Washington Aerospace Scholars (WAS) is a dual-phase program specifically designed for high school juniors. This program focuses on topics related to the history and future exploration of space by NASA as well as topics in Earth and space science. The Washington Aerospace Scholars gives high school juniors a chance to earn UW college credits—giving them an academic edge when applying for colleges. The experience also exposes them to the opportunity to work face-to-face with professional engineers, NASA scientists, university students and educators.

Beyond education, this program will help students build their confidence, maturity and independence while having fun learning about the universe in which we live, meeting other students with similar interests and challenging themselves to design realistic future space missions.

The Washington Aerospace Scholars program is sponsored by Wells Fargo.

For more information, contact 206-764-5866.

Curriculum & Requirements

Phase I is a 5-month distance learning course created in partnership with NASA and the University of Washington, which provides students the opportunity to earn 5 college credits. Phase II is a 6-day residency experience based at The Museum of Flight, in which students plan a human mission to Mars.

Scholar Requirements:

  • You must have Internet accessibility to participate in Phase I.
  • You must be a US citizen and Washington State resident to participate in Phase II.
  • You must currently be a junior in high school.

Mentors Needed

Washington Aerospace Scholars (WAS) is seeking university students and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals to Mentor a small groups of high school juniors in the design of a human mission to Mars at The Museum of Flight in Seattle.

The goal of Washington Aerospace Scholars is to encourage the scholars to study STEM by giving them an in-depth view of what careers in those fields are really like. Mentors' provide guidance and advice about their own professional experiences which can help scholars decide to pursue STEM careers.

Mentor Application and Details
Mentor Application Deadline - April 1, 2017

Assistant Mentor Application and Details
Assistant Mentor Application Deadline - May 1, 2017

Attention High School Sophomores!

WAS is offering a special program that allows high school sophomores in Washington, Oregon, and Montana the opportunity to begin WAS in the spring of their sophomore year! Sophomore Washington Aerospace Scholars (SWAS) is:

  • An online program consisting of two WAS lessons beginning in March 2017
  • Focused on NASA history & Earth & Space Science
    • Each lesson has a two-week deadline and contains:
    • A reading assignment and a quiz
    • A 500-word essay
  • A space related math problem and design activity
  • Each lesson is two-weeks long (4 weeks total)
  • Successful completion of sophomore WAS guarantees acceptance in the junior WAS program and an invite to participate in a 3-day workshop in Summer of 2017

Student applications for all programs are due Friday, February 24.

Washington Residents - click here

Oregon Residents - click here

Montana Residents - click here

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Seeking STEM Teachers

WAS is seeking Washington STEM teachers to evaluate online coursework and participate as an academic facilitator during a six-day summer residency experience at The Museum of Flight in Seattle. In addition to being exposed to university level curriculum and content, participants will also have opportunities to interact with professionals working in STEM fields, tour engineering and research facilities that are not open to the general public, work with highly engaged and motivated students, and learn new techniques for demonstrating STEM concepts in their classrooms. Stipends and clock hours are available. Applications for the 2016-17 session of the Washington Aerospace Scholars are now closed. 2017-18 applications will be available Summer of 2017.

Supplemental Materials:

WAS Poster (11x17)

WAS Postcard

WAS Postcard (Somali)

WAS Postcard (Spanish)