Calling all artists--and those who just want to have fun drawing!

Join us for a Connections member draw-along and learn how to draw an air or spacecraft! Please note, we will jump right into drawing a full air/spacecraft, this is not an "introduction to drawing" class. This is a FREE event, donations are accepted and support the mission of the Museum.

Open to all ages!
Sessions are 1-hour long and held via Zoom.
Pre-registration is required.

February features a Mars Rover Draw-Along!
Artist Kate will be drawing with a dip pen and ink and will use brushes to shade with diluted ink. Below are the optional supplies if you want to also use a dip pen and ink. Kate does not recommend buying these supplies unless you think you'll use them again.

Saturday, February 27 | Spacecraft: Mars Rover Perseverance

1:00 PM

Sunday, February 28 | Spacecraft: Mars Rover Perseverance

1:00 PM

Optional Supplies*:

  • Drawing nib (choose pointed rather than calligraphy)
  • Nib holder
  • Ink
  • Small cups to make ink wash (save your individual serving cups of pudding or yogurt!)
    • To make ink dilutions: Measure 1/2 water and 1/2 ink
  • Small brushes (use only for ink - best not to use again for other painting)
  • Heavy paper (Mixed Media, Bristol, or watercolor would work--not plain printer paper)

If you don't have these supplies, just draw with what you have, like pencils and pens. (Connections Coordinator Sara will be drawing with a pencil!)

You can also use markers, colored pencils or other media in shades of gray. You could even use color in an imaginative way as there is no requirement to draw the rover as it looks in the photo you will receive!

*These supplies can be found at crafting stores such as Michael's and Jo-Ann's and at online retailers such as Amazon.

Want more information on the above supplies? Check out and

Stay tuned for additional sessions!

These events are for Connections members only. You will need your child's 7 digit Connections member number, which appears on their Boarding Pass, to register for this event. If you do not know their member number email us at or give us a call at 206-764-0278.