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Air & Spacecraft

Museum's Boeing 247D in 1940 United Air Lines livery.

Boeing 247D

The Boeing 247 is considered to be the first modern airliner. Its sleek, low-wing, all-metal, retractable-gear, twin-engine...

The Museum's Boeing 727-022 arriving at the Museum

Boeing 727-100

One of the world's classic airliners, the Boeing 727 was built to carry on the successful legacy of its forerunner, the 707....

The Museum's Boeing 737-130 at Langley Research Center

Boeing 737-130

The 737 is the smallest and most popular jetliner in the Boeing family. Dependable and economical, the 737 series has a...

The Museum's Boeing 747-121 taking off from Boeing Field

Boeing 747-121

The growing worldwide demand for air travel during the 1960s led to the development of the 747, the first "Jumbo Jet."

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

This particular 787, ZA003, was the third Dreamliner built. It first flew on March 14, 2010. In addition to its role in the flight test and certification program

The Museum's Boeing 80A-1 on display in the Great Gallery (Photo by Heath Moffatt)

Boeing 80A-1

Until the mid-1920s, American commercial airplanes were built for mail, not people. Boeing's Model 80, along with the Ford and Fokker tri-Motors, were a new breed of passenger aircraft.

The Museum's Boeing B&W Replica in Flight

Boeing B&W Replica

The B&W was the first airplane designed and built by Boeing. On June 15, 1916, Mr. Boeing himself took the B&W aloft for the first time.

The Museum's Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress

Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress

The iconic Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress served the Allied cause around the globe during World War II. Perhaps most famous as...

The Museum's Boeing B-29 Superfortress undergoing restoration in Boeing Plant 2

Boeing B-29 Superfortress

The B-29 Superfortress revolutionized World War II-era bombers, enabling long-range missions over Japan.

The Museum's Boeing B-52G Stratofortress

Boeing B-52G Stratofortress

The Boeing B-52 was developed as a strategic long-range bomber. Originally designed to deliver nuclear weapons from high...

CH-47 Chinook

Boeing CH-47D Chinook "My Old Lady"

The CH-47 Chinook is a descendent of the banana-shaped Piasecki helicopter designs of the 1940s and 1950s, such as the H-21....


Boeing Inertial Upper Stage Mock-up

The Boeing-developed Inertial Upper Stage (IUS) was an autonomous, upper-stage booster rocket. It could be launched from...