Story Musgrave is an astronaut with six space shuttle missions, he is a mathematician, chemist, medical doctor, scientist, master of literature, artist, and a pilot experienced in everything from gliders to high performance jets. Fabulously quotable, always entertaining, Musgrave is a force of nature with a perspective few people possess. He will be at the Museum to talk about flying the sleek Northrop T-38 Talon jet (the subject of his book of photography). His presentation is free with Museum admission. A T-38 will be on view in the Museum parking lot.

“In reference to sustainable behaviors,” Musgrave wrote, “I strongly agree that conceptualization and communication are the instruments for change... Knowledge which is intellectual does not change human behavior, knowledge which is felt changes human behavior.”

“What an inspiration! The presentation given by Dr. Story Musgrave was truly a lifetime experience. The messages of life were beyond anything I have ever read, heard, or thought of myself. Story’s intriguing presentation captures the audience, generating emotional and an enlightening response from the crowd.” - Penny Thompson, Monticello/Wayne County Chamber of Commerce

To The Moon!

To honor our newest exhibition, Destination Moon: The Apollo 11 Mission, we're proud to introduce a new program series to complement the stories behind the artifacts, people, and places that made the Moon landing possible.

To The Moon! program series will feature a wide-ranging selection of scientists, space experts, historians, authors, pilots, and more, who will speak about lunar exploration, past, present, and future.

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