The Museum of Flight is dedicated to providing a welcoming experience for all visitors, staff, volunteers, learners, and community members. We respect, celebrate, and honor all people and the unique perspective they bring to our institution. All voices are valued and heard and all people are seen and respected. Diversity, inclusion, equity and cultural responsiveness are part of everything we do and we are committed to building an inclusive environment with equitable treatment for all.


The Museum of Flight has a bold vision. In our pursuit “to be the foremost educational air and space museum in the world,” we see the need to expand our knowledge and celebration of all people and the unique experiences and perspectives they bring. We are dedicated to building an institution that truly reflects our diverse community. Our dedication is not only for the community in which we live and work, but also the communities we serve. We are proud of our roots and strong ties to the aviation and space communities of the Puget Sound region. This region has an aerospace history that goes back over one hundred years. As much as we honor our heritage, we cannot be limited by it. As we continue to inspire people from around the globe, we are committed to exceptional visitor experiences, education, and opportunities for all - regardless of race and ethnicity; citizenship status, languages spoken, political beliefs, age and generation; gender and gender identity; sexual orientation; religious and spiritual beliefs; disability and ability; and socioeconomic status and background. In everything we do, from the artifacts we curate to the people we employ, from the programs we teach to the exhibits we display, The Museum of Flight values the diversity of our world.

Our commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity, and cultural responsiveness is unwavering. Our progress will be a journey. One that we are proud to have begun and will continue to pursue with you – our employees, volunteers, board members, visitors, guests, learners, partners, and community members. We ask you to hold us accountable and to continuously challenge our thinking, programs, and strategies so every person has a sense of belonging at The Museum of Flight.


Diversity: Diversity includes all the differences that make each individual person unique. This includes our individual backgrounds and experiences and the distinctive perspectives that we each have. Beyond race and ethnicity, national origin and religion, gender identity and expression or sexual orientation; diversity includes our age, socio-economic status, language differences, physical or mental abilities, educational experiences, political beliefs, cultural identity and family upbringing. Each and every experience we have had makes us different from one another.

Inclusion: Inclusion is the deliberate act of including all and others in activities. It is the thoughtful and careful planning that creates an environment to which people can bring their authentic self and be their best. Diversity IS… Inclusion must be created.

Equity: Equity is a deliberate approach to ensure that everyone has access to the same opportunities. Our differences may sometimes create barriers and can result in uneven starting places. Equity is a process that seeks to level the playing field and provide all people with the same opportunity to contribute and prosper.

Cultural Responsiveness: Cultural Responsiveness is the act of recognizing, understanding, learning, and gaining insight into issues faced by different cultures. It is the act of self-reflection of our own cultural norms and how they can shape and influence our attitudes and actions towards others.

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