.5711. Please note that we do not receive information from Boeing when an employee retires, so you must call the Membership Office to reactivate your membership at the discounted rate.