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Reserved Adult Tours: J. Elroy McCaw Personal Courage Wing

Reserved Adult Tours: J. Elroy McCaw Personal Courage Wing

World War I Fighter Gallery
World War II Fighter Gallery

Audience: Adult groups (corporate and non-corporate)

Group Size: 2–8 adult participants

Schedule: Times to be arranged

Location: Great Gallery/Red Barn


  • 50-minutes: (all artifacts in one gallery)
  • Two-hour: (all artifacts in both galleries)

Fee: Reservations must be made two weeks in advance and require payment of a $25 non-refundable reservation fee (payment of Museum admission fee is required upon arrival)

Come immerse yourself in distant times and faraway places as you tour the two Museum galleries devoted entirely to the world wars. Tours are led by specially trained museum docents who will present exclusive segments of the thirty exhibits and hundreds of incredible personal stories, twenty-eight amazing planes, and unique interactive experiences.

Both exhibit floors focus on individual stories of the men and women who helped preserve our freedom in World Wars I and II and shape our history—stories that make the Personal Courage Wing the unique learning environment it is. This 88,000-square-foot space accommodates 1,000 visitors and yet is especially well suited for small, personal group tours.

Program Audience: Adults, Tours

Contact Telephone: