We are excited to invite you, our members, to this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Museum's upcoming exhibit, Stranger Than Fiction: The Incredible Science of Aerospace Medicine. Meet the Museum's Exhibits Team as they give you an inside look at how the physical exhibit comes together:

Sune Sandling (Exhibit Design Manager) shares how he uses 3D design to create the exhibit in the physical space.

Patrick Kam (Exhibits Manager) leads an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Museum's woodshop.

Peder Nelson (Exhibits Developer and Digital Engagement Manager) will present the process of producing the exhibit's unique audio-video experiences, working with archival footage, and experimenting with new digital technology.

Registration is not required for this member exclusive event.

For information on how to watch this presentation, please see our member webpage Priority Boarding. You can find your access code in our weekly member emails. If you have any questions, please email membership@museumofflight.org.

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