Stretch Your Donation With a Gift Match from Your Employer

Thank you for giving to The Museum of Flight! You might be able to stretch your gift even further through a company match as many companies will match all or a portion of your donation. Some companies will even make a contribution to the Museum if you volunteer. Please contact your Human Resources Department to learn about your specific company's specific application procedures.

Not all membership levels are fully tax deductible. Please see Membership Levels & Benefits page to see which levels have a tax deductible portion before submitting a gift matching form.

Some gift matching systems list The Museum of Flight in Tukwila, rather than Seattle.

For additional information, contact Dana Flanegin at 206-768-7134 or

Supporters from The Boeing Company

Boeing employees and retirees are eligible for their gifts to be matched. All match requests need to be submitted through Boeing Total Access.

The minimum gift amount for Boeing matching gifts is $25 and match applications are due December 31 of the year the gift was given. If you are unable to make the deadline or give a gift at the end of the year, a grace period is available through January 31.

Download Boeing Gift Matching Program Guide

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