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Aerospace Camp Experience (ACE)


Thank you for joining us for ACE Home Edition

Please check back for camp experiences in 2022!

The Museum of Flight is excited to announce the launch of ACE Home Edition. All the things kids love most about Aerospace Camp Experience (ACE) is coming to your neighborhood. Your kids will be able to engage in exciting activities and even compete in challenges!

ACE Home Edition features different programs for kids ages 7-12 and teens 13-15. Each features activities that facilitate learning through exploration and fun; as only The Museum of Flight can offer.

What to Expect:

  • Materials packet delivered to you
    • All activities are fun, engaging, and self-guided with little-to-no screen time
    • Challenge by Choice – Challenges vary in difficulty and engagement; participants get to take the lead and decide their own outcomes
  • Unique Virtual Experience(s) with Educators at The Museum of Flight *
  • Live Virtual Event(s) with Community partners and STEM professionals *
  • Virtual Gallery Walk - Showcase all your amazing work from the week*
  • Eligibility for Connections enrollment

*Estimated 2-4 hours of screen time per week.

Camp Fee Tiers:

  • Friend of ACE- $125
    Your participant is enrolled, PLUS your additional $50 contribution helps the Museum increase the number of participants in the summer ACE Home Edition experiences.
  • Standard - $75
    Covers program costs.
  • Museum Members - $65
    Members receive a $10 discount off the Standard fee
  • Access- $25
    For those who qualify for Free-and-Reduced-Meals. A financial assistance application will be sent to you after registration is complete.

*Registration closes 2.5 weeks prior to each camp in order for campers to receive their materials in time. Materials are shipped to the address you provide at the time of registration via USPS.

*ACE Home Edition is NOT an in-person camp at The Museum of Flight. Materials are shipped to you and you will be provided with links for the virtual experiences.

Aviation: Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a successful glider? What about a successful airport? Spend this week exploring the engineering and imagination behind the world of aviation!

Week 1: Full

Week 5: Full

Neighborhood STEM: The earth below us, the plants and animals around us, the sky above us; science is everywhere! Engage with your environment and spend the week as a scientist exploring the world around you.

Week 2: Registration Closed

Week 6: Registration Closed

Space: Join us on a weeklong journey exploring the possibilities of living on the Moon! Be a part of the next generation of space explorers and design your very own home base.

Week 3: Registration Closed

Week 7: Full

Stranger than Fiction: Fly higher, faster, and farther as we probe into the unknown future of flight as shown in Stranger than Fiction, the new temporary exhibit at The Museum of Flight. Discover the superhuman feats achieved by STEM superheroes and get inspired to create your very own STEM superhero comic!

Week 4: Registration Closed

Week 8: Registration Closed

Advanced Aviation: Want to take flight? This camp introduces you to flight planning, navigation, extreme weather, and aviation safety. You’ll also get to meet aviation industry insiders, people who’ve made a career out of flight and flying! At the end of the week, demonstrate your new knowledge and creativity with a hands-on final project.

Week 5: Registration Closed

Week 6: Registration Closed

Questions? Please contact or call 206.716.0820 for assistance.