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1983-9-1B-1EpicofFlightPainting - “Epic of Flight” mural by James W. Potter Jr, 1983 Objects & Artifacts

“Epic of Flight” Mural by James W. Potter Jr

Following a long career of military service with the Colorado National Guard, Army Air Corps, and US Air Force, James W....

awacs - Douglas AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) concept model, 1963-1968 Objects & Artifacts

Douglas Airborne Warning and Control System Concept Model

In 1963, the US Air Force launched the Airborne Warning and Control System program to replace the Lockheed EC-121 Warning...

gi-joe - Hasbro Talking GI Joe astronaut, 1970 Objects & Artifacts

Hasbro Talking GI Joe Astronaut

He talks! One of many toys inspired by the Space Age, this 1970 GI Joe astronaut comes with a spacesuit and helmet and,...

cape - United Air Lines stewardess cape, 1930-1932 Objects & Artifacts

United Air Lines Stewardess Cape Replica

This green wool flannel capewith mauve satin lining is a replica of the ones worn with the first stewardessuniforms for...

lynx - XCOR Lynx spaceplane, 1/24 scale model, ca. 2014] Objects & Artifacts

XCOR Lynx Spaceplane

The Lynx is a suborbital spaceplane developed by XCOR Aerospace for commercial spaceflight. Constructed from lightweight...