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Shuttle Trainer and Space Gallery Preview

The Charles Simonyi Space Gallery and Space Shuttle Trainer - Open November 10, 2012

A Grand New Exhibit

In November 2012, The Museum of Flight opened a new exhibit in the Charles Simonyi Space Gallery featuring spacecraft and artifacts of human space flight's past, present, and future showcasing the impressive full-scale Space Shuttle Trainer.

New Charles Simonyi Space Gallery Exhibits

Tour the Trainer!

Used by the Space Shuttle crews for decades to train for every single mission, the NASA FFT (Full Fuselage Trainer) is now installed in its new home at The Museum of Flight. See this fascinating full-scale mock-up of the shuttle that was used to train hundreds of astronauts over the 30-year NASA shuttle program.

Public tours begin November 17. Find out more about the Shuttle Trainer Connections and reserve a tour.

The Space Shuttle Trainer

The Future of Space Exploration

The advent of commercial space flight and artifacts like the Blue Origin Charon Test Vehicle Illustrate the new technologies being developed to help continue advancements and achievements in space exploration.

Future of Space Flight

Come see it in November!

The Museum of Flight is the permanent home to NASA’s Space Shuttle Trainer, the world’s only example of this full-scale shuttle training facility. The Museum opens this world-class exhibit with a ceremony at 11 a.m., with music and family activities in the Space Gallery and throughout the Museum. Visitors will be among the first to step inside the shuttle’s expansive fuselage and see the new spaceflight artifacts populating the towering Charles Simonyi Space Gallery.