The Challenger Learning Center offers a team mission experience where students work together on a realistic, simulated space mission that use hands-on, inquiry-based activities to challenge participants in the areas of teamwork, communication, problem-solving and critical thinking.

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Availability & Price

This experience is for students in grades 5-12 and is available every day of the week, throughout the day.

  • 2-hour Mission $500
  • 1-hour Mini Mission $250

An Educator discount is available if the group leader attends a CLC educator workshop through our professional development opportunities

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The Missions

Expedition Mars

The year is 2076. You are part of a crew located on Phobos, one of the moons of Mars. From Phobos Base your crew is tasked with studying Mars from both Phobos and on the Martian surface. Your mission is put into jeopardy when an asteroid is discovered that's on a collision course with Mars! All your communication and teamwork skills will be put to the test as you deal with this emergency and its aftermath.

Recommended for grades 5 and up.

Download Expedition Mars Mission Packet

Expedition Mars Job Descriptions

Expedition Mars Crew Manifest (Full Crew)

Expedition Mars Crew Manifest (Mini Mission)

Download Expedition Mars Briefing Video

Lunar Quest (Available April 22nd)

The year is 2038 and humans have set up a series of permanent research habitats on the Moon. In order to expand our reach on the lunar surface even further, you and your crew are sent to the Moon to set up a series of mining operations searching for valuable ore and water. Scouting for these sites can be dangerous work, but the future of Moonbase Alpha depends on it. Are you up for the task? All your communication and teamwork skills will be put to the test as you deal with potential danger.

Recommended for grades 9th and up

Lunar Quest Learning Standards

Lunar Quest Crew Manifest

Lunar Quest Crew Job Descriptions

Let's Launch - FREE

Let’s Launch! is Challenger Center’s first Flipped Classroom series. Join Maya and her friend B.U.D as they learn about planetary science – Mars, the Sun, Near-Earth Objects, the Moon, and the Solar System. Each course includes an 8-10-minute animated video accompanied by three lesson plans for use in the classroom.

Free and for Grades 5-8

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