*Due to our reopening guidelines, our flight simulators are currently closed. We apologize for any inconvenience*

Get 30,000 feet high from ground zero! Our exciting simulator experiences let you feel the thrill of flight, without going anywhere.

Spacequest VR

Want to feel what it was like to travel to the Moon and back? Check out our new Virtual Reality Motion Benches for Spacequest VR. Created by the award-winning Flight Avionics team and outfitted with 4 seats that operate on a 3-axis pneumatic platform, this immersive 4-5-minute experience puts you in the place of Apollo 11 astronauts on their way to the Moon. Your seats will shake, pitch, and roll as you fly through space and see the Earth disappear from view. After landing on the Moon, you feel weightless as you explore its surface and observe the cratered landscape. But don’t get took weak in the knees—you still have to endure the heat and vibrations that come with the journey back to Earth.

  • General Admission $8
  • Museum Member $7

Premium i360 Flight Simulator

This thrilling state-of-the-art motion control ride combines 360° rolls with high-performance visuals and sound to immerse you in the realism of pilot-gunner air combat in one of 9 different aircraft, including WWI, WWII and modern jets. Take home the experience with a commemorative photo!

  • Museum Member $7
  • General Admission $9 / Single Rider $15
  • Repeat Ride $7

4D-X Simulator Ride

This 13-person motion simulator mimics a pilot experience with exciting aerial maneuvers and simulated combat with 3D display and immersive sound.

  • Member - Youth (5-17) $7
  • Member - Adult (18+) $7
  • General - Youth $7
  • General - Adult $8
  • Repeat Ride $5

Junior Voyager Simulator

Located in Flight Zone, this simulator lets kids explore the skies with a manual or automatic mode joystick, fitted stereo sound, a widescreen monitor and flashing lights.

  • Youth (4-11) $1

Availability & Price

All simulator experiences are available every day of the week, throughout the day.

The i360 and 4D-X simulators can be booked for private events.

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